Thursday, September 25, 2008


My Cousin Died today of Breast Cancer after a long battle, things looked good for awhile but it was not to be. It had spread through to her lungs and she had trouble breathing the ironic thing is she just didn't make it to her sons wedding which was only two weeks away. I'm not sure how I feel about it a little weird. I was at her wedding, and even went to her first baby shower a long, long time ago like when I was 5 years old. She was considerably older about 14 years.

I hadnt seen her in years the last time we spoke may have been on the phone. I remember last visiting her when she was into Tarot card reading and my mum was freaking out thinking it was witchcraft and I said hey now Death doesnt mean 'Death' it means 'Change' stuff like that which suprised my cousin that I knew about that. Hey I love the Occult stuff!!

My Aunt has been hit the hardest, as she used to see her niece alot more than my mum. But well these things just happen to all of us. One day I won't write on this Blog ever again you know. I just wish we could live forever but we can't. But she was taken way too soon.

I don't have any kids, I dont have any prospect of ever having kids. I mean it takes two to do that sort of thing and I have never seen that in my future. It would be great to have some Legacy left behind. But I hope my Art can maybe inspire somebody I guess thats what artists do!

Now as my family are scattered around Australia its up to me to represent us. I just hate the sadness of Funerals.

Lets talk about something else, Wacom Tablet Personally I've never been a fan but a few years ago I got one I have no idea why. I never even intended to buy it but me and my friend sam was just looking and the salesman wouldnt say no. How much would you pay for one? I think I just blurted out a figure and he let me have it for that price. And I can remember having this big regret about it cause it was like hey I dont even draw that much with a pen.

So anyway I hardly really used it, it was alright I started colouring in the Logopolis and cartoons I used to do. But I'm not a sketch guy. So I thought I best look for some drivers for Vista laptop to connect it up. Well I must say that the software seems pretty cool and I'm having fun with some of its newest features. Its not as 'New' as the latest bamboo models but it sure does feel new.

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