Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comic Con Sketchbooks Part Two

The website relaunch has been pushed back a few days to the 1st October, I'm heading down to my island getaway for that amount of time. It will be a great opportunity to reflect on life and such things oh and get few Logopolis cartoons done too. There will still be a new Logopolis on the Sunday if I get back home in time otherwise it will be posted in the wee hours of monday morning.

I just learnt that my pal Chris Sanders has moved on from the 'Crood Awakening' project and is working on 'How to Train Your Dragon!' sounds like a great project. From what I saw of the designs for crood back in August I hope they continue with all their original character designs for that movie they were amazing. Anyway all the best to Chris on his new movie.
Talking about Chris, when I was at comic con this year I mentioned how I was sure to buy a copy of his kiskaloo comic strip. To which he Just gave me one!! How nice was that ? His helpers selling the things just freaked that he would just give it away but well I felt damn special for it!
Of course I bought a copy of his second sketchbook and a nice print of a girl being held by clothes pegs (You have to see it to believe it!!) but yeah Out of all of the stuff I got this is my most cherished of my time in America and the con!.

So I got Jeff Campbells sketchbooks, I got a deal where if you bought them all you got the limited print for half price. I also got my first Gen13 miniseries signed as well as the first couple of danger girls. I don't know about Jeff I was a little suprised he seems abit aloof especially when I first met him he wasnt at his booth I just went up and introduced myself and he was like 'who?' he didnt know who I was even though we had chatted a couple of times previously maybe I just got him when he was tired it just happened that I got him tired twice on two seperate days.
Their were alot of people also disappointed when they wanted a sketch and he told them no he wasn't doing them. He is a good artist though and thats all I'll say on the matter.
Well there is a part three to this, but you'll have to wait until I come back from the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours too. Oh and if you do check out this blog dont forget to put yourself in the Poll I've extended it till after the weekend.


My Cousin Died today of Breast Cancer after a long battle, things looked good for awhile but it was not to be. It had spread through to her lungs and she had trouble breathing the ironic thing is she just didn't make it to her sons wedding which was only two weeks away. I'm not sure how I feel about it a little weird. I was at her wedding, and even went to her first baby shower a long, long time ago like when I was 5 years old. She was considerably older about 14 years.

I hadnt seen her in years the last time we spoke may have been on the phone. I remember last visiting her when she was into Tarot card reading and my mum was freaking out thinking it was witchcraft and I said hey now Death doesnt mean 'Death' it means 'Change' stuff like that which suprised my cousin that I knew about that. Hey I love the Occult stuff!!

My Aunt has been hit the hardest, as she used to see her niece alot more than my mum. But well these things just happen to all of us. One day I won't write on this Blog ever again you know. I just wish we could live forever but we can't. But she was taken way too soon.

I don't have any kids, I dont have any prospect of ever having kids. I mean it takes two to do that sort of thing and I have never seen that in my future. It would be great to have some Legacy left behind. But I hope my Art can maybe inspire somebody I guess thats what artists do!

Now as my family are scattered around Australia its up to me to represent us. I just hate the sadness of Funerals.

Lets talk about something else, Wacom Tablet Personally I've never been a fan but a few years ago I got one I have no idea why. I never even intended to buy it but me and my friend sam was just looking and the salesman wouldnt say no. How much would you pay for one? I think I just blurted out a figure and he let me have it for that price. And I can remember having this big regret about it cause it was like hey I dont even draw that much with a pen.

So anyway I hardly really used it, it was alright I started colouring in the Logopolis and cartoons I used to do. But I'm not a sketch guy. So I thought I best look for some drivers for Vista laptop to connect it up. Well I must say that the software seems pretty cool and I'm having fun with some of its newest features. Its not as 'New' as the latest bamboo models but it sure does feel new.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Artists Assemble

I just saw the 'Next Avengers' movie that recently came out on DvD. Maybe the only thing I really liked about the film was the credits. This is not a slight on the film at all it does have some fun for a 'What If' type of story. But the credits had some Character Designs that were more adult and looked much more badass than the eventual 'kiddy' look they went with. Did anyone get the 'Storm is my mother Reference' for the Black Panthers kid other wise you would be wondering why he was shooting Sparks instead of running around like a cat most the time.

