Sunday, December 14, 2008

Death Blow!

I finally began the arduous task of designing my Christmas card this weekend. For those in the know I've been suffering from chronic Back and Chest pain this past week believed to be the after effects of my very bad cold I have had. It was getting to the point of ridiculous and I needed to get out of the mindset of 'I'll be alright' to actually going to the Doctors. So I have and thankfully it wasnt pneumonia but an infection. I have all the necessary pills now to hopefully clear things up!

'Last Rites' has been set back quite alot because of my health, so much I know I'm not gonna make my self-imposed deadline at the end of the month for it. So I've had to extend and delay working on it a little longer and it will be January now.

This week I also lost Two people in my life in the spate of the same day, First My step-grandmother who passed away suddenly my parents and I were at her house the other day we couldnt do much as the police were there with Forensics and Police detectives which seemed surreal. We were trying to find stuff to contact her relatives she had left it up to my mother to do all the work of organising that which was really unfair of her. My Nan was a very selfish woman she always seemed bitter and towards the end she got just nasty to everyone. I remember being five years old and her giving me a Boiled Lolly I swallowed it whole and almost choked. They also had ducks and chickens I used to always visit and say hello too.

The Man she was married to my fathers dad, I loved dearly he died 8 years prior. I remember visiting them and he would always start throwing punches and wanting to fight me, this went on for years until one day I punched him back and it stopped hahaha!! I miss him so much.

Her relatives and neighbours are what you would call vultures, as soon as they heard she had died they began calling wanting to know where the will was and how much the house was worth.
As we are not blood related we get nothing when my pop passed it all went to my nan so as she never had children it goes to her relatives.

The second was Bettie Page, I first learnt drawing women from pictures of her. I have two books one was her Autobiography 'A Life Of A Pin-Up Legend' and the second was a release of artworks for Dark Horse Comics.

You should check out the first book she had a very hard life and was totally a very nice lady. I really wish I could have met her, but it seemed it was never meant to be.

Artists like Olivia and the late Dave Stevens both used her for inspiration. She meant alot to alot of people. Atleast in her pictures she will forever be the Immortal Bettie Page!

Sorry for their being no happy post this time around I hope that next one will be more cheery!

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