Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm Penniless, Not a Dime, I have not a crumb of cash anywhere. I really have gone to the end of my means. I am so POOR that I could be on the street next week. But for now I Fly Home tomorrow. The last couple of weeks since my return have been Harrowing staying in Melbourne. I want so much to return to LA cause I was doing so well there but I can't I know not if I will ever be able to return.

The Perhapanauts #6 (with flip-cover from yours truly) has been delayed for the next month or two) from its original release date. But I'm going to see if I can release it about that time it was to supposed to come out.

Until then I have a new picture of a certain Master of the Cold. I started designing these 'Batman in Peril' pictures and this is the only one that I ever completed out of them all. Enjoy It and I'll see you all back in Boring Town!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Watching Craig Ferguson

A few weeks back I saw how they made a Late Tonight Show at CBS studios. It was Late Late with Craig Ferguson I knew him from The Drew Carey Show when I loved it before it went all weird and from an episode of Red Dwarf!!
Anyway so me and Mona went and saw it, I never had been to one before so the experience was new. We waited in line with a rather obnoxious old guy (yes he dyed his hair) who was from OKLAHOMA!! And he made the worst insult possible 'You Australians, British, Scottish SOUND ALL THE SAME!!' To which I replied...... 'WHAT I THINK YOU MEAN 'JUST NOT AMERICAN'
'Yeeeeeeeeep Thats a good way o' puttin' it!!' he said. DORK!! Anyway he came all the way from OKLAHOMA to LA with his Mutton Dressed as Lamb Wife and two Daughters who belonged in the ValleyGirl Hall of Fame so that one of them 'ABBY' could become a SuperModel!! I'm Serious!!

Theres a lot of Fakery that goes on during the Taping process. We met the warm up guy and he said Laugh even when its not funny. So We Did. Laugh when Craig says something insulting to you. so we did. Clap and Cheer even when you dont want too. and guess what?? WE ALL DID!! In Fact they just want us for our laughs and not to ENTERTAIN. The only guest was Colin Hanks who was on for 8 minutes and the whole conversation seemed scripted!! The other guest was already pre-recorded. So after less than an hour that was it!! Even though it was Wednesday it was for the Friday Show too which is even more fake!!

Craig was funny though on and off air, Polite and Appreciated people being there. But it was Too Short and soon as it was over Craig was outta there and we had to still sit and watch stuff to pre record our laughs if it wasnt enough we had to watch it again

Also 'Abby' got herself on TV as she asked Craig to Rub her foot During the Commercial Break and made a BIG note of herself just like her Mutt Mother so it seems that ValleyGirls get what they want Don't They??.

I would also like to take this opportunity to squash the rumour that I am an indeed drawing again!! This is UNTRUE. Also I did not receive the complete Adobe Creative Suite from a Beautiful Angel from heaven who shall remain nameless. That I now have a CS3 version of Illustrator as well as Photoshop, Flash, Premiere, Dreamweaver and Fireworks on my Vista Controlled Laptop is just a pure coincidence!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life, The Universal and Everything

I'm struck down with a Bad Flu for the 3rd time this year and the second time I've been staying here in Melbourne!!
I am also not very happy right now this may have helped it take a foot hold on my wellbeing I have been suffering severe Withdrawl, since returning home Reality has hit me I have a $4ooo debt to cover and repay and the Australian Government was not at all Happy I left the country without telling them and have Fined me for doing so I don't know how I will be able to cope with all this.

But you know one this is for sure I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT AND I DON'T F#KEN CARE!! Screw The Government just SCREW THEM!! I accomplished more in that short time that I had EVER done in this lousy cuntry!! (and no that wasn't a typo!)

So lets look back to yet another Happier time when I was in the US. It was the last week of my US Trip and I went to Universal Studios in Hollywood. It was a great time had by all. Well I was on my own of course and well I am a sad bastard now aren't I??
Early Morning at Universal Studios

The first thing I wanted to do was see the Simpsons Ride and lucky I did it was the most popular.
Universal Studio Walk an hour and half before opening!!
A couple came up to me just after I took this photo and asked me to take their photo together, Obviously they saw me as a sad lonely bastard YaY thanks you shmucks!!!!
I am Dracula, well this is a preliminary sketch art of the concept art for the movie of the 1930's
Me at Giovannis in Downtown San Diego Hot Fudge Ice Cream Sundae
Yes Oh God YES my First Dr. Pepper in America with many, many more to Come!!
The Original Life Mask of Lon Chaney Jr, His Nose was HUGE!!!
Universal had the head of Hellboy on Display
Thats Right Hellboy has no Genitals just like Guillermo del Toro.
This really smelt of Fish!!
How good is a Movie when you condense it into 15 minutes?? WaterWorld the StageShow!!
Is that a Planet in the distance??
No its Just that Universal Ball, Globe Thingy!!
A MASSIVE 24 Pack of Dr Pepper ABSOLUTE HEAVEN!! I told you there was more to come didn't I??