Its been terrible to have no money, I haven't had a job in months. I'm not sure how I am going to pay all of my bills now. I really hate this town, its just so old-fashioned and so uncreative.

A recent story in the local paper (actually make that the ONLY Local paper) got me very mad indeed. A cartoonist who probably did one of those via mail coarses got upset because a Tasmanian Art Exhibition rejected his painting of a Fat politician. He was so upset he told the Paper it was Unfair. But seriously if your going to put something out for submission and it gets rubbished and they feel its unsuitable for THEIR exhibition why go off crying to mummy??.
I say the papers his mummy because he actually WORKS for the Paper in question as the editorial cartoonist and made them kick up a stink for him. Totally Childish!!

I've been thinking I really want to make it, I want to make it in the big league. I wanna be in a creative city and talk to people I have something in common with. I am so sad here and a little lost right now. If I made it big I would put in a good words for all my art pals to get them work too in the industry. But I have had a lot of flack recently for having the balls to say I want to work in America where this can only happen. Some have taken offence from me requesting help in seeking a sponsor for work there. Hey us americans need work too that sort of thing!

Well thats it from me today, I havent been able to think alot lately go out for lunches that sort of thing just no money for that, so I thought I would just write all my thoughts down here tonight. I don't care if no-one reads it. I feel bit better blurting this stuff out.

My self doubt is over since having my portfolio reviewed I know I'm good enough but I will not evolve into a better artist without starting somewhere in the industry and studying within it. But from here I just don't know what to do.

I'm gonna shut up now think some stuff over.

Comic-Con SketchBooks Part One

So as I wait for Heroes Season 3 premiere to work its way down the vast space of the internet. I thought it might be nice to look back at some of the great art sketchbooks I bought at Comic-Con. These Books are SO good it sometimes make me question my worth as an artist. So anyway lets look at inspiring artists with their website links.

Fleet Street Scandal I stumbled upon their work just before I left for the US. Two guys Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham whos work have a very retro feel to it with a small reminder of classic cheap paperback covers. I wanted to buy alot of their stuff but it was sunday I had to leave literally then and there. BUT I made sure I bought their book which had alot of their prints in there.

Theres a funny story with meeting Javier Guzman. I had just come from another table when a book cover had caught my eye. It was GLAM Volume One. I had seen ther cover a few days earlier on a postcard upstairs in the ballroom area with a whole bunch of advertisers at the Con. I grabbed the Postcard and showed my friend Josh Hughes who was with me at the time and said this was the sort of stuff I liked.

And so when I finally find the table it was advertising I said to Javier 'Hey I saw your art upstairs' to which Javier turns to his wife and said 'Wow I can't believe it worked you were right' 'See I told you' replied his wife. Apparently his wife had been trying to get their card with the rest of the advertising material and the man in charge refused them to put it with the rest of the exhibitors so she snuck them on the table when he wasn't looking. Hah!!

Well yeah it worked I bought both of Javiers books and he even did a little sketch in one for me. Very Nice Guy!

Well I think that will do for tonight, I want to spread these posts over the next few days and also finally put my Trip to rest. So I can then move forward and look at taking the next step in my career. Thanks for reading and if you havent put your hand up in the poll yet then please do so before it closes.

Monday, September 22, 2008


So I was thinking about my web domain the other day, I haven't done much to it in the past year in the way of major updates. It sort of fell by the wayside and I almost forgot I had one. Well thats about to change the new site will be up and running by the weekend this Saturday to be exact.

I want to talk about Animation some, with the recent return of Robot Chicken I cannot help but think they have really reached the limit of laughs. Its just not funny anymore! I sit through ten minutes of it knowing all the jokes or just how plain Lame they are. I mean seriously 'Hey I have this Idea, lets get Michael Chiklis as a voice and have him swap roles from both the Shield and Fantastic Four thats Hilarious!! ' Well No it isn't.

