Monday, December 29, 2008

In Brightest Day!

My Friend Martin is a massive Green Lantern geek, and I too enjoy the character of Hal Jordon. I was a bit miffed they didnt have him in the Justice League cartoon because they needed a 'Black Guy' so tell me who would have sold better as a toy Hal or John Stewart?? Well although we may never know the fact the Green Lantern figures were the ONLY ones left on the shelves might prove this theory of debate.

Anyway back to Hal, I think once DC got over the lets make him go insane storyline and everybody else started doing it they realised what an integral character he was in the Universe and began cleaning up their mess.Darwyn Cookes main use of Green Lantern in 'The New Frontier' I think solidified that Hal was a man to be reckoned with.

So this will be my last picture post for this year tomorrow I'll look at 2008 as a whole and review the personal highs and lows!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Year Without an Xbox360!

This Picture of me was taken at Disneyland I think it was called 'Animation Studio' but that was a bit of lie. All you did was copy an artist drawing a character no animation was to be used. For this session it was how to draw Jack Skellington! Thanks to Mona for the Photo!!
I hope everbody has a great Holiday season this year, despite me spending it at home on my own well thats not totally true I have my dog to keep me company. I got some presents left for me but I knew what I was getting before I opened them! A couple of video games for my Nintendo DS Wario: Master of Disguise and Super Mario Bros. And the only dvd I recieved was the Platinum edition of the classic 101 Dalmations. Billie my dog didnt miss out either he got a new Squeeky Toy to play with!

I still don't have a new X-Box 360 I guess that will come next year.

So prepare yourselves..........It is with heartfelt regret that I inform everyone that my Perhapanauts cover will not be out in January 2009 in fact not for awhile. This is nobodies fault no-one is responsible. I'm upset yeah who wouldn't be but you know crap happens and worse things are going on in the world today to give a damn about a stupid cover.

I was emailed today by Todd and he told me the news and the reasons behind the decision and it makes alot of sense. I'm not the only one to have lost out in this, I only worked on the outside but a bunch of people worked on the inside of the special Halloween issue and now it will be skipped and may be released september of 2009. If I had to look at an upside my name will be published again in a future previews heh!

So what for me now? I have always tried to keep an honest blog. If something happens I tell it as it is! I'm totally Broke, Broker than Broke really. I've been calling around trying to get work one thing as an artist is that everybody wants something for nothing that your art is just a hobby and you should feel honoured they like it and want to use it. But nothing doesnt pay the bills!

Quite a few times have I been in this trap. A few years ago a friend of my fathers came up with a grand plan for selling t-shirts my dad told him that I was an artist and he wanted to see me. I didn't want to do it I could smell a waste of time. But on my dads constant harping I agreed to look into it. After five minutes in the meeting I knew this was just crap and wanted nothing to do with it. But my dad wouldnt let it go so I did the work, and then the guy turned around and said we've decided to no longer pursue this. Man was I pissed. The guy was a Locksmith and if he put some locks in for me and I turned around and said hey you know I've changed my mind and am not gonna pay you It would be just EXACTLY the same but no they do not understand this for anyone who is not of an artistic nature.

Well my christmas movie tonight was Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. This is believed to be the first time that Frankenstein's Monster was referred too as 'Franky' But as we know he was really called Herman hahah. Funny Movie though Been a longtime fan of the Wolfman too so was great to have Lon Chaney Jr back in the role and a great cameo by Vincent Price!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Christmas Spectacular!!

Its been great to actually DRAW again after so long, I'm beginning to get the angst of is it 'good enough,' once again which isn't a feeling I've had for well over a month! I've really missed it, well the Drawing part!
As you can see from the above image my Christmas Card is finished and been sent out to most of my online friends. I say most because I have so many thanks to myspace and facebook I'm bound to forget someone, If you never recieved one my apologies its been so difficult remembering everybody!!

Watched a few films lately, I finally watched the Sinbad: Eye of the Tiger. Seeing a young Jane Seymour was very funny know what a cold and heartless woman she is in real life. What was the point of the Minotaur character or 'Minoton' as they called it seemed totally wasted!! I also found out later that Peter Mayhew 'Chewbacca' was the guy behind the Bull Mask prior to doing chewie! The blonde girl was certainly fetching but when a girl falls for a Baboon you need to ask questions. Serious Questions....

Dellamorte Dellamore this is right up there with my all time favorite horror movies, Made in Italy and going under the name of Cemetary Man in the US I caught this on late night television on SBS years ago. I love this film so much I imported this dvd especially from Italy because it still hasnt seen a release here for whatever reason.

Also as a special Christmas treat our local digital station ABC2 on Saturday Night gave us a screening of HR PufNStuf The Movie! One of my earliest memories as a toddler is seeing Jimmy Battle it out with Witchiepoo for that magic flute on saturday mornings every week. I only ever saw the movie once in a school hall. So it was cool to see Jimmy in the real world first before he landed on Living Island! I felt I was reliving my childhood in those two hours too much fun! One think that always bothered me was when Pufnstuf was on other shows he never looked the same he always seemed off unless it was on the show. I dont think they ever got the extra puppets right for him.

My new phone came with a redeemable voucher for a 'free' wireless pre paid access usb dongle thingy so I will be able to use that whenever I am visiting Melbourne, Bruny Island or out and about from now on with my laptop. Unless I dont have any money for credit then I'm screwed!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Cartoony Bettie Page Tribute!

As you know a few weeks ago I recieved the most degrading comment I have ever recieved at an interview the word 'Cartoony' is an insult I will not soon forget and indeed it continues with other comments I have recieved since then on numerous forums and email rejections. So Bloody What?? I just dont get the justification that something HAS to be PHOTOREALISTIC!!

Am I alone in this? Should I bow to pressure and look at just trashing a style I have honed and nurtured and that people seem to like That I Like!! To start again and draw like Alex Ross does? I dont think So......

Please Let me know what you think of my Bettie Page tribute yes its 'Cartoony' grrrrrr.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Frank Castle

One day Frank Castles family were brutally murdered. As he held his bloodied wife in his arms he promised that day, he would avenge their deaths by systematically killing everyone involved in the slaying. Which He Did......

But it never stopped Franks 'One Man War' against every Scum continues and the only way it will stop is if he's dead first!

From all accounts the new Punisher film 'Warzone' hasn't done too well at the US Box Office, I personally believe theres been an overload of Comic Book related works this year. And I think this may be the major reason reason for its failure. I havent even seen the Original Thomas Jane film as yet. Yes I have seen the Dolph version dont hold that against me.

