Friday, March 8, 2013

RED Liquorice & Allsorts

2013, Yes I am very Late. I am Very Sorry. As Mushroom Chomping Mario would say Here we Go!

The Picture above is a Temp image for the cover of RED LIQUORICE & AllSorts a Table Book that I hope will be available this year (SELF FUNDED) featuring New Girly Art, Character Designs and 'Something Else'. Originally the image was my Valentine Card to my friend in America Mona this year whom I love Dearly and can't wait to see this year (YES AMERICA I'M COMING BACK) . And I decided to use it as an announcement of my intentions of finally getting this Book together

I Have Heaps of Updating on the Blog these next few days but something I wanted to Clear UP first THIS LINK to an OLD post it was a JOKE a long time ago and that was not an Obama Dog Toy (it also happens to be my most Googled Item you SADBUNCH OF RACIST IDIOTS) Some of my Great Friends are African American so if you are reading this looking for an Obama Dog Toy GET A LIFE. See You Shortly on the Weekend for Another UPDATE!!