Friday, November 28, 2008

The Long Road Ahead!!

My birthday was today I turned 34, the grey hairs have begun to show in the last year and I swear some wrinkles weren't there yesterday. A couple of months ago I began to grow a beard I was tired of the same old look mind you the Look is pretty tired. I would have kept it too but I was warned that if you have the flu it can get 'messy' and it did so I had to shave it off. Best thing about that is facial hair will GROW back!!

I began to lose my hair at Twenty years of age, so I've had all that time to adjust to looking like Uncle Fester for the rest of my life. I really hate that I do but that is Life isn't it.

Ups and Downs, Lefts and Rights turns unexpected. I wonder sometimes what could have been if I was just something else. But I'm an artist I can't even begin to imagine doing something else. I think its what I was supposed to be whether I'm successful or not it doesnt matter if you have a gift thats what your stuck with. My problem is I was born in the wrong area just like a Polar Bear in the Desert good at catching fish but what use is that?

Then theres the lonliness factor, I'm on my own. Never gonna get married and not going to live happily ever after with Jennifer Connelly. And well I'm not the father type I just hate kids even when I was a child myself I hated them. Gee the way I'm sounding I could be the makings of a Serial Killer.

Some people have asked how that job interview has gone and it hasnt. I was unsuitable it seems but I would prefer them to say 'Sorry Matt your just not right for us' instead I have to wait for the inevitable letter in the post. But I'll talk about that more once I recieve it.

And finally too my many great friends in America, Happy Thanksgiving!!

Now if you'll excuse me I have to prepare my Basement for some 'ahem' Guests!!

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  1. Guests are good. As long as you don't tell them to 'put the fucking lotion in the basket' too many times.

    Grey hairs? I gave in a while ago. I used to hope that I wouldn't get gray. Now I hope that I get gray in the same pattern as Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four, so that I can dress up as him every Halloween that I get to take my kids out to Trick or Treat. It's like you're saying, you gotta roll with the punches.

    Remember: Telecommuting is a wonderful thing. It doesn't matter that people won't hire you. If you keep producing work, you know, something I DON'T do, people will eventually have to look at what you've done and accept you and hire you somewhere. Even here in the States.


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