Monday, August 18, 2008


Yeah I went to DisneyLand after 12 years ALOT had changed there was a new Park to explore and plus some old favorites to Enjoy again!!
Heres Me and Mickey I was FORCED to take a Photo!! Hahaha!!
The Best Animatronic Mr Potato Head EVER I have some video of this I will upload Later!! This is my Favourite Photo, Me with some Concept and Maquettes of Mary Blairs 'Its a Small World' Ride shame it had been closed for Bastardisation!!
A Dumbo Sitting in Dumbo!!'Pizza Port' My Favourite Place to Eat in The Whole Wide World!!Now its Time for a Swinging Wake, outside The Haunted Mansion!!
Da Da Da!! Indiana Jones The Ride!! Away from Disney for a minute, I met fellow Tasmanian Errol Flynn, well as close I can!! This is his Grave!!Wall-E and no its still not available to see in Australia yet!!
More to Come!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

From Melbourne With Thanks!!

My Trip is Over, Yes it was very short and I am sad to be back recuperating in Melbourne. Yeah thats right SAD!! I hate being back in Australia Land of the Uncreative.

I Really had an amazing time in Los Angeles and in San Diego for Comic-Con and it wouldn't have been possible without a few people I wish to publically Thank from the bottom of my BlackHeart!!

The Wonderful and Beautiful Mona, whom opened up her home for 3 weeks to a Rough Rogue Aussie she hardly knew and who taught him the American Way of doing things in America.
I CANNOT thankyou Enough for your Kind, Thoughtful Hospitality your Creative push when things looked Bleak and for being my Chauffeur around dirty dangerous LA streets when I wasnt sure where to go or where to be. LAX, Dreamworks, Disneyland, Universal Studios, San-Diego, Los Angeles. Everything would NOT have been Possible without you and We will always be the closest of friends!! Oh and thanks for introducing me to the Wonders of FREE REFILLS!!
To Josh you Nutcase thanks for sharing a room with this Australian Nut in San Diego and hanging out with him at the best Convention he's ever been too. It was Fun that I hope to repeat except for that Hispanic Dick at McDonalds with the Food Poising Burgers BLURGGGGGGH!!!!!!
To Chris Sanders for allowing me the Priviledge of visiting you in your studio at Dreamworks and having the best Lunch EVER!!!! For sharing some amazing Stories and giving me the smallest of tastes to find out what it is like to work in a big Animation Studio. No I didnt eat much I was so excited and geeked out I could hardly eat a Crumb!! But thankyou for your charity and inspiration And I hope to work my Butt off to get a chance to work with you for real one day!!

And to the rest of the GREAT people I met on my travels.... Casey, Sarah, Catherine, Gary, Scott, Rodolphe, Rick and every one else THANKYOU so much for an Unforgettable time in the U.S.A.!!

Finally now everythings back to the Mundane life of Matt Pott, I need to relive with posting more pictures of my trip!! Theres heaps more to post hopefully tomorrow!!

Me And Elvis Trooper!!

A Blurry Robert Picardo!!
Patrick Stewart er........ I mean Jonathon Frakes!! I should have cried out You Ruined THUNDERBIRDS you NINNY!!!Jane, The only girl I chatted up and who didnt runaway!!
And Now For Some Boobs!!
more boobs coming soon..............

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cartoon Network!!

I have been spending the last few days at Disneyland, and have things changed in the time I was there last or what!! But I will keep that for another blog post. As you may know I took some time out at Comic-Con to have my portfolio of artwork reviewed by Cartoon Network today I'm gonna talk some about it.

