Monday, September 22, 2008


So I was thinking about my web domain the other day, I haven't done much to it in the past year in the way of major updates. It sort of fell by the wayside and I almost forgot I had one. Well thats about to change the new site will be up and running by the weekend this Saturday to be exact.

I want to talk about Animation some, with the recent return of Robot Chicken I cannot help but think they have really reached the limit of laughs. Its just not funny anymore! I sit through ten minutes of it knowing all the jokes or just how plain Lame they are. I mean seriously 'Hey I have this Idea, lets get Michael Chiklis as a voice and have him swap roles from both the Shield and Fantastic Four thats Hilarious!! ' Well No it isn't.

And if you haven't had the misfortune of seeing the New Spaceballs series. Ugh!! Its dreadful another cheaply produced (in flash of course) animated series where every minute is a Boob joke. What the hell are they putting in Mel Brooks Cough Mixture these days?

Please Don't even get me started on the Banana Splits Revival, I really hope they didnt get australian Voice actor Keith Scott to work on it. The guy does One hundred Variants all sounding like Bullwinkle Moose!

Almost to the End of this post and I need to know who reads this blog, so checkout the new Poll and let me know you only have less than 3 days to do it.

Finally it seems everybody I know these days is doing it really tough, if its not Depression, it's Money woes. Why can't we just fix this world and be happy.

So I'm gonna leave you with this Happy thought today.... Boobs!


  1. Matt-
    I read it and Enjoy it! Keep up the posting and don't give up hope on CN.


  2. Boobs??
    You know, that would make a great Spaceballs Webisode!
    I gotta write that down and slip it to Mel Brooks on a bottle of Robitussen.


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