Despite this I always liked the character of Frank ever since I read my very first punisher story that was a reprint of his first appearance in Amazing Spiderman. Remember 'Marvel Tales' ?

When I was at comic con this year I picked up a Punisher figure that was supposed to be a representation of his first appearance but to be honest its very generic looking they didn't even put those weird eyebrows he originally had. With that in mind my versions more in line with the latest take. No weird eyebrows But I love the classic costume so it stays and those weird web things behind him are supposed to be bullet holes yeah I know they look like retarded webbing oh well..........

and Yes I have been feeling guilty of not posting artwork for awhile.

Death Blow!

I finally began the arduous task of designing my Christmas card this weekend. For those in the know I've been suffering from chronic Back and Chest pain this past week believed to be the after effects of my very bad cold I have had. It was getting to the point of ridiculous and I needed to get out of the mindset of 'I'll be alright' to actually going to the Doctors. So I have and thankfully it wasnt pneumonia but an infection. I have all the necessary pills now to hopefully clear things up!

'Last Rites' has been set back quite alot because of my health, so much I know I'm not gonna make my self-imposed deadline at the end of the month for it. So I've had to extend and delay working on it a little longer and it will be January now.

This week I also lost Two people in my life in the spate of the same day, First My step-grandmother who passed away suddenly my parents and I were at her house the other day we couldnt do much as the police were there with Forensics and Police detectives which seemed surreal. We were trying to find stuff to contact her relatives she had left it up to my mother to do all the work of organising that which was really unfair of her. My Nan was a very selfish woman she always seemed bitter and towards the end she got just nasty to everyone. I remember being five years old and her giving me a Boiled Lolly I swallowed it whole and almost choked. They also had ducks and chickens I used to always visit and say hello too.

The Man she was married to my fathers dad, I loved dearly he died 8 years prior. I remember visiting them and he would always start throwing punches and wanting to fight me, this went on for years until one day I punched him back and it stopped hahaha!! I miss him so much.

Her relatives and neighbours are what you would call vultures, as soon as they heard she had died they began calling wanting to know where the will was and how much the house was worth.
As we are not blood related we get nothing when my pop passed it all went to my nan so as she never had children it goes to her relatives.

The second was Bettie Page, I first learnt drawing women from pictures of her. I have two books one was her Autobiography 'A Life Of A Pin-Up Legend' and the second was a release of artworks for Dark Horse Comics.

You should check out the first book she had a very hard life and was totally a very nice lady. I really wish I could have met her, but it seemed it was never meant to be.

Artists like Olivia and the late Dave Stevens both used her for inspiration. She meant alot to alot of people. Atleast in her pictures she will forever be the Immortal Bettie Page!

Sorry for their being no happy post this time around I hope that next one will be more cheery!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Saving a Princess

I haven't updated in a few days, I've been a bit of aloof while I work these things out, that which I hate most that being 'Life'. From this weekend I will be spending the rest of my Christmas alone. No chestnuts cooking on an open fire and No Jack Frost nipping on my nose. Oh well its not the first Christmas and it wont be the last!

I got myself a new phone as the other was 2 years old and despite being good for what I needed. My contract was almost expired and it was a better option . The fact it came with a great gift certificate didnt hurt so I got a Nintendo DS with it.
So with my birthday money in hand I got some games Professor Layton and Zelda. A friend had one and since I'm such a Nintendo Addict wondered why I never bought one (main reason no money). When I got the opportunity a few weeks back at the video game expo to play some games it was the DS that stood out. So I had a friend who works at the store show me the best valued which turned out to be the Guitar Hero Version! So I have been rescuing princess' all weekend and having fun playing with the stylus!

I also had a big blowout with my ISP recently they screwed my account well and good this month and have had nothing but problems with them since getting back home. They act as if its my fault but they screwed up!!

Been trying to catchup with my Summer Glau Obsession, I'm almost up to date with the all the Sarah Connor Chronicles and also fell behind on the new season of Heroes which lets face it, has gone major down hill since all the actors have become famous and the stories rubbish!

Finally saw Mysterious Island, it was very different to how I had remembered it. One thing that annoyed the hell out of me was it took 20minutes to get onto the island, as most of that was set on the balloon. So the pacing could have been better, I'm glad they got some of the monsters in it as they werent going too.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Skeletons of Harryhausen

A few weeks ago I got a three dvd pack of all the Sinbad films that Ray Harryhausen created. I have fond memories of renting the videos back in the 80's and I would watch them over the school holidays.

Harryhausen movies were wonderful movies to me, I remember seeing Clash of the Titans again and my brother complained that I had already seen it. But I loved that film so much and still do. I remember watching the first 10 minutes of 'Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger' only to have the tape self-destruct inside the machine I hated when that happened. So I have been reliving my childhood memories of seeing these films again after so long. I guess this was back when I loved these movies and wanted to work in animation moving battling skeletons to fight men so they can stab them.

My favourite of course was 'Jason and the Argonauts' which I have watched again after so many years. I really fell in love with the Figure Head of Hera on the Argo and that Jason would talk to while her eyes would open and look around. When those skeletons come out of the ground it always freaked me out how they wobbled and were so fast moving. I love how jason and his men try to stab them in the ribs expecting them to die what a stupid thing to thing to think, yeah that will work!!

Dreamworks Tried to recapture the Harryhausen magic with their Sinbad movie but it didn't quite work and if I remember correctly this was final nail in the coffin for traditional animation.
I only got the dvd to this because Rodolphe Guenoden worked on it and he was featured in the extras. Rod is one of the nicest animators around.

So next up is 'Mysterious Island' which is on my queue to see, I think I remember a giant Bee in that one.

Words getting out about the upcoming comic and people wanting to see it. I'm reluctant to share but I guess you will see it eventually now won't you.
Also be sure to pre-order your copy of Perhapanauts #6 due in January 2009.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Fall of December!!

Wow Christmas Season already, I have been very good this year Santa!!
As always I'll be designing a card and sending it off to my friends.

Theres alot going on this month I plan to finish the first part of my cowboy book 'Last Rites'. It may suck but I dont care just to know that I actually Started AND Finished something that I and maybe someone else can enjoy will be a wonderful feeling. This first part introduces all the characters and gives pieces of what is to come in the future and if more is needed then that would make me extremely happy and accomplished.

The Perhapanauts cover has been given an unveiling at Todd's site, It is however an early working of the cover hes posted as I was coming close to deadline and sent it off to make sure things were heading in the direction for both me and Todd. Its the only one he had as I couldn't find the completed version and I've been fighting this flu!

