Saturday, November 29, 2008

The REAL Matt Pott!!

I decided to google my name up (I think theres a word for that!) and found a few mentions. Amazingly enough their are people going around using my name. But for the REAL Matt Pott Alot were for the perhapanauts cover I created for number 6 (due out in January 2009) and posted earlier this month. Besides being mentioned in Comic Book Stores online sales. I also got a mention from my friend Gary Hams Blog back in July when I finally met him at comic-con.

Also saw a Preview of the new Bruce Campbell flick, 'My Name is Bruce' There were certainly some genuine funny moments from the Brucinator. And there was so much Ham you could almost have a sandwich at times. Its alot better than 'The Man with the Screaming Brain' which was just awful. But the ending reminded me of a Monty Python film ie no real ending and I hate Monty Python humour!! Uptil then it was a better film than most and I mean its THE Bruce Campbell Come On he can be in the worst crap and still look cool!!

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