Sunday, November 2, 2008

Armageddon Multimedia Expo 2008

On the 1st and 2nd of November 2008 I attended Aramageddon Expo. This is the second time I have attended this event. And what you will read is a non-biased Review of it. I'm having technical difficulties with this crappy internet situation while in Melbourne so please bare with me until I find an alternative!

People who looked Bored!!
Ernie Hudson The Lost GhostBuster!!
Crispen Freeman and Others.
Abe Sapion Himself Doug Jones
Some guy from an Alternate Dimension where everyone is evil!
Outside Somewhere!
I arrived at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre a little after 10:30am. And saw there was a huge line of people. Luckily this was the line for the OTHER event also being held on the same weekend in the same venue that of a Motorcycling Convention. The signs were everywhere for this event and all I could find was one measly poster/flag out the front that said armageddon. The rest was this Motorcycling thing. Anyway after I realised that I was indeed in the right place I walked straight into the hall. And was instantly taken aback by how small things had gotten from the previous year in every respect.

I took my time looking around and getting a feeling around the place. The ghosts of last year
were no where to be seen which was a bad thing. In fact everything had been moved around from the last year prior. Except the wrestling ring or whatever they call it that was in the same place.

The Lack of Aussie Artists was Most Evident this year. I really wished I could have had a table and given it some class but alas I was just a patron.

Figures Everything was expensive, unlike last year Figures were not heavily discounted and in some case overbloated from the retail price. One place I picked up a Captain America for $5 and across the way the samething was for sale for $25 This was not looking good!!

I went to the Animation Panel which featured Crispin Freeman who played Alucard from Hellsing. The other 3 guests I couldnt say who they were. Anyway I watched and listened and Cringed at the questions being asked. And realised how much crispen hates being associated with Hellsing. When he pointed to the girl in red to ask the next question he literally groaned 'OH GOD' as she stood up and put her hat on and revealed it was a Alucard costume! This guy HATES it!!

Anyway, So I went and had lunch by this time the only thing I had bought was a small Captain america and hawkeye figurine. I had my chicken and decided that I must buy some more stuff.
I got a Hong Kong Phooey figure set, a super mario Toad mushroon figure and New Frontier Batman. I then headed off to watch the Jim Lee Panel and arrived half way through it. It was not crowded at all. I'm not a massive Jim Lee fan but he was very popular signing books and sketches. Again just like last year this was poorly organised and unless your willing to stay 2 hours prior to the line starting he was no Bruce Timm. After the Jim Lee Panel William Katt from Greatest American Hero made an appearance when he walked into the room he was genuinely suprised by the turnout. The theatre was quarter full. He talked about the new comic and the plans
that the series will take. And got a lot of question by Middle-Aged men, I guess I should also make note that the organisers were out doing something else so besides a security member out the door there was no moderators or microphone passing.

The Star Wars actors was just plain sad, these were the jedi and other characters from the prequels in the Background they had no bodyguards or anything since they just really werent worth the $30 cover fee.

I had two days at the convention and run out of stuff to do. So on the sunday I just decided to go and see the Ernie Hudson Panel. I dont why they decided to just leave the poor guy standing there trying to think of things to say eventually he just got into a groove and started telling stories of how he was being ripped off from the Ghostbusters Franchise. And recieved very little money. Certainly a great actor who deserved more than what he got.

Thats it really I give it about 5 out of 10 for trying but compared to Last year this was mouse compared to an elephant!!


  1. Yeah the New Zealand Armageddons suck too dude! It's the same guy what organises them!

  2. You forgot the most important guest. William Katt from the Greatest American Hero.
    The Hero comic will be coming out this month and we're all excited. For further info here is the link to Catastrophic comics (William's comic book company.
    Tell them Marci Sent you. ;-)

    He is going to conventions and comic book stores for signings so, keep your eyes peeled.
    And if you want to talk about the Greatest American Hero go here.

  3. I did Mention The Greatest American Hero in my last post I loved that show!! My photos however didnt turn out from the panel. I tried to see him afterwards to see if I could score to do Comic Cover for the new book since I'm a up&comer in the industry but security wouldn't let me see him without paying a fee first! If your interested please email me or send me contact details!


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