It is however my first mainstream published comics work and I really hope you'll go out and buy it and support me and maybe I'll get the chance to do more and maybe get paid in future. Todd said he's only had positive reactions to it and so if you like to know how I work then its a great way to find out SEE IT HERE!!

Back in my misspent youth in the 80's I used to watch alot of Television. On Sunday Nights it was an hour of 'The Wonderful World of Disney' I hated the nature documentaries they would have but occassionally there would be the movie of the week split over Two Weeks. One such movie I remember and thinking was fantastic was 'Child of Glass' about a boy helping a girl ghost to release her from her deathly curse. I only saw it once but I could swear it was one of the best live action disneys ever. This movie has never been released on DvD, and I never saw it in the store to be honest I couldn't even remember its name. So it went into the back of my mind into legend of a great lost classic.
Until I recently decided to do a search for it, I remembered one of the actors in it and discovered its name once again. And found it had been available on VHS back in the old days but only in America.

Thankfully I was able to get a copy of it using alternate sources and I watched it last night and........ well it wasn't how I remembered it!! The acting was not great and the effects somewhat poor. However I did find out that the actress playing the sister looked familiar it was none other than an older Violet Beuragarde from 'Willy Wonka' and she was still attractive back then.

But you know somethings are best left to a childhood imagination!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The REAL Matt Pott!!

I decided to google my name up (I think theres a word for that!) and found a few mentions. Amazingly enough their are people going around using my name. But for the REAL Matt Pott Alot were for the perhapanauts cover I created for number 6 (due out in January 2009) and posted earlier this month. Besides being mentioned in Comic Book Stores online sales. I also got a mention from my friend Gary Hams Blog back in July when I finally met him at comic-con.

Also saw a Preview of the new Bruce Campbell flick, 'My Name is Bruce' There were certainly some genuine funny moments from the Brucinator. And there was so much Ham you could almost have a sandwich at times. Its alot better than 'The Man with the Screaming Brain' which was just awful. But the ending reminded me of a Monty Python film ie no real ending and I hate Monty Python humour!! Uptil then it was a better film than most and I mean its THE Bruce Campbell Come On he can be in the worst crap and still look cool!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Long Road Ahead!!

My birthday was today I turned 34, the grey hairs have begun to show in the last year and I swear some wrinkles weren't there yesterday. A couple of months ago I began to grow a beard I was tired of the same old look mind you the Look is pretty tired. I would have kept it too but I was warned that if you have the flu it can get 'messy' and it did so I had to shave it off. Best thing about that is facial hair will GROW back!!

I began to lose my hair at Twenty years of age, so I've had all that time to adjust to looking like Uncle Fester for the rest of my life. I really hate that I do but that is Life isn't it.

Ups and Downs, Lefts and Rights turns unexpected. I wonder sometimes what could have been if I was just something else. But I'm an artist I can't even begin to imagine doing something else. I think its what I was supposed to be whether I'm successful or not it doesnt matter if you have a gift thats what your stuck with. My problem is I was born in the wrong area just like a Polar Bear in the Desert good at catching fish but what use is that?

Then theres the lonliness factor, I'm on my own. Never gonna get married and not going to live happily ever after with Jennifer Connelly. And well I'm not the father type I just hate kids even when I was a child myself I hated them. Gee the way I'm sounding I could be the makings of a Serial Killer.

Some people have asked how that job interview has gone and it hasnt. I was unsuitable it seems but I would prefer them to say 'Sorry Matt your just not right for us' instead I have to wait for the inevitable letter in the post. But I'll talk about that more once I recieve it.

And finally too my many great friends in America, Happy Thanksgiving!!

Now if you'll excuse me I have to prepare my Basement for some 'ahem' Guests!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Samurai Jack!

One of the worst things about living in Australia is that cartoons are looked at like a curiosity. So unless you have a passion for them no-one really gives a damn and everyone 'Normal' thinks your weird because cartoons are for babies.

What Fools They Are!!

Which makes me come to Samurai Jack, In 2002 I bought the 'Movie' DvD loved it!! and waited impatiently for the rest of the series. My friend had cartoon network back then and I bought a blank video tape so he could record it for me after I did a BIG favour for him and saved him a whole lot of money. Six years later I'm still waiting for the tape back!

But not all was lost a local tv station began screening the first and second series.... at 4am in the morning!! Like I said Cartoons are for babies and Needless to say I taped it. Anyway the Season DvD boxsets never came and unfortunately WarnerBros holds the rights to all the cartoon network stuff and doesn't see Australia as a big enough market to locally release their cartoon products here That includes ALL classic Hanna Barbera, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network. Unless of course they are some sort of compilation or to promote a movie like Batman Begins when they released Batman The Animated Series Season One and THATS IT so I had to buy the rest from ebay!!

So about 18 months ago a savior came in the form of Madman Entertainment. Madman was a local distributer of all things Anime you know that super deformed cutesy japanese animation stuff (Hey I admit to Liking some of it!). They saw a market for more mainstream cartoons, bought the rights to Cartoon Network shows and began releasing full seasons of Ben10, Cow & Chicken (my friend Martins favourite), The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Robot Chicken, Venture Bros and Harvey Birdman. Without them these shows would never see a release here EVER!.

So lets get back to Samurai Jack, Madman released the First Season as well as re-releasing the movie (which has now been discontinued) in 2007 And as always they do a spectacular job of securing all the extras that the US release sees. I was unable to pick up the boxset as I was on a self imposed Non Buying period until I did the trip to the US this year. But a couple of weeks ago I finally picked it up in Melbourne and began to watch and enjoyed it all over again. So I went to buy season two and.......... nothing no season two or three!! Oh No Not again I cried it had been a year since the first season had been released so it seemed that the others would not get released.

The Best thing about Madman is that you can talk to them they have forums and email contact address for various departments. So I emailed and asked if they were considering a release and YES they are MARCH 2009 sees the release of Season two I'm really happy about this.

Many have asked if my work has been inspired by Jack and the answer is yes and no. I am a huge Fan of Lynne Naylors who was a driving force of the design for the show and that as I see it is where my inspration comes from. I would have loved to have met Lynne Naylor this year at Comic Con but she was no where to be seen her work is so colourful and if there was a reicarncation of Mary Blair Lynne would be it. The book I am working on now is influenced by samurai jack as far as style is concerned.

