Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comic Con Sketchbooks Part Two

The website relaunch has been pushed back a few days to the 1st October, I'm heading down to my island getaway for that amount of time. It will be a great opportunity to reflect on life and such things oh and get few Logopolis cartoons done too. There will still be a new Logopolis on the Sunday if I get back home in time otherwise it will be posted in the wee hours of monday morning.

I just learnt that my pal Chris Sanders has moved on from the 'Crood Awakening' project and is working on 'How to Train Your Dragon!' sounds like a great project. From what I saw of the designs for crood back in August I hope they continue with all their original character designs for that movie they were amazing. Anyway all the best to Chris on his new movie.
Talking about Chris, when I was at comic con this year I mentioned how I was sure to buy a copy of his kiskaloo comic strip. To which he Just gave me one!! How nice was that ? His helpers selling the things just freaked that he would just give it away but well I felt damn special for it!
Of course I bought a copy of his second sketchbook and a nice print of a girl being held by clothes pegs (You have to see it to believe it!!) but yeah Out of all of the stuff I got this is my most cherished of my time in America and the con!.

So I got Jeff Campbells sketchbooks, I got a deal where if you bought them all you got the limited print for half price. I also got my first Gen13 miniseries signed as well as the first couple of danger girls. I don't know about Jeff I was a little suprised he seems abit aloof especially when I first met him he wasnt at his booth I just went up and introduced myself and he was like 'who?' he didnt know who I was even though we had chatted a couple of times previously maybe I just got him when he was tired it just happened that I got him tired twice on two seperate days.
Their were alot of people also disappointed when they wanted a sketch and he told them no he wasn't doing them. He is a good artist though and thats all I'll say on the matter.
Well there is a part three to this, but you'll have to wait until I come back from the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours too. Oh and if you do check out this blog dont forget to put yourself in the Poll I've extended it till after the weekend.

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  1. Comic Con sketchbooks rule dude! It's probably the best part of the show, except meeting cool artists that is!

    Chris Sanders is such a nice guy, and really approachable too!

    Sorry to hear about your cousin bro!


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