Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As I mentioned Last Post, I'm hoping to get some of my art in Rick Goldshmidts Making of Mad Monster Party book here's a Sneak Preview I've submitted.

Many Have asked what's happened Lately with the Dreamworks Art and well Nothing, Nothing At All. The Property License expires in 2012 and I've been a member for a Couple of years now and I've not sold anything. I make more money on my Tees & Stickers. This is a really bad time for all of us, and no-one is buying art PERIOD. Those days of buying Lovely Inspiring art are gone, And I know because if you have seen my Art Collection you would be surprised how much it has meant to me while also stagnated.

I've been asked if people can join the DW fold, and its not up to me but I'd actually steer clear from going with any kind of Licenses in the future I'm not mentioning any company in particular but I think I'm doing you a favor by saying don't do it or reconsider, Truly.
Back to DW and I did this Unfinished Megamind Piece way back when the movie came out and the powers that be never gave any Yay or Nay so I didnt bother finishing it! So here it is for your viewing Pleasurables.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waltz for a Witch

My American Pal Rankin Bass' Official Historian, Rick Goldschmidt is Authoring a new Book based on the Making of 'Mad Monster Party?' to be available next month (thats October). He's asked to have my Faux DVD cover included in the book as well as some other original especially made artwork for it.
I'll be redoing some of the dvd cover, as it's only intention was to show the distributor Lionsgate who was re-releasing the dvd what a better dvd cover could look like. But it was Unfinished when they showed ABSOLUTELY no interest and went for a Photoshop cover. Of course I could do a much better job these days but rather than redo ALL of it I'll probably fix specific parts. Mainly Francesca who I was never happy with and the background mostly but we'll see what happens after dissection occurs. Mwahahaha!!
I cannot tell you How much I love this movie, ever since in 1985 as a 11 year old self on a family holiday to Adelaide in a dark and rather spruky Hotel I watched this classic (well half of it because I missed the first bit) in 1986 I eventually got to see all of it as I hounded, no Begged my mum to buy me the VHS tape at Kmart, Oh yes I remember it all with LOVE!!

I'll also be Offering some as Special Art Prints to go along with the Books release. Because I need money and times are tough nothing is for free in this world dontcha know?

Anyway please check out Ricks Blog on details on how to order this sure to be AMAZING book.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Memory Lame

 Found an old DvD circa 2003 thought I'd post some of my work from back then in its early development, I some times wonder if I was getting better or worse. But shows some of my experimentation. Darwyn Cooke mentioned to me that he remembered my Catwoman when I spoke to him back in 2008 its possible he was just being generous at the time but He was a real nice guy.
 This Digital Design Graphics was done for there Cover Competition it didnt win but got a nice mention with another 100 people. I guess as far as history is concerned this is my first ever published illustrator work.
 My Superhero Stage I mostly drew Marvel Characters back then with a lot of Line art but realised I had to change my approach with Illustration. But I remember using my Animation Cels as a basis so thats why they have that style quality. (and yes crappy background)
 An Early Character Design but I used Rose McGowen from Monkeybone as a Ref.
 Don't Ask.....
An early Francesca, see I really am a big fan of Mad Monster Party.
The Cowgirl Really has a nice Mary Blair quality to her.
I must apologise for all the BIG website watermarks but at the time mine and others stuff was being stolen from the net. I went a bit overboard sometimes.