Sunday, December 14, 2008

Frank Castle

One day Frank Castles family were brutally murdered. As he held his bloodied wife in his arms he promised that day, he would avenge their deaths by systematically killing everyone involved in the slaying. Which He Did......

But it never stopped Franks 'One Man War' against every Scum continues and the only way it will stop is if he's dead first!

From all accounts the new Punisher film 'Warzone' hasn't done too well at the US Box Office, I personally believe theres been an overload of Comic Book related works this year. And I think this may be the major reason reason for its failure. I havent even seen the Original Thomas Jane film as yet. Yes I have seen the Dolph version dont hold that against me.

Despite this I always liked the character of Frank ever since I read my very first punisher story that was a reprint of his first appearance in Amazing Spiderman. Remember 'Marvel Tales' ?

When I was at comic con this year I picked up a Punisher figure that was supposed to be a representation of his first appearance but to be honest its very generic looking they didn't even put those weird eyebrows he originally had. With that in mind my versions more in line with the latest take. No weird eyebrows But I love the classic costume so it stays and those weird web things behind him are supposed to be bullet holes yeah I know they look like retarded webbing oh well..........

and Yes I have been feeling guilty of not posting artwork for awhile.

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