Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Interview

The Interview I don't know where to start really, I have mixed feelings. Off the bat it was not as bad as some I have had. Theres only been one time I have just wanted out of an interview and told them to stick it! But this was different than that, it was for a Concept Artist in a Video Game Company. I setup a small website and sent off my details to which they wanted to see me while I was visiting Melbourne. I got there early gave them my Non-Disclosure and waited for the last interview to finish before mine. I was unprepared really, as I didn't expect to have one while away but brought my laptop to show off more art.

The first thing that was said to me was 'I've had a look at your website and your artwork seems very cartoony!!......................' This has happened before during an interview and is really the deathbell for any further conversation. If I wanted to do photorealistic I would do it but I have never had any call for it so I stay at what I make money (on occassion) from. I explained that not alot of games are photorealistic. They use forms of Cel Shading and 3d effects like the new Prince of Persia!!

So the whole gammut of stuff was spoken about but well I could see that they already have someone in mind. I just rambled on about living in a crappy enviroment to grow as an artist.

Well thats it really, theres no going back like I said it wasn't terrible. I think I would have fit in there given the chance but obviously it would seem that to them I do not. And some art student will get the job. So Goodbye Australia.

I'm taking time off for awhile, I wont give up on art but its time to move on. I go home tomorrow. I'm not upset really, I just hate Interviews!!

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