So anyway the DvD is very nice, Madman did a great job of the transfer to the DVD. All the backgrounds and visuals are eyepopping candy and I really can't wait for the second and third seasons to finally see a release. If there was a show I would have like to have gone back in time and worked on as an artist this would have been it.

I got back from Melbourne over a week ago and was hard hit with a Flu again for the third time this year. So I've been eating soup (or is that sippin) for the last couple of days and trying to rest while still having to go and sort my daily awful life out. Arghh!! I do hope to be back to normal in a week or two until then I have put my book on hold as I really can't concentrate with the migraines I am having and I'm only about 4 pages into the book with a number of panels I have to redo because I decided to go in yet another direction with the story which seems to then totally change the arc but needs to be done or it will be a crap story. And believe me after reading the latest Hellboy I realised just how linear those things are and I want to be atleast thought provoking.

I finally saw the Clone Wars movie and well I have to admit to enjoying it. As far as being set in that Prequel Star Wars Universe it fit really well. Not to say its a great universe. But it was certainly entertaining for me. And I have been enjoying the new series too.

Most Haunted you know I love Paranormal Ghost shows and well I never understand these guys they are supposed to be investigators and they go to a haunted house and then run out the door as soon as they get scared and hear a noise I mean come on!! Whats the Point of investigating if you have the bladder of a 5 year old? Lock yourselves in the room and hopefully capture some proof on Film!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Obama Dog Toy!!

I'm sick of people saying I'm not doing any work, and wasting my talent. No I'm not making a dime from anything right now, times are tough!! But that doesnt mean I am not doing anything so to squash those rumors here is a panel from my book to have finished for christmas!

Sorry for the double post yesterday I had hoped to do another post just to avoid having to do one today so I can concentrate on going home but somehow the two posts became one I will try to avoid that in future.
This is the Obama Dog Toy, doing the rounds. I'm not sure what to think of it but atleast my dog will have an absolute blast ripping it to shreds!! (EDIT 2013 THIS WAS A GAG DONE 5 YEARS AGO YOU IDIOTS I AM NOT RACIST IN FACT SOME OF MY ART FRIENDS ARE AFRICAN AMERICANS)

I finally saw the pixar film Wall-E, and it was 'ok' I mean it certainly does not deserve an oscar for best picture maybe animated might be stretching. I'll never work for Pixar so I guess I can say what I like now. I really hate the mixture of real people and computer generated. Either one or the other please pixar!! The silent film motifs were good, but their was a simularity of the movie seeming like toy story and some of the character designs were very poor!! It reminded me a lot of HoodWinked!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Regret To Inform You!

You know what I hate most of all?? I really hate those letters they send out after you've had an interview, you know the ones!

Thankyou for your interest in our vacancy, we however regret to inform you that your application was unsuccessful at this time. We Hired someone better than you and we wont really keep your Resume on File unless we want something to laugh at! okay so I made that last bit up but you know that its true' C'est La Vie.

Why do I bother! I'm off now to eat a piece of cake, Join Me?

The Interview

The Interview I don't know where to start really, I have mixed feelings. Off the bat it was not as bad as some I have had. Theres only been one time I have just wanted out of an interview and told them to stick it! But this was different than that, it was for a Concept Artist in a Video Game Company. I setup a small website and sent off my details to which they wanted to see me while I was visiting Melbourne. I got there early gave them my Non-Disclosure and waited for the last interview to finish before mine. I was unprepared really, as I didn't expect to have one while away but brought my laptop to show off more art.

The first thing that was said to me was 'I've had a look at your website and your artwork seems very cartoony!!......................' This has happened before during an interview and is really the deathbell for any further conversation. If I wanted to do photorealistic I would do it but I have never had any call for it so I stay at what I make money (on occassion) from. I explained that not alot of games are photorealistic. They use forms of Cel Shading and 3d effects like the new Prince of Persia!!

So the whole gammut of stuff was spoken about but well I could see that they already have someone in mind. I just rambled on about living in a crappy enviroment to grow as an artist.

Well thats it really, theres no going back like I said it wasn't terrible. I think I would have fit in there given the chance but obviously it would seem that to them I do not. And some art student will get the job. So Goodbye Australia.

I'm taking time off for awhile, I wont give up on art but its time to move on. I go home tomorrow. I'm not upset really, I just hate Interviews!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

E-Games Expo

I woke up this morning with a bad headache, I had it throughout the day so if I sound a little cranky you would be reading correctly. This morning my nephews gave me an early Birthday Present a t-shirt that reads 'I'M DRESSED AND OUT OF BED WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT' because they feel I've been very lazy lately Sleeping in Alot and they would be right!! I told my sister that I will wear it on Monday to the interview which she replied 'NO YOU WON'T' hahaha Maybe I wish I will and if it turns out to be not one of my best then perhaps I had!

I've decided that if its the latter than, that will be that. The End. I can't continue down this road any longer. I gotta lot of bills to pay and if no one wants to use my artwork then its their loss. I'll finish my comic and see what happens but perhaps its time to find other interests.

News from Todd officially that my Perhapanauts cover will be out in January now..... I swear I jinx people!!

Okay enough with the down, I went to the E-Games expo today. You know straight away that the lines were going to be bad and they were. I waited ages and then was told I couldn't get concession unless I was 65!! I ain't that old, so I paid the full $18 entry fee. This is the first time I have gone to such an event and even I can tell you that is wayyyyy too much to pay for an event like this. There where a few areas of interest one was the showing of Little Big Planet on the PS3, the Nintendo Area and Ubisoft. Now Ubisoft had something the others didn't cute tall blonde girls in shorts that were so small that they needn't have bothered. I will NEVER understand what half naked women remotely have to do with video games!! Do they think that video gamers don't have girlfriends, so they have to fanatsize about being around a beautiful girl? They were nicew though and they smiled when you smiled and didn't seem at all shallow. I guess the money they were getting was dulling the pain of being ogled all the time!

Beware of Cosplayers!!
Some weird Urban jumper guys who were leaving footprints on the walls
A fellow gets his photo taken with the GADGETGUY??? Oh thats a Keeper!!
Anyway I have a small couple of videos of the event and I will post them up soon as they are processed!! But tomorrows sunday and I'm resting up a bit cause I know how stressed out I will be for Monday, Wish me Luck!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interview in the Big City!

It was never my intention on going to a job interview while I was staying here in Melbourne. After Armageddon, I just wanted to look around for a couple of weeks and MAYBE just MAYBE look for some sort of course I would be interested in doing then head back to SleepCity ala Tasmania.

