Thursday, June 26, 2008

Will You Draw in My Book?

A few weeks to go before my BIG trip, I cant wait!! One aspect of this has been 'The Sketchbook' this book will be passed around at Comic-Con and LA and every person, artist and star I meet will do something in the book for me I hope!! It will be a momento of the trip!! I had Doug Holgate Draw something in it at last years armageddon con but since then its been bare!! Will you Draw Something in my book?As you know for some time it has been a dream of mine to work for a major animation company. I have been asked if I will be having my art portfolio reviewed by the big wigs at comic con!! I am a little hesitant but this may be my only chance if people will help me decide which art should be in the portfolio then I will add it and we will see how I fair!!

I was in a Salamanca Cafe last week having lunch when I felt I was being watched!! I wasn't wrong as I looked beside me there were birds on tables and at my feet!! They were very well Fed too!!

I'm currently doing some secret stuff this is me at my table, not much to go on but your not supposed to guess yet!!Okay kinda bad news the fact of the matter is that I'm thinking of only having one blog as this seems to get the most exposure from the two I currently have Some have never even heard of my Nuts and Bolts one. So I may combine both into an art blog so what do you think One For All??

Lastly I've toyed with the idea of doing a limited print available from me at comic-con it would seem some people have been wanting a hi-res print of my version Harley & Ivy. So I am thinking of a very small run of prints possibly 25-50 being signed and numbered at about $10 each so are you interested?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Buggy's Birthday Card

One of the More Exciting aspects of Visiting the US soon is finally meeting with some of my longtime friends. I've only known CaseyBug for just less than a year but we Immediately hit it off and she is my friend forever!!

And so also this July Casey will also be attending Comic-Con and we have decided to meet up for lunch, dinner or something and I cannot wait!!

It was CaseyBugs birthday This Week and I was somewhat backed up having to do stuff and have promised to send her a card all week, finally got some time and this is it. Happy Birthday Buggy!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Art Of Nowhere!!

So I bet your thinking 'Matt, doesn't do any artwork except maybe one a month' And you would be wrong I do atleast two pieces of art a month. HAHAH No I'm Kidding, look I just cant show anybody the work I do half the time.

Some of the work I go for is under some sort of 'Something so Secret, Don't show anybody or we will sue' Mentality. I wouldn't have a problem with this if I actually recieved money for my silence. But I don't. In fact the Majority of the time I dont make a Cent and most of the time the Studio, advertisting firm or whatever say you want the Job then do This for free or Don't Bother!!

So as an artist your stuck between a rock and a Hard Place. Your time gets eaten up doing work that will not see the light of day and you won't see any money. In some regards this is a good thing for the majority of studios want the work 'Yesterday' So everything is rushed and I am never happy when I rush stuff out!! But Since again I compete for the Job, someone else always gets it.

Recently I applied for some work at a toy company, I was asked to do a test. And to solve a Design problem. I was given this on the Wednesday with the deadline on the Friday. Which would have been fine If I didnt already have an 8+ hour working day on both days. How expect you to just drop everything and concentrate on a TEST and not an actual job is beyond me.
So You are never giving it your best and you fail.

In a way I am glad I'm not in a Relationship with anyone, I dont know how much it would suffer from my lack of attention. It seems Thats an artists family life suffers from extreme pressure and I'll talk about that next time.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Stressful Week!!

This week has been really stressful for me, my parents are away for awhile and I am left sitting the house and the dogs. I've been down with flu so everything has been limited so I know when to quit fighting and to stay in bed. On friday I decided to get off my sorry butt and try and
get my mind of things. So I met up with SammyG whom I had not seen since Armageddon Con like seven months ago.

We yapped and caught up over lunch, Sam no doubt was sick of hearing my excitement over my impending US trip and we started talking about movies. And the new Indiana Jones 4 flick. Sam hadn't seen it and I told him how great it was and how I enjoyed it. So we just said dammit lets go and see it.
I don't think his girlfriend wanted to see it, most likely girls are only interested in that pile of crap with Sarah Jessica Parker. So I sat through the film again even paid more money than I did last time, Its been ages since I saw a film twice The last time was when I begged my mum for money to go see Never Ending Story again!! Yes I'm that Old!! I loved it a second time while it was Sams first going through the thrill ride!!

A Guy walked out at the point I really wanted to leave at the ending on the hill (you know what I mean if you've seen the movie) But I stayed didnt mind THAT ending the second time around.

I guess I'll be buying this on DvD when it comes out.

Speaking of DvDs Just watched Futurama Benders Big Score, I used to love the TV show got all the series on dvd and I've had the movie for months but I was little disheartened after I met Billy West and he was being a bit Irrate. I got a message from voice actor supremo Maurice LaMarche and he told me not to take it personally.
So I finally got up the courage to view it, and after awhile I was back to my Futurama loving ways. David X Cohen did a great job creating this show and...... what?? Matt Groening created it?? Next you'll be telling me he invented the Simpsons!! We all know who the real brains are, Groening just counts the bucks!!
So disappointments in the movie had to be the songs I hated them, and they seemed forced. That Coolio crap was irresponsible we all know the reasons why they put songs in so the writers can get revenue everytime the episode is played. I think its repugnant personally.

Anyway overall a really nice movie, and alot of laugh out loud moments in it. If anything fox should have brought this back instead of Family Guy I cant stand that show!!

Well as I had begun to say it was certainly a stressful week, I got some more bad news concerning my artwork and its gonna take me a while to get over it. I apologise theres been a lack of art lately, Logopolis was one to suffer most as I got a backlog of cartoons I've drawn but that need scanning and colouring. I'll try and keep everyone in the loop.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sick The Third

I'm sick again with the flu, in so many months. I had it at the beginning of the year twice and it somehow found me again. Best to get it now before I hit the USA!! I was planning to go out sketching but I normally have these for about 2 weeks and will have to wait now and see how things go.

I am so glad I got my 4 day pass to comic con as it just sold out. Whether or not I will be at the con the entire 4 days is another matter entirely!! I would love to see the place and try out the food but I hate being on my own.

Logopolis well ya know I dont think people come here for it, and I'm thinking of just saying goodbye to it. If theres anyone that cares please let me know.

The Aqua Leung Pin Up apparently it came out well, I never got a copy of the book so I never saw the final product. I hope it did. If you saw it let me know!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not Born In The USA

I bought a book last christmas, The Lonely Planet guide to USA. I bought it in mind of more travelling but since I'll be on the west coast for my stay it seems a bit useless. Despite this I am happy I have something to teach me the american way. Don't make fun of them or they will shoot you!! Speak Clearly because some americans need subtitles and so on.
I also got a Magazine from Comic Con in the mail with a few Tips to consider for the event. Don't Take Alcohol because riots may occur. Be Prepared to wait in long lines so bring a tent, falling asleep at the Eisner Awards is a forgone conclusion and for Goodness Sake if you see Mike Mignola in the crowd do not yell abuse at him for being a sellout he gets that enough from his wife!! That sort of stuff!!