Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paying Off

Previously on my Blog I mentioned I had been speaking to a couple of well known people I dont think they would mind me saying who they are Comics Great J. Bone and friend Christopher Downes have both been getting a sneek peak on my first Graphic Novel project 'Lord Fancy'. The feedback has been to put it mildly, Overwhelmingly Positive.With even threats of "If you don't finish this I'm gonna be on your Back!!" haha These guys are really cool and I appreciate them mulling over my stuff when they have their true works of art to do. I'm extremely humbled by them donating their Generous time for someone like me.

So I'm still writing it, The Intro pages are sitting on the done pile while the rest well....... sometimes an idea comes out of the blue and I must draw it down which may not be used but it may later lead to other ideas 1000 times better in a week. This is the process I am currently working with and it is really getting the best possible results. While giving the reader an Original Adventure to enjoy. As I've learnt Stories Evolve and this has taken more than a year in the background of my life (along with Red Licorice) with last minute changes that have changed the entire dynamic of the book and I'm really enjoying it. I wish I could do this for a living I know I always love Brainstorming sessions. I really hope to get the chance to do so in a Professional Capacity at some stage.

I am currently taking notes as well as pictures of the creative process' and hope that once the book is done I will begin to share these experiences more fully and hope that you enjoy them too.

I got to meet Colin Baker and John Leeson over the past weekend both known for classic Doctor Who. They were a joy to listen too I even asked questions which are so geeky in nature I should be ashamed but I'm not. Next Weekend I hope to have another encounter with someone famous and that because of my art have been very fortunate to call a friend.

Until then I'll keep working hard and try and make the best experience possible for me and the reader.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's About Time

So a Little Update this month I'm almost done with the first two pages of my 'Lord Fancy' graphic novel with most of the plotting done and its Literally a Big Dastardly Plot. Its an odd storyline but will keep you intrigued throughout I hope. When I did some early tests the story seemed quite dull and not really getting anywhere I believe I've rectified that part. I have also enrolled the help of some seasoned comic pros to help with its fine tuning I want this to be a memorable book. So It Continues On.

Also received an unexpected message from Angela White today, nice of her to remember me. I guess if I had a muse she would be it since I've drawn her more times than I can count. Despite my outspoken points of view on the opposite sex I'll always have time for Angela we shouldnt get along and yet we do. It was her birthday at the beginning of March so I did a quick drawing and sent it to her.
Flying to Melbourne on the weekend for a Doctor Who Convention and will also attend Supanova but perhaps only for one day since I will be travelling alone.

Also Notice I've added a few new Gadgets on the Blog including 'Popular Posts', A 'Visitations' Counter and the best one is a Follow by Email so as soon as I post you'll recieve a notification in your inbox.