Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book Worm

If you have been living under a rock these past Months, you would know that I've been Pimping Rick Goldschmidts Latest 'Making of' book 'Mad Monster Party' with over 250 pages of unseen photos, artwork, Script and Oddities that will make your head spin and possibly fall off (Theres a Yetch joke for ya!) Anyway I contributed some art to the book and as a Thankyou, Rick was kind enough to send me a Copy of the HardCover as well as a Rankin Bass T-shirt and a DvD copy of 'Willie Mcbean and his Magic Machine' something I had longed to see for over 25 years and nope it didnt disappoint. A Big Thankyou to Rick and for allowing me to be apart of this wonderful book Go BUY IT HERE.
Also if you haven't heard the news I've been screaming on my Facebook lately I got to do a little work for Uncle Walt it was quite short really and nothing massively substantial.But still it was Cool to do. The Mickey Mouse I had to decaptitate from his body which has severely Perished.
In October I got to meet the Great Man himself and the Best Batman EVER Mr Kevin Conroy possibly one of the nicest men I've met. This may have also done with the fact I knew about some of his prior work before Batman TAS like his acting career. He was attending the launch of Arkham City a Great Game. Awesome Fellow and if you get a chance check out some of his acting chops in movies like The Face of Fear!
On the Flip-Side of the coin, There was another Voice actor there I found to be a Total douche and he shall remain nameless. But I wont certainly forget his big head.

I think this will do for a short update, If you have noticed I'm trying a new way to post my photos in a Window format which saves alot of time. I also Need more Followers I want to break 200 by before February so If you can Send out links to this Blog.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Hey I know its been a While but I've been busy, I hope to update this Blog Very, Very Soon with HUGE news! Until then have a Great Christmas!! (See I said Christmas I know its a dirty word these days in PC land but not in my world!!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Step Ahead

As I reported Yesterday the 'Inkling' now seems to be out and early reports are that, its not good. However it maybe a matter of getting used to it and many just dont like to give things a chance. For Example the first time I sat down in front of a Mac computer to learn Adobe Illustrator I hated it with a passion. But after I got accustomed it felt like second nature. Change is hard to begin with but sometimes it works out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Digital ink

Could this be the Future of Drawing as we know it? Someone Pointed this out to me recently the 'Inkling' by Wacom. It's due out sometime in 'Mid-October' of this year. Selling For about $200 I wish I could describe how this works but heres the Instructional video that goes along with it. Its worth your time.
I can't tell you how excited I am by this product, One example is my comic strip 'Logopolis' I have heaps of cartoons still unscanned or incomplete. This is because its quite tedious to scan for just one cartoon and my scanner is the crappiest thing on the Planet. It doesnt scan true Black&White and so its left with some opacity problems that makes the image once colored a horrible mess I like complete Black linework. One wonders if this would prevent that. Another is that you dont need to be at home to use it, example I go out alot with my sketchpad with one of these attached I can draw while out, go home and upload what I've done for the day in Vector or Bitmap.

It all sounds to Good to be True....... It probably is, We'll See.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fancy Stamp

More art from the soon to be released MMP book. I was thinking of sticking this on a Tee-Shirt.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As I mentioned Last Post, I'm hoping to get some of my art in Rick Goldshmidts Making of Mad Monster Party book here's a Sneak Preview I've submitted.

Many Have asked what's happened Lately with the Dreamworks Art and well Nothing, Nothing At All. The Property License expires in 2012 and I've been a member for a Couple of years now and I've not sold anything. I make more money on my Tees & Stickers. This is a really bad time for all of us, and no-one is buying art PERIOD. Those days of buying Lovely Inspiring art are gone, And I know because if you have seen my Art Collection you would be surprised how much it has meant to me while also stagnated.

