Monday, December 1, 2008

The Fall of December!!

Wow Christmas Season already, I have been very good this year Santa!!
As always I'll be designing a card and sending it off to my friends.

Theres alot going on this month I plan to finish the first part of my cowboy book 'Last Rites'. It may suck but I dont care just to know that I actually Started AND Finished something that I and maybe someone else can enjoy will be a wonderful feeling. This first part introduces all the characters and gives pieces of what is to come in the future and if more is needed then that would make me extremely happy and accomplished.

The Perhapanauts cover has been given an unveiling at Todd's site, It is however an early working of the cover hes posted as I was coming close to deadline and sent it off to make sure things were heading in the direction for both me and Todd. Its the only one he had as I couldn't find the completed version and I've been fighting this flu!

It is however my first mainstream published comics work and I really hope you'll go out and buy it and support me and maybe I'll get the chance to do more and maybe get paid in future. Todd said he's only had positive reactions to it and so if you like to know how I work then its a great way to find out SEE IT HERE!!

Back in my misspent youth in the 80's I used to watch alot of Television. On Sunday Nights it was an hour of 'The Wonderful World of Disney' I hated the nature documentaries they would have but occassionally there would be the movie of the week split over Two Weeks. One such movie I remember and thinking was fantastic was 'Child of Glass' about a boy helping a girl ghost to release her from her deathly curse. I only saw it once but I could swear it was one of the best live action disneys ever. This movie has never been released on DvD, and I never saw it in the store to be honest I couldn't even remember its name. So it went into the back of my mind into legend of a great lost classic.
Until I recently decided to do a search for it, I remembered one of the actors in it and discovered its name once again. And found it had been available on VHS back in the old days but only in America.

Thankfully I was able to get a copy of it using alternate sources and I watched it last night and........ well it wasn't how I remembered it!! The acting was not great and the effects somewhat poor. However I did find out that the actress playing the sister looked familiar it was none other than an older Violet Beuragarde from 'Willy Wonka' and she was still attractive back then.

But you know somethings are best left to a childhood imagination!

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