Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interview in the Big City!

It was never my intention on going to a job interview while I was staying here in Melbourne. After Armageddon, I just wanted to look around for a couple of weeks and MAYBE just MAYBE look for some sort of course I would be interested in doing then head back to SleepCity ala Tasmania.

But I applied for a job vacancy I happen to find surfing on the Net and now I have an interview on Monday! Its a big deal, Non-Disclosure Agreement the works. So this is the most I can talk about it until I see them.
My Sister lives here and I stay with her family while I 'visit', I've contemplated living here its an okay place, bigger than I'm used too. But I could never resident at my sisters for too long But I don't want to overstay my welcome. This will be my first interview here in this city if I got it I would have to move here lots of stuff is swirling in my head right now as to what I can do! This could be my big break or just another step on the long road I have taken.

Friends, family and my dog would all have to be left behind, to carve a career.....a life for myself. I just never thought of these consequences until now. This doesn't mean I wouldn't want it. Its a massive step I never thought of until now. I was ready to live in Los Angeles for goodness sake but even then never thought of the consequences just as long as its what I LOVE to do! (Thats Drawing by the way!!). I can't work in Tasmania its just not that sort of area for me I'm so unmotivated . I'll hopefully have a story to tell on monday!

Anyway I will be attending a Computer and Video Game expo this weekend, so I hope to have pictures of the event.

ARRRGHHH, and I need to work on my comic book!

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