But I applied for a job vacancy I happen to find surfing on the Net and now I have an interview on Monday! Its a big deal, Non-Disclosure Agreement the works. So this is the most I can talk about it until I see them.
My Sister lives here and I stay with her family while I 'visit', I've contemplated living here its an okay place, bigger than I'm used too. But I could never resident at my sisters for too long But I don't want to overstay my welcome. This will be my first interview here in this city if I got it I would have to move here lots of stuff is swirling in my head right now as to what I can do! This could be my big break or just another step on the long road I have taken.

Friends, family and my dog would all have to be left behind, to carve a career.....a life for myself. I just never thought of these consequences until now. This doesn't mean I wouldn't want it. Its a massive step I never thought of until now. I was ready to live in Los Angeles for goodness sake but even then never thought of the consequences just as long as its what I LOVE to do! (Thats Drawing by the way!!). I can't work in Tasmania its just not that sort of area for me I'm so unmotivated . I'll hopefully have a story to tell on monday!

Anyway I will be attending a Computer and Video Game expo this weekend, so I hope to have pictures of the event.

ARRRGHHH, and I need to work on my comic book!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Perhapanauts Cover!

Well here it is, Perhapanauts cover #6 in all its Horror Glory, theres a backstory to this but I will talk about that when its finally out in December. But heres your sneak peek if you check this blog out without being prompted because you like my work. Thanks!!
On the subject of Comics, I'm just working on page 3 of my comic story I came up with about 5 years ago originally entitled 'Last Rites' a Blood 'N Guts trilogy! involving a cowboys fight against an evil Vampyre Empire set in a Post Modern Apocolyptic Old West, and best described as a Sergio Leone Western meets Lord of the Rings with a touch of Mad Max thrown in for good measure. The style at the moment is apparently very Samurai Jack which I guess is not a bad thing when you think about it. I want to add some Mary Blair in there too. Just dont compare the two, they are very different in substance and graphic violence.

As for Beginnings, when this story first popped in my noggin', I thought of it as a very basic vampire story where everything was set back in the 1800's and it all went terribly wrong but the further I thought of it the more complex it got. I've had a couple of writers tackle the story but well they never quite understood what I had envisioned instead including things I felt had no feeling to a western. So it was put on the back burner until I felt the time was right and I can do it myself.

Currently my plan is for three 22 pages at this time with the first to be finished by Christmas as a tester of the waters so to speak. As to whether it will ever see publication is something I'm not even thinking about right now until the first part is completed and recieved. Overall I've got a Beginning a Middle and an End which I guess is very important! This is a Project I need to do, or I'll go insane. I know many people would prefer an S.O.S comic but I feel it is best to do something else while I still have some motivation in getting something done. If you know me personally you'll know its been a tough few months and even if this fails I'll maybe feel I may have accomplished something atleast.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spaced Out!

Picked up today one of the greatest series I have NEVER seen on DVD, 'SPACED'. I saw the press announcement at comic con back in July with a panel with Simon Pegg and that Wright guy for this. Yes I'm still pissed about being kicked out of the autograph line I even wrote to Wright and said it was RIDICULOUS!! As if I expected an answer back hes to busy writing cornetto films. Yes I know its not his fault Comic-Con you run a crap ship and failed that time!! But yeah I've been waiting for this release in Australia and a store here in melbourne was selling it for just $40 so I grabbed it. And Can't wait to watch it.

Also grabbed Mignolas new Hellboy book and yes he is an A-Hole from all accounts but a good artist. They say that when you make it big you treat people like crap. I will never do SO!! and if I do please kick me in the head!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The American Way

Congrats to President Obama, Although I know who I would prefer to be President of the USA. I know they would let me in the country!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Armageddon Multimedia Expo 2008

On the 1st and 2nd of November 2008 I attended Aramageddon Expo. This is the second time I have attended this event. And what you will read is a non-biased Review of it. I'm having technical difficulties with this crappy internet situation while in Melbourne so please bare with me until I find an alternative!

People who looked Bored!!
Ernie Hudson The Lost GhostBuster!!
Crispen Freeman and Others.
Abe Sapion Himself Doug Jones
Some guy from an Alternate Dimension where everyone is evil!
Outside Somewhere!
I arrived at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre a little after 10:30am. And saw there was a huge line of people. Luckily this was the line for the OTHER event also being held on the same weekend in the same venue that of a Motorcycling Convention. The signs were everywhere for this event and all I could find was one measly poster/flag out the front that said armageddon. The rest was this Motorcycling thing. Anyway after I realised that I was indeed in the right place I walked straight into the hall. And was instantly taken aback by how small things had gotten from the previous year in every respect.

I took my time looking around and getting a feeling around the place. The ghosts of last year
were no where to be seen which was a bad thing. In fact everything had been moved around from the last year prior. Except the wrestling ring or whatever they call it that was in the same place.

The Lack of Aussie Artists was Most Evident this year. I really wished I could have had a table and given it some class but alas I was just a patron.

Figures Everything was expensive, unlike last year Figures were not heavily discounted and in some case overbloated from the retail price. One place I picked up a Captain America for $5 and across the way the samething was for sale for $25 This was not looking good!!

I went to the Animation Panel which featured Crispin Freeman who played Alucard from Hellsing. The other 3 guests I couldnt say who they were. Anyway I watched and listened and Cringed at the questions being asked. And realised how much crispen hates being associated with Hellsing. When he pointed to the girl in red to ask the next question he literally groaned 'OH GOD' as she stood up and put her hat on and revealed it was a Alucard costume! This guy HATES it!!

Anyway, So I went and had lunch by this time the only thing I had bought was a small Captain america and hawkeye figurine. I had my chicken and decided that I must buy some more stuff.
I got a Hong Kong Phooey figure set, a super mario Toad mushroon figure and New Frontier Batman. I then headed off to watch the Jim Lee Panel and arrived half way through it. It was not crowded at all. I'm not a massive Jim Lee fan but he was very popular signing books and sketches. Again just like last year this was poorly organised and unless your willing to stay 2 hours prior to the line starting he was no Bruce Timm. After the Jim Lee Panel William Katt from Greatest American Hero made an appearance when he walked into the room he was genuinely suprised by the turnout. The theatre was quarter full. He talked about the new comic and the plans
that the series will take. And got a lot of question by Middle-Aged men, I guess I should also make note that the organisers were out doing something else so besides a security member out the door there was no moderators or microphone passing.

The Star Wars actors was just plain sad, these were the jedi and other characters from the prequels in the Background they had no bodyguards or anything since they just really werent worth the $30 cover fee.