Imagine the setting waiting in a long line with other artists hoping to break into the business willing to stab you in the back just so they get to work in a field they only dreamt about since they were little amoebas. Well I got on the list and waited impatiently and nervously for my name to be called. It was nice of Josh Hughes to stick around with me and keep my mind as positive as possible. As we watched person after person leave the review queue with there Hearts Ripped from their rib cages. So I watched the last two people before me go up with Laptops with their 5 minute Powerpoint presentation or their doll they had just designed that would be a sure thing for a new HiT cartoon sensation.

That wasnt the best tactic fellas for a professional to see!

So with my rubbish plastic folder I walked up to the reviewer known as 'Rob' and introduced myself. I told him I wanted to be a concept or Character designer to which he said well Concepts very specialist so its very hard to get into. And so he flipped through my Portfolio 'But as far as character design is concerned this is one of the most professional portfolios I have seen!!'

Yeah I know....... I was shocked too!! He couldnt believe I was from Tasmania either. He asked where I had worked and I told him also the sad state of affairs there as far as crappy animation on a shoestring budget. Cartoon Network was certainly my main choice for beginning a career in the field so the all positive review lifted my spirits especially since so many artists before me who had very professional winner portfolios were given their marching orders to try again.

So what to do next?? well after all was said and done The reviewer took some of my pictures with him and gave me a number to formally submit my portfolio to the network. Did I ring the number???? YES. I rang a few days later to find that the secretary was un-cooperative and wanted to know how I got the number. After a explaining comic-con the secretary then wanted to know who it was I spoke to. I told them 'Rob' 'Rob Who??' the voice yelled down the line I then gave a brief description. Oh do you mean 'Rob Renzetti'?? I had no idea. So they patched me through. I left a message and about 20 minutes later recieved a call from Rob saying how he remembered me and that I should submit the portfolio directly to him even though there was no work available right now that he'll be sure to show it around!!

So as the Photo above shows this is about a minute before I formally submitted my portfolio to the Network!! Cool Stuff not everyday you can do this huh?? Well for me anyway! Inside were statues of Bill and Mandy and Fosters Imaginary. And a few art things for sale. The secretary took my portfolio but I'm not sure if it reached its destination since I said Rob was expecting it.

Should I call him again to make sure he got it?? Or move on to submitting to other studios?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Day At DreamWorks Animation

While away at comic con one of my greatest dissappointments has been meeting some of my artistic heroes. In some cases they have been well to put it bluntly 'Pricks' I don't want to name names but seriously I wondered if I would meet people who have incredible artistic ability and havent got the ego to match.
Dreamworks Part One

So today was a really awesome day. I had Lunch at Dreamworks with THE Chris Sanders. An amazing experience. Chris is the creator and Mastermind of 'Lilo & Stitch', Kiskaloo and is now working on a Top secret movie with Dreamworks which looks to be...................

Oh Damn I got edited by lawyers haha no I'm not gonna talk about stuff for I would lose my tongue but from what I saw it looks amazing and thats all I'll say.
Chris is so Genuine and the nicest person, willing to take time out and just chat about his time at Disney give funny anecdotes and just Talk art. I've known Chris for almost a year, yeah me I know I know its not exactly something I should keep secret but well hes a busy man too and we swap emails from time to time and we chat about lots of things from Ghost Stories to the state of 'Art of' Books (yes we both hate all the authors who like to right more than show art) so when he said come have lunch at DW well I wasn't going to say no, now was I??
So this has been about 6 months in the planning and for 2 hours I felt like a flea amongst Giants. DW is the place that I want to work now more than the other places. Sure it would not be easy but the creativity is there especially with their newer projects.

We just had lunch at the DW cafeteria Chris, Myself and his friend Kurt and afterwards we went to Chris' studio and I saw some cool stuff like original Kiskaloo artwork and we chatted about illustrator and how I do such perfect curves. Chris must have been in the australian mood cause I could swear he was drawing a few Koalas!! I felt like raiding his trashcan just to find some throwaway sketches but withstood the anxiety to do so. Anyway it was time for me to leave, I didnt want too but sigh well apparently unless you work there they frown upon you staying. So anyway it was Great, I gave Chris some gifts like a Tassie Devil and a copy of my portfolio and then said our goodbyes got some photos and then I went shopping!!
Dreamworks Part Two

So Afterwards I shopped at the small store they have and got some cool merchandise like exclusive Kung Fu Panda shirts seriously these ROCK I'm gonna be wearing these tomorrow!!

Anyway a great day topped off by a visit later to DisneyLands Haunted Mansion Ride its still the best!!