Saturday, September 20, 2008

Incredible Matt

Still no word yet, on Cartoon Network. Not that I'm waiting or anything.... much. Frankly I think the fact I live in Dullsville doesnt quite help matters. And with so many other talented artists in America why bother. Well quite simply theres only one of me and many can confirm that.

Met Sam on Thursday, to give him some souvenir's I brought back from Comic-Con and Disney. Once he found out I met the Middleman, Hung out with Chris Sanders at Dreamworks , caught up with really sweet Twin Sisters and had the best time EVER he wants to come next time.
Here he is with his Mickey Hat, he loved it so much he walked around with it on all day just like this..

Don't ask me for the inspiration to my new header, I just wanted something different this time, So I went back to the Stoneage. Many people were asking since I do such wonderful things with illustrator why I don't do something well...... Illustratory for the title!! So there Ya Happy Now??
Actually I had to come up with a new one since my desktops dead with all of those files on it which also had my new website design on it. I was thinking starting from scratch on it anyway it just forced my hand to do so.

If you don't like the new header you can vote in the new poll as to whether you want the old title back! Speaking about polls I got three votes 2 maybe, and 1 no for a Logopolis blog. So thanks for Voting. Since I can't do any logopolis right now anyway when ever I can get it done it will stay and I've decided to have just one blog now covering everything atleast that way you will get all the nutrition your brain needs. Until then I guess I will have to come up with more new art to help wet your appetite.
I finally saw the Incredible Hulk movie, and even though it was a vast improvement over the last film. I can't help but feel something was missing. Like a Plot. And although I'm sure they were going to fix up some holes in future movies, but since its most likely to not have any due to the poor attendance its somewhat jarring to see them unfinished. I noticed the little teaser at the end with Tony Stark was plastered all over the previews for this movie obviously to entice people to go see it. But it would have been better if they hadn't and Ed Norton needs acting lessons!!

Still not sure if I am going to Armageddon Expo in Melbourne this year as yet, I thought about it but I just dont know if I can fully afford it. And theres not that much in the way of guests that look truly amazing. And hey I went to the Biggest Convention Ever This Year nothing could top that.

In Final news I have had no Zombies join the Frey yet? So get off your asses and sign up!!

okay, heres me and Mona waiting for a Tram to Disneyland.... ahhhh Disney!!

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