I had two days at the convention and run out of stuff to do. So on the sunday I just decided to go and see the Ernie Hudson Panel. I dont why they decided to just leave the poor guy standing there trying to think of things to say eventually he just got into a groove and started telling stories of how he was being ripped off from the Ghostbusters Franchise. And recieved very little money. Certainly a great actor who deserved more than what he got.

Thats it really I give it about 5 out of 10 for trying but compared to Last year this was mouse compared to an elephant!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Armageddon Again!

Had lots to get ready for today, Catching an early morning flight to Melbourne so must be prepared Besides attending Armageddon Expo (I don't like the word expo why cant they just call it a convention like everyone else?) this weekend I'm hoping to catch up with some people and to talk comics with numerous agencies. I doubt I will have a good a time as I did a few months ago at comic-con or even less so as I did last year at the same con. But who knows maybe suprising!

Good news today I spoke to the powers that be about my first comic book cover coming out and it looks like a definite December release only 3 months late but hey it wouldn't be 'Image' if they were on time! The website will finally be online at the same time Until then you have this Blog to stay in contact.

And now heres Something SCARY for Halloween the worst haircut in the world when I actually had hair that is..... Circa 1982. No thats not Cooties on my chin we never found out what it was it appeared then disappeared after the doctor made my mum put Hot salt water on it. Maybe it was a crustacion?
I hope to speak to you all on Hallows Eve!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Man Called Matt

I'm back after, a few weeks over on Bruny Island, Just google earth it if you have no idea where it is. Anyway besides having to come back midway to take the dog to the vet I enjoyed my stay even if I would have preferred to be gone for all an eternity.

I've been sorting out some problems I'd been having since returning from the US. Made decisions regarding the future of my career. Its been hard adjusting to the fact I will never be a character designer, never work for a big studio nor make my dreams come true. But I will have to adjust. I have no choice. Deciding what to do next has been even harder. I have no money. My funds have been exausted and I have not much to even live for. I have the Talent, the drive, the charisma but not the Means. But I will try not to get myself down about it.

So I'm gonna do something I've never done before, concentrate on just one certain thing and get it done. I've always wanted to do a complete comic so.....I'm gonna finally do MY graphic novel. I have no money to print it but with the contacts I'm getting in the comics field lately no seriously I was chatting to THE Steve Niles who likes my work just only a few weeks ago! Anyway if its good enough I'll seek a publisher if not no harm done and I'll post it here. As such my planned Logopolis has been backburned because I know this will be all worth it. It has too.

Some Inspiration I recieved recently was Sergio Leones 'Once Upon a Time in The West' I've had the collectors dvd for nearly two years now and never watched it. But I finally gave in and what I saw was an amazing film where characters are Three dimensional and where you really root for the anti-hero. I would happily watch this again and in fact I would dare say this is my favourite western EVER!.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back a Bit Early!

I returned home a little early, as my dog had to visit the vet. We are not quite sure what the problem is if it continues then he will need to go in for further examination. My dog is my best pal and I really hate it when he gets sick which has happened a few times. He did have his booster shots today and was given some anti-infection medication so I hope it clears him up otherwise another visit next week.

We are going back to Bruny Island for the rest of the week want to finish a few more 'Logopolis' before I leave for Melbourne at the end of next week. Speaking of which expect another halloween themed cartoon next week.

So I will be attending Armageddon Expo next weekend I'm a bit disappointed by the line-up of guests this year not the golden choices they had last year. But who knows might be good to network with more talented artists than I.

Please enjoy the new art more to come soon.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Equal of Art

So there wont be a website for a couple of weeks more, I'm heading off to my Island paradise to do some necessary work in that time and no there wont be any blogging either. I really needed to finish the above artwork which was done for the Lovely mona who was gracious enough to look out for me for the few weeks in LA when I stayed there. Mona is a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and movies and early in the ride theres a painting on the wall in the ghost pirates stage, mona wanted to have one for herself and wished herself in the picture. Disney artist Marc Davis was the designer of the original and I was able to find the color sketch he did for its design. Once I had that I used it as a template and then make my own homage to the great mans work. Mona wants it to go in her garden for Halloween pirate graveyard and I hope she likes it.

On to other stuff, When I went to Comic-Con I got a heap of books, unfortunately between there and LA some were 'mislaid' to be honest I'm not sure if they were stolen or what all I know is I was missing some and I'd rather forget about that part of the Holiday. The Two major books I really wanted to find replacements for were Bill Presings. I had actually brought back over the Rex Steele I had gotten a long time ago just to have him sign it for me.

I had kept one of Bills business cards so I contacted him to see if it was possible to get some replacements. Bill was so nice and understanding, he put aside the two books and I waited until I had enough money to pay for them again. Our Dollar has Dropped due to the latest world finance crisis but I grabbed them before it plummeted even further so I wasn't out of pocket too much.

These art books are so beautifully bound and presented each page is just cover to cover gorgeous cheesecakes. Totally Inspiring! Go Buy your own at his blog
I receieved them today in the mail with a few suprises inside some original Bill Presing sketches and I just had to share them with you.
Aye Carumba she is so Beautiful!
Gotta Love Librarians
Scary Godmother was created by Jill Thompson whom I saw only once at Comic-Con but never met her as we were in a hurry for something. Anyway I was talking to my pal martin on saturday and I was discussing how I saw her and Martin had no Idea who she was. I thought maybe he had seen the Scary Godmother movie since he had a child but NOPE!! Actually I hadnt seen it either and as I left Martin that afternoon I headed into the really cheapy store and guess what I found for two bucks!!! Yep I also had no idea there was a sequal either and I now have that too though through other means 'cough' Anyway I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it when I watchit on Bruny Island. Sorry to leave again so soon but well things are ramping up to the big reveal of my Cover for Todds Book. So I'll see you all in a couple of weeks and then I'm off to Melbourne again! Yay!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back to the StoneAge

Some of my growing up entailed watching the Flintstones Comedy Hour with Captain Caveman and the Schmoo. So heres my take on the Family that beats the pants off the Simpsons anyday! Bring them Back I say!

So my site isnt up yet but it will be sometime this week. Lots of things going on in my life right now that I dont really want to discuss. Met my friend Martin on Saturday and it was a Blast. Lots of Great emails I recieved on myspace this weekend too thanks to everyone for that!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Upside and Down!!