And if you haven't had the misfortune of seeing the New Spaceballs series. Ugh!! Its dreadful another cheaply produced (in flash of course) animated series where every minute is a Boob joke. What the hell are they putting in Mel Brooks Cough Mixture these days?

Please Don't even get me started on the Banana Splits Revival, I really hope they didnt get australian Voice actor Keith Scott to work on it. The guy does One hundred Variants all sounding like Bullwinkle Moose!

Almost to the End of this post and I need to know who reads this blog, so checkout the new Poll and let me know you only have less than 3 days to do it.

Finally it seems everybody I know these days is doing it really tough, if its not Depression, it's Money woes. Why can't we just fix this world and be happy.

So I'm gonna leave you with this Happy thought today.... Boobs!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Logopolis Gets Different!!

More Logopolis, It's been a long time coming. Due to current circumstances I just can't NOT do it. I hope the change isn't too Jarring!!
When you look back at the History of comic strips they changed over time. Do you think that Peanuts looked as it did 40 years ago No Way! In some regards although the script was good if not Samey (football anyone?) the characters became rushed when Schultz began to churn them out and make money.

I began Logopolis bad on purpose. I didn't want to start good I wanted them to start bad and in turn my drawing skills with a pen would get better. But now the times change and since my old photoshop 7 is gone and cs3 is not being co-operative. I am drawing in illustrator. I'm sure there won't be any complaints!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Incredible Matt

Still no word yet, on Cartoon Network. Not that I'm waiting or anything.... much. Frankly I think the fact I live in Dullsville doesnt quite help matters. And with so many other talented artists in America why bother. Well quite simply theres only one of me and many can confirm that.

Met Sam on Thursday, to give him some souvenir's I brought back from Comic-Con and Disney. Once he found out I met the Middleman, Hung out with Chris Sanders at Dreamworks , caught up with really sweet Twin Sisters and had the best time EVER he wants to come next time.
Here he is with his Mickey Hat, he loved it so much he walked around with it on all day just like this..

Don't ask me for the inspiration to my new header, I just wanted something different this time, So I went back to the Stoneage. Many people were asking since I do such wonderful things with illustrator why I don't do something well...... Illustratory for the title!! So there Ya Happy Now??
Actually I had to come up with a new one since my desktops dead with all of those files on it which also had my new website design on it. I was thinking starting from scratch on it anyway it just forced my hand to do so.

If you don't like the new header you can vote in the new poll as to whether you want the old title back! Speaking about polls I got three votes 2 maybe, and 1 no for a Logopolis blog. So thanks for Voting. Since I can't do any logopolis right now anyway when ever I can get it done it will stay and I've decided to have just one blog now covering everything atleast that way you will get all the nutrition your brain needs. Until then I guess I will have to come up with more new art to help wet your appetite.
I finally saw the Incredible Hulk movie, and even though it was a vast improvement over the last film. I can't help but feel something was missing. Like a Plot. And although I'm sure they were going to fix up some holes in future movies, but since its most likely to not have any due to the poor attendance its somewhat jarring to see them unfinished. I noticed the little teaser at the end with Tony Stark was plastered all over the previews for this movie obviously to entice people to go see it. But it would have been better if they hadn't and Ed Norton needs acting lessons!!

Still not sure if I am going to Armageddon Expo in Melbourne this year as yet, I thought about it but I just dont know if I can fully afford it. And theres not that much in the way of guests that look truly amazing. And hey I went to the Biggest Convention Ever This Year nothing could top that.

In Final news I have had no Zombies join the Frey yet? So get off your asses and sign up!!

okay, heres me and Mona waiting for a Tram to Disneyland.... ahhhh Disney!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stupid Thing!!

Anyone Know Photoshop CS3?, I cannot seem to scan stuff like I used to. Evertime I convert my picture from grayscale to RGB The Blackline creates another Transparent Gray outline surrounding it. Making the whole picture grainy and unusable!! God I hate this new Photoshop I want to get freaking logopolis done I have so many cartoons just in a backlog!!

