Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Comic-Con SketchBooks Part One

So as I wait for Heroes Season 3 premiere to work its way down the vast space of the internet. I thought it might be nice to look back at some of the great art sketchbooks I bought at Comic-Con. These Books are SO good it sometimes make me question my worth as an artist. So anyway lets look at inspiring artists with their website links.

Fleet Street Scandal I stumbled upon their work just before I left for the US. Two guys Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham whos work have a very retro feel to it with a small reminder of classic cheap paperback covers. I wanted to buy alot of their stuff but it was sunday I had to leave literally then and there. BUT I made sure I bought their book which had alot of their prints in there.

Theres a funny story with meeting Javier Guzman. I had just come from another table when a book cover had caught my eye. It was GLAM Volume One. I had seen ther cover a few days earlier on a postcard upstairs in the ballroom area with a whole bunch of advertisers at the Con. I grabbed the Postcard and showed my friend Josh Hughes who was with me at the time and said this was the sort of stuff I liked.

And so when I finally find the table it was advertising I said to Javier 'Hey I saw your art upstairs' to which Javier turns to his wife and said 'Wow I can't believe it worked you were right' 'See I told you' replied his wife. Apparently his wife had been trying to get their card with the rest of the advertising material and the man in charge refused them to put it with the rest of the exhibitors so she snuck them on the table when he wasn't looking. Hah!!

Well yeah it worked I bought both of Javiers books and he even did a little sketch in one for me. Very Nice Guy!

Well I think that will do for tonight, I want to spread these posts over the next few days and also finally put my Trip to rest. So I can then move forward and look at taking the next step in my career. Thanks for reading and if you havent put your hand up in the poll yet then please do so before it closes.

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