I've been asked if people can join the DW fold, and its not up to me but I'd actually steer clear from going with any kind of Licenses in the future I'm not mentioning any company in particular but I think I'm doing you a favor by saying don't do it or reconsider, Truly.
Back to DW and I did this Unfinished Megamind Piece way back when the movie came out and the powers that be never gave any Yay or Nay so I didnt bother finishing it! So here it is for your viewing Pleasurables.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waltz for a Witch

My American Pal Rankin Bass' Official Historian, Rick Goldschmidt is Authoring a new Book based on the Making of 'Mad Monster Party?' to be available next month (thats October). He's asked to have my Faux DVD cover included in the book as well as some other original especially made artwork for it.
I'll be redoing some of the dvd cover, as it's only intention was to show the distributor Lionsgate who was re-releasing the dvd what a better dvd cover could look like. But it was Unfinished when they showed ABSOLUTELY no interest and went for a Photoshop cover. Of course I could do a much better job these days but rather than redo ALL of it I'll probably fix specific parts. Mainly Francesca who I was never happy with and the background mostly but we'll see what happens after dissection occurs. Mwahahaha!!
I cannot tell you How much I love this movie, ever since in 1985 as a 11 year old self on a family holiday to Adelaide in a dark and rather spruky Hotel I watched this classic (well half of it because I missed the first bit) in 1986 I eventually got to see all of it as I hounded, no Begged my mum to buy me the VHS tape at Kmart, Oh yes I remember it all with LOVE!!

I'll also be Offering some as Special Art Prints to go along with the Books release. Because I need money and times are tough nothing is for free in this world dontcha know?

Anyway please check out Ricks Blog on details on how to order this sure to be AMAZING book.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Memory Lame

 Found an old DvD circa 2003 thought I'd post some of my work from back then in its early development, I some times wonder if I was getting better or worse. But shows some of my experimentation. Darwyn Cooke mentioned to me that he remembered my Catwoman when I spoke to him back in 2008 its possible he was just being generous at the time but He was a real nice guy.
 This Digital Design Graphics was done for there Cover Competition it didnt win but got a nice mention with another 100 people. I guess as far as history is concerned this is my first ever published illustrator work.
 My Superhero Stage I mostly drew Marvel Characters back then with a lot of Line art but realised I had to change my approach with Illustration. But I remember using my Animation Cels as a basis so thats why they have that style quality. (and yes crappy background)
 An Early Character Design but I used Rose McGowen from Monkeybone as a Ref.
 Don't Ask.....
An early Francesca, see I really am a big fan of Mad Monster Party.
The Cowgirl Really has a nice Mary Blair quality to her.
I must apologise for all the BIG website watermarks but at the time mine and others stuff was being stolen from the net. I went a bit overboard sometimes.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm Not Famous

I'm Shocked no I'm Horrified that I'm not well known. Who Knew? 
Well I Did. 
So when I recieved an email today from an Australian Art Gallery that Specialises in Worldwide Niche works of art. I thought it would be a good fit them selling my stuff. Well apparently not. They should have stopped with we arent accepting submissions but no they didn't. 

Instead they sent me one long email about how they go about choosing artists and I quote 'Most of the artists in our stable have an established audience and reputation within the genre.' 
and another

'There are many factors that dictate what and who we show, and a rejection from us is no indication of the quality or integrity  of your work.  Unfortunately, we do not have the time to critique individual folios or work - so thanks for your understanding. We don't want to sound overtly negative, but we just thought we should let you know how we work, and at this point we are not able to help you with representation or exhibition.'

 This is the kind of crap I have to deal with daily but suddenly I'm 'Asking their Opinion' on my artwork which I didnt and wouldnt and also they are telling me I don't have the Notoriety to actually be called an artist. Screw Them. Do they know how many BRILLIANT artists are out there not given the credit they deserve?

I say take this and make yourself Stronger, next time THEY call dont give them the time of day, Work on your own Projects if you arent working like I am the Satisfaction of completing them will kill any negative feedback you are given!

Lord Fancy is on his Way!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Captain

So Yes I treated myself to Captain America: The First Avenger in 3D. And I gotta say out of DC and Marvel movies Marvel wins hands down for there love of Continuity and nods to other heroes. Now as you know I'm not the biggest fan of 'The Dark Knight' Mostly because it was so dark it alienated me from the movie I hate depressive films I get enough of that in my daily humdrum life. Captain America is Heap of Fun Escapism, It would have been nice to have a few more 'lighter' moments but the movie doesnt go over the top in either direction.