Until then Lets take a look back at a Dark Time 8 years ago when I was in college using the latest technology Illustrator Ver 8 and I wasn't very good at it!! And I did this for a gag for this girl who was well to put it politely dumb teeneager!! My Friend Sam had the hots for her too. Yeek But well I did laugh out loud tonight when I was reading the things I'd wrote back then!! and I spoke to her recently on facebook shes married now, and yeah I'm still not!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let's Kick Ass!!

Okay, No More moping. No More Delays. Lets get this Blog into Ship Shape condition.

I am happy to announce that 'Logopolis' Will be back in a new format shortly. I've been consulting with my pen and we have some new gags and other stuff planned in the near future So Stay Tuned. I would like to know if people would be happier if 'Logopolis' had its own blog or happy staying where it is for details see the next Paragraph!

Please Take a Moment to checkout the SideBar I've added a new Poll as to whether you want Logopolis to stay or go somewhere else. And Also you Can Now Officially become a Matt Pott Zombie and follow me this will also show me that I'm not talking to myself everytime I post.

Did anyone see 'Bring Back Star Wars'? It was great to finally see a small documentary showing the True Nature of the Actors from the Movies. Mark Hamills head is so Big its up someone elses arse I mean $50.000 for a personal appearance F.U and Harrison Ford well hes too good to be spoken too. The Biggest Suprise was Kenny Bakers and Anthony Daniels All out hatred of each other. Something that has never been revealed in any other documentary on Star Wars.

Daniels was revealed to be a Egocentric Actor who wants to be treated like a King. While Kenny lives in a small flat and was so humbling. It Broke my heart when he said that Daniels ignores him as if hes not even there and never called him to say sorry to hear over the death of his wife. Kenny Your the Best and R2D2 was my favorite Droid. Oh and I want that Maquette of Princess Leia with the removable Slave Girl suit HubbaHubba!!.

In other news I am still unsure as to if I will be attending this years Armageddon Expo in Melbourne this year. To be truthful the guests arent mind grabbing like they were last year. And well I dont have much money left after Comic-Con and the US Trip this year.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Rest in Pieces!!

Have you noticed the new colour scheme? Its time for a change. Hope Ya Like It!! A new much suitable title will also be up soon.

I've had the flu now for 4 weeks, First thing I did when I got home was see the doctor TWICE. With a heap of Antibiotics given to me. I'm going down to Bruny Island to think, relax and get over this horrible flu. My dog has missed me since I've been away so he will also be coming down so we can spend time together.

However this week on my return home I discovered the loss of a great friend my trusty PC finally kicked the bucket during the last six weeks the winter cold had been taking its toll. After almost 5 years she just gave out. I revived her last year after an expensive and well un-necessary overhaul.

Thankfully my laptop was up to the task of taking over. But theres nothing like the feel of a desktop computer blaring Halfe-Life 2 with surround. Unfortunately I lost some illustrator files on the desktop which I hope to recover eventually using some frankenstein monster techniques of transferring hard drives into some inferior pc's but that will happen later.

So I guess you want to know, what my next move is now that I'm back in the most Uncreative City in the World!!

Well honestly I don't know. Tasmanias not for me I know that now. I'm sure there are many of you whom think living on an island with a population of 494,520 would be wonderful. Unfortunately its not for Artists unless your from Queensland purporting to be a boring animation company exploiting another State Government while employing people from other states and countries........... ahem But I Digress!!

I really really hate Tasmania, its Boredom Off the Scale. Don't ever come here, don't even try unless you are very old and grey and ready to slip away and want to go Peacefully in the night!!
Then You'll Love It!!

But for me now well I'm going away for a week taking my laptop, printer, scanner, external drives and wacom tablet with me to Bruny Island. Please don't be sad I'm going to Create something wondeful I hope.

So I'm very sorry to cut this return so short. I know I have not been able to update this blog as much as I would like but I hope that will soon change.

And now until the 14th I bid you Adeau!! (I bet I spelt 'adeau' wrong!!)