I need to clear some confusion thats occurred regarding the reasons I went to America. It was a Vacation of sorts I was travelling under a Tourist Visa and the main goal was to go to Comic-Con and see if there were any opportunities for a guy from the backwoods of Tasmania. I succeeded in everything I set out to do, under this visa a Successful Portfolio review and making High End Connections within the industry while staying around in LA and doing Everything I just CANNOT do HERE. I was never going to get a job in the USA at THAT time atleast under those conditions.

Now I am home I am trying to get a work visa to go back and work in the USA which is very problematic especially in this day an age of those 'abnormally gay cave dwelling bin laden terrorist cells' making everything difficult for us EveryMen/Women. Also I dont have a job in the animation field which doesn't help. The thing is I can fly back there Next week if I had a Job so Unless some divine intervention occurs and I get offered something I am stuck here in this corrupt sh*thole. I want to go back to where I felt at home with people just like me back to America!

Onto something nice...... So I'm leaving for Melbourne yet again for the 3rd and final time for this year anyway. At the end of October. Booked a cheap flight as it was only $42 with just carrybags. I haven't booked a return ticket as yet I'll probably stay a couple of weeks before heading back to dullsville Tasmania. So it looks very likely I will be attending the Armageddon Convention yet again this year. I really hope to get some reduced sideshow figures like I got last year. My favorite was the Han Solo in his Bespin outfit it so totally Rocks!
My post yesterday needs some further discussion I didnt want to give the impression I was pissed off about 'Aqua Leung' nothing could be further from the truth. No, me and the writer Mark Smith have been pals for ages and remain so. I prefer honesty and I just put this story out there as something to look at and show that you learn from every job you do! The Book itself is really fun and has great art by Paul Maybury so do yourself a favour and go buy it.

I'm meeting my friend Martin on Saturday its been almost three months since I saw him last. Hes an awesome guy and he also enjoyed Indiana Jones 4 talking about indy I just watched the movie again. The logopolis cartoon I quickly did is posted above the page as a little joke I thought up!

What's Happened to Heroes? I still watch and enjoy but well can somebody please remain dead? Theres no Peril in this show it seems that the actors have such egos they dont want to leave a hit show so they die and come back the next week. Every character has died atleast once! Jeph Loeb you should be Ashamed!

Also did I mention I'm working on my own comic book? yep thats right, no further details yet don't want to jinx it!

As Aussie As

Before I get into todays blog, I was recently asked what Vegemite tasted like, its very Savoury, Very Salty and mostly you have to be raised with it from childhood to truly appreciate it. I took some over to the US with me and nobody wanted to touch it. But I was feeding it to Monas Dog who loved it gee does that sound bad?? That dogs especially like it. The common mistake people make is to spread it very thick this is the WRONG way. Very lightly spread it on toast and you'll love it. Little side note is it is now american owned and thats so sad as it was such an aussie icon.

I used to be a comic book freak, absolute. There was nothing like being 12 years old and saving my lunch money to go buy a comic to read from the newsagent. Eventually I discovered comic book stores and well spent alot of money through them. Now though I'm over comic books I hardly read them anymore. The last few I read was Extraordinary League and The Perhapanauts. But since they are either not available here locally or no longer published anymore even they have suffered.

So I used to want to be a comic book artist I had my own superhero league 'The Argonauts' under the pretend Marvel banner. I was gonna make a mint. Leader 'Dynaman' with his sticks of dynamite, cyborg 'Hunter One' and the power of the 'Cosmic Clue' would always kick avengers ass. But it was not to be and my comics sucked. They were the type where I would put my ideas on scrap computer paper my mum would give me from her work and then I would colour it all in with pencils. This was also my Todd McFarlane faze where I learnt to draw from anatomically incorrect people so Classy!

2008 has been the year of the comic art for me as you know I have already done a pin-up this year as well as the soon to be released flip cover for Images The Perhapanauts. I want to begin trying to do comics again, and by that I dont mean aim for image or Marvel or any of those people but I want to make my own stuff. I'm slowly learning about this business from doing those small jobs.

I have to admit to being disappointed with my Aqua Leung Pin-Up that was published back in April of this year it was work I did and then half finished a couple of years ago cause the book was delayed into comic book hell for awhile. I did something new in the meantime and I was told it......and I quote 'Looked Crap and stuck together in 10 minutes'. So of course I was crushed! So they wanted the 2 year old original and I gave it to them. I should have stood my ground and said this new one or nothing but I didn't. I wanted to get published and thats how it ended. Even though I was to get a free book even that never eventuated due to some infighting.

And so I bought the book a month ago to see how it turned out and am still so ashamed I succumbed to the pressure of giving what they wanted. I was still in love with that other 'Crap' design and had actually put it in as part of my portfolio there was something about it that shouted DO IT. So when it was put in front of the Cartoon Network review and it turned out Rob Renzetti wanted to keep it I felt well Vindicated. I even went so far as to say are you sure I was told it was crap. But Rob just smiled and packed it away. So well this Upcoming Cover I am almost 99% happy with compared to all the other ideas I had so I hope you like it too. As soon as I get the okay from Todd Dezago I'll share it with you all. But yeah I guess this is an apology for not giving you my best work. But then I am never happy with my stuff.

Before I left america my friend Mona gave me a penny at Disneylands California Adventure that had been squashed to imprint a small quote. It has Jimminy Cricket on it and underneath "Animation Can Explain Whatever the Mind of Man Can Concieve" Walt Disney. I like to keep it with me and look at it from time to time when I get down about stuff like whats going to happen next in my career path, I tried to take a photo but it came out so blurry.

As you can see still no logopolis I did do one, but it was just not funny. So it will have to wait. Anyway everybody take care and I will speak to you again tomorrow.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comic Con Sketchbooks Part Two

The website relaunch has been pushed back a few days to the 1st October, I'm heading down to my island getaway for that amount of time. It will be a great opportunity to reflect on life and such things oh and get few Logopolis cartoons done too. There will still be a new Logopolis on the Sunday if I get back home in time otherwise it will be posted in the wee hours of monday morning.

I just learnt that my pal Chris Sanders has moved on from the 'Crood Awakening' project and is working on 'How to Train Your Dragon!' sounds like a great project. From what I saw of the designs for crood back in August I hope they continue with all their original character designs for that movie they were amazing. Anyway all the best to Chris on his new movie.
Talking about Chris, when I was at comic con this year I mentioned how I was sure to buy a copy of his kiskaloo comic strip. To which he Just gave me one!! How nice was that ? His helpers selling the things just freaked that he would just give it away but well I felt damn special for it!
Of course I bought a copy of his second sketchbook and a nice print of a girl being held by clothes pegs (You have to see it to believe it!!) but yeah Out of all of the stuff I got this is my most cherished of my time in America and the con!.