One of the things I disliked about the earlier Marvel Movies was their lack of reference within each universe to anything outside that particular 'Heroes' world. Thankfully once IronMan proved it could be done it seemed a given that they would continue to allow all the Franchises to emerge. From the Pitiful Fantastic Four movies to just Bad HULK movies I was worried that they may not come out of the Comic Book Curse. But they Have.

Back to Captain America and OMG the Comic refences are everywhere, Theres a particular character that showed up early in the film and only at a short glance that I had no idea was appearing but it buried me in this universe and it created a feeling that this movie was made with alot of love and care to the Lineage of Marvel. Something that DC Comics has yet to still Grasp sadly. I really enjoyed Chris Evans Performance I honestly had my doubts since he had played Johnny Storm and he left a bad impression on me (as well as the film) But he pulled it off anyway I promised myself there shall be no spoilers here I really want you to go see this movie if you have the time its a Great Ride, if somewhat Short only perhaps because I was left wanting more.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Banana Bread

I'd like to thank all those who have been emailing me this past week since announcing I'll be cutting back on drawing for the forseeable future.

On Wednesday I had a job interview in Customer Service, Currently its the best option to make some much needed money now we aussies have been given a new Useless Carbon TAX to pay for from the elite politicians. I hate those guys!! Anyway The job is highly sort after and I'm staying hopeful. I guess I'll always be an artist inside it just hurts to not put it to good use.

Finally Played the first PORTAL game on my PC (which is in need of a new battery) gotta say Really Enjoyed it. Just have to wait for a better price on the sequel.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Low Turning Point

This past month or so I have been thinking about my future, apart from scraps here and there I'm not really making much headway into the world of animation. It seems the Laws of physics have just continually brought my work down to a Halt and I dont see it getting any better. 
Recently I recieved a reply back from an agent who told me I had great work but was unsellable to any clientel or to mainstream audience this Sign did nothing for my fortunes. Its not from a lack of trying its from a lack of people taking a chance on my work.

Without a studio or job my work is Suffering. Or maybe, just maybe I am deluding myself and the people at Dreamworks Animation meant what they said "You will never work within this industry"

Anyway Enjoy the S.O.S piece folks. If I have any followers left that is.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spookily Yours

Heres some inspired background artwork, I suck at backrounds which has made the job of getting Lord Fancy done THAT much harder.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


 First up the good Stuff heres some new Character Designs of both Agents Day and Sparrow for creator owned Spy Series S.O.S
Sadly recieved some Bad News this week my Artwork for the Book 'SkullFace' was unceremoniously dumped before publication and am not in it. Despite the two special Pieces I did for it (Mammoth Destruction and Remember Me) I believe there were alot of factors involved the biggest one being that my names not big enough. This is a Sad state of affairs despite being asked to participate I have no control if it goes in the book or not. I needed to even ask if I was in it (after its release) I had been waiting for a year for its release and am Disappointed. Still I now have my two pieces one is up for sale on Redbubble the other isn't but now I'll probably do a limited print run on it (which will involve Pre-Orders)
I'm sure its still a Good Book with alot of better artists, Go check it out and buy where you can get it cheaply because papers expensive these days.

I really Appreciate People buying my art lately from Redbubble, I'm very grateful to those buying Tees especially recently as I have had to pay some Medical Bills of Late not for myself but Vet Bills for my sick Golden Retriever. I love my Billie Dog more than life itself he keeps me Sane and to have him in pain causes me to be very upset indeed. The Bank account has been low for awhile and the bills have been piling up So if your all out there I just wanted to say thankyou and that I hope you enjoy the goods you have.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Goodies Proto-Type

