Friday, January 1, 2010


A Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to Two Thousand and Ten or is that 'TwentyTen' like all the world governments want us to refer it too?? I'm not much of a conformist quite the opposite in fact so very undecided on that particular choice.

As you may have noticed I've been gone for almost a month blogless fending off the Christmas relatives and waiting for an opportunity to return to my beloved friends thats you by the way all two of ya!!

Last Year I believe I lost focus on what I was going for which was a Studio job. Call me dissallusioned but until the Tail end of 09 it was to be quite blunt a shit year for me. This Year however I will be putting things back on track for everyone.

Starting This week I will be Looking at what makes a Good Portfolio, How to Present Yourself, How Not Too during a Review/Interview all the stuff I learnt. You Learn by mistakes sometimes you make them twice or three times until you get it right and I still havent but I chip away.