Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let's Kick Ass!!

Okay, No More moping. No More Delays. Lets get this Blog into Ship Shape condition.

I am happy to announce that 'Logopolis' Will be back in a new format shortly. I've been consulting with my pen and we have some new gags and other stuff planned in the near future So Stay Tuned. I would like to know if people would be happier if 'Logopolis' had its own blog or happy staying where it is for details see the next Paragraph!

Please Take a Moment to checkout the SideBar I've added a new Poll as to whether you want Logopolis to stay or go somewhere else. And Also you Can Now Officially become a Matt Pott Zombie and follow me this will also show me that I'm not talking to myself everytime I post.

Did anyone see 'Bring Back Star Wars'? It was great to finally see a small documentary showing the True Nature of the Actors from the Movies. Mark Hamills head is so Big its up someone elses arse I mean $50.000 for a personal appearance F.U and Harrison Ford well hes too good to be spoken too. The Biggest Suprise was Kenny Bakers and Anthony Daniels All out hatred of each other. Something that has never been revealed in any other documentary on Star Wars.

Daniels was revealed to be a Egocentric Actor who wants to be treated like a King. While Kenny lives in a small flat and was so humbling. It Broke my heart when he said that Daniels ignores him as if hes not even there and never called him to say sorry to hear over the death of his wife. Kenny Your the Best and R2D2 was my favorite Droid. Oh and I want that Maquette of Princess Leia with the removable Slave Girl suit HubbaHubba!!.

In other news I am still unsure as to if I will be attending this years Armageddon Expo in Melbourne this year. To be truthful the guests arent mind grabbing like they were last year. And well I dont have much money left after Comic-Con and the US Trip this year.

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