So I got Jeff Campbells sketchbooks, I got a deal where if you bought them all you got the limited print for half price. I also got my first Gen13 miniseries signed as well as the first couple of danger girls. I don't know about Jeff I was a little suprised he seems abit aloof especially when I first met him he wasnt at his booth I just went up and introduced myself and he was like 'who?' he didnt know who I was even though we had chatted a couple of times previously maybe I just got him when he was tired it just happened that I got him tired twice on two seperate days.
Their were alot of people also disappointed when they wanted a sketch and he told them no he wasn't doing them. He is a good artist though and thats all I'll say on the matter.
Well there is a part three to this, but you'll have to wait until I come back from the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours too. Oh and if you do check out this blog dont forget to put yourself in the Poll I've extended it till after the weekend.


My Cousin Died today of Breast Cancer after a long battle, things looked good for awhile but it was not to be. It had spread through to her lungs and she had trouble breathing the ironic thing is she just didn't make it to her sons wedding which was only two weeks away. I'm not sure how I feel about it a little weird. I was at her wedding, and even went to her first baby shower a long, long time ago like when I was 5 years old. She was considerably older about 14 years.

I hadnt seen her in years the last time we spoke may have been on the phone. I remember last visiting her when she was into Tarot card reading and my mum was freaking out thinking it was witchcraft and I said hey now Death doesnt mean 'Death' it means 'Change' stuff like that which suprised my cousin that I knew about that. Hey I love the Occult stuff!!

My Aunt has been hit the hardest, as she used to see her niece alot more than my mum. But well these things just happen to all of us. One day I won't write on this Blog ever again you know. I just wish we could live forever but we can't. But she was taken way too soon.

I don't have any kids, I dont have any prospect of ever having kids. I mean it takes two to do that sort of thing and I have never seen that in my future. It would be great to have some Legacy left behind. But I hope my Art can maybe inspire somebody I guess thats what artists do!

Now as my family are scattered around Australia its up to me to represent us. I just hate the sadness of Funerals.

Lets talk about something else, Wacom Tablet Personally I've never been a fan but a few years ago I got one I have no idea why. I never even intended to buy it but me and my friend sam was just looking and the salesman wouldnt say no. How much would you pay for one? I think I just blurted out a figure and he let me have it for that price. And I can remember having this big regret about it cause it was like hey I dont even draw that much with a pen.

So anyway I hardly really used it, it was alright I started colouring in the Logopolis and cartoons I used to do. But I'm not a sketch guy. So I thought I best look for some drivers for Vista laptop to connect it up. Well I must say that the software seems pretty cool and I'm having fun with some of its newest features. Its not as 'New' as the latest bamboo models but it sure does feel new.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Artists Assemble

I just saw the 'Next Avengers' movie that recently came out on DvD. Maybe the only thing I really liked about the film was the credits. This is not a slight on the film at all it does have some fun for a 'What If' type of story. But the credits had some Character Designs that were more adult and looked much more badass than the eventual 'kiddy' look they went with. Did anyone get the 'Storm is my mother Reference' for the Black Panthers kid other wise you would be wondering why he was shooting Sparks instead of running around like a cat most the time.

Its been terrible to have no money, I haven't had a job in months. I'm not sure how I am going to pay all of my bills now. I really hate this town, its just so old-fashioned and so uncreative.

A recent story in the local paper (actually make that the ONLY Local paper) got me very mad indeed. A cartoonist who probably did one of those via mail coarses got upset because a Tasmanian Art Exhibition rejected his painting of a Fat politician. He was so upset he told the Paper it was Unfair. But seriously if your going to put something out for submission and it gets rubbished and they feel its unsuitable for THEIR exhibition why go off crying to mummy??.
I say the papers his mummy because he actually WORKS for the Paper in question as the editorial cartoonist and made them kick up a stink for him. Totally Childish!!

I've been thinking I really want to make it, I want to make it in the big league. I wanna be in a creative city and talk to people I have something in common with. I am so sad here and a little lost right now. If I made it big I would put in a good words for all my art pals to get them work too in the industry. But I have had a lot of flack recently for having the balls to say I want to work in America where this can only happen. Some have taken offence from me requesting help in seeking a sponsor for work there. Hey us americans need work too that sort of thing!

Well thats it from me today, I havent been able to think alot lately go out for lunches that sort of thing just no money for that, so I thought I would just write all my thoughts down here tonight. I don't care if no-one reads it. I feel bit better blurting this stuff out.

My self doubt is over since having my portfolio reviewed I know I'm good enough but I will not evolve into a better artist without starting somewhere in the industry and studying within it. But from here I just don't know what to do.

I'm gonna shut up now think some stuff over.

Comic-Con SketchBooks Part One

So as I wait for Heroes Season 3 premiere to work its way down the vast space of the internet. I thought it might be nice to look back at some of the great art sketchbooks I bought at Comic-Con. These Books are SO good it sometimes make me question my worth as an artist. So anyway lets look at inspiring artists with their website links.

Fleet Street Scandal I stumbled upon their work just before I left for the US. Two guys Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham whos work have a very retro feel to it with a small reminder of classic cheap paperback covers. I wanted to buy alot of their stuff but it was sunday I had to leave literally then and there. BUT I made sure I bought their book which had alot of their prints in there.

Theres a funny story with meeting Javier Guzman. I had just come from another table when a book cover had caught my eye. It was GLAM Volume One. I had seen ther cover a few days earlier on a postcard upstairs in the ballroom area with a whole bunch of advertisers at the Con. I grabbed the Postcard and showed my friend Josh Hughes who was with me at the time and said this was the sort of stuff I liked.

And so when I finally find the table it was advertising I said to Javier 'Hey I saw your art upstairs' to which Javier turns to his wife and said 'Wow I can't believe it worked you were right' 'See I told you' replied his wife. Apparently his wife had been trying to get their card with the rest of the advertising material and the man in charge refused them to put it with the rest of the exhibitors so she snuck them on the table when he wasn't looking. Hah!!

Well yeah it worked I bought both of Javiers books and he even did a little sketch in one for me. Very Nice Guy!

Well I think that will do for tonight, I want to spread these posts over the next few days and also finally put my Trip to rest. So I can then move forward and look at taking the next step in my career. Thanks for reading and if you havent put your hand up in the poll yet then please do so before it closes.