I've been off working on my first Graphic Novel 'Lord Fancy' as well as work behind the scenes with Publishing it. I'm not going to talk details without it totally blowing up in my face like so many other occassions but anyway thats the excuse for my absence this month. I'm working on it.
I know there there hasn't been alot of art in recent months because of Fancy, but anyway thought I would share a Tee Proto-Type idea I had. Best I can do for now. I really disliked Python never got into it just boring silly gross stuff. But the Goodies were Silly Fun INSANE Stuff and I just had this urge to do a shirt with these guys. Its not meant to go on the market I was just seeing how it would look and be recieved by closet fans. If I did a Comedy show this is what it would most be like, from Giant Kittens to Loch Ness Monsters to the fight to the death over Cream, Scones and Jam. This show WAS my Childhood right next to Doctor Who. Anyway heres the shirt leave a comment or don't. Just how many people are out there Watching Me? Should I be Worried or Paranoid?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Really Important Things of Note

As a Digital artist there are things you can't live without Drawing, Food, Creativeness and a Portable Hard-Drive. The Hard Drives Important as all your Ideas go in there as an assorted conglomerate amalgam I never actually go back and look at the stuff I created but its nice to have. So Remember this, Keep Everything your life just may depend on it one day.
As you know I'm a huge Doctor Who Tragic Fan and well tragedy struck today we lost someone that felt like family this week in the form of Elisabeth Sladen best known as Sarah Jane Smith for over 35 years. Awful and Unexpected news no doubt this has come like a smack in the head to all of us True WhoFans! (I say true because I only count the Classic series as the best) I could go on but now is not the time. Lis I never met you, but we will all miss you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Supanova Bomb

Well this review will be from my perspective so I can say what ever I like. Right? Well Sometimes if it doesn't upset anyone. Which I seem to do on a Regular Basis.

So on Saturday I attended Supanova Melbourne and it was not that great. I had paid MORE money to enter early instead it was more easier and quicker to have gone into the paying for tickets line How does that work exactly? 45 minutes in a line where by the end of it despite getting there early I missed out on the only chance to meet Simon Pegg....... yet again. I had missed out on alot of Bargains as well while all the people who had been lazy and paid there less expensive tickets and were allowed IN with their Bonus Raffle Ticket for a chance to meet the Man.
Besides the Headlining act (who were there just to promote the movie 'Paul') the guests were too few and far between the Excellent quality that had made supanova a better bet than say Armageddon which has had some rubbish years. Why? Because they all dropped out due to future commitements not PRIOR but a job came along at the 11th hour and they took it. As guests of their stature do Alot. Christopher Lloyd was the most damning of them all One Day before the first of two conventions and he skipped bail for a Pilot. Of course Supanova put the real Honest to goodness spin that everythings okay we'll get him back in November. Well guess what Supanova I was already here and am not making another trip to meet just one guy!! And even then that is Contentious and no guarantee he will show up.

Is it Me or is Commitment hard to absorb for most people Famous or Otherwise? If I'm booked to make an Appearance then surely I am Obligated to Attend and any others will just have to wait. I've not been invited to any cons but if I were and I was not paying for the Trip I would do my darnest to attend. Even if no-one came to see me I would feel that I did the right thing.
Yeah thats Me, not much to look At or Maybe Too Much!!

Ok enough with the Negatives, here are some Positives. Geeks get to hangout with one another instead of being alone in their parents basements (like me) or in their apartments with corn chips and empty Pizza boxes everywhere.
The Variety of shops are cool, and being such a toy and figure hound I like to sniff out the bargains or those things I just don't see in Tasmania. I got some cool stuff my Favorite being a Big Daddy figure from the game BioShock and a Dead Space Issac. I said hello to Doug Holgate who had his own Table and discussed some things with him comic related, meeting a couple of his artist friends who happen to be friends of friends, Doug Offered to supply a Pin-Up for Lord Fancy which surprised me without any coercion for when its done. I'm not sure if people want a Pin-Up Gallery featured? we'll see if the cost is affordable for the Book or if it will have to wait until it is in a hardback version haha.

Speaking of Lord Fancy I showed the Art Prelims to Gorgeous Adult Film Starlet and Model Angela White (whom I had lunