Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Cartoony Bettie Page Tribute!

As you know a few weeks ago I recieved the most degrading comment I have ever recieved at an interview the word 'Cartoony' is an insult I will not soon forget and indeed it continues with other comments I have recieved since then on numerous forums and email rejections. So Bloody What?? I just dont get the justification that something HAS to be PHOTOREALISTIC!!

Am I alone in this? Should I bow to pressure and look at just trashing a style I have honed and nurtured and that people seem to like That I Like!! To start again and draw like Alex Ross does? I dont think So......

Please Let me know what you think of my Bettie Page tribute yes its 'Cartoony' grrrrrr.

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  1. Hey i love it! Watched the Notorious Betty Page again last night in honour of the fair lady! Great piece man...don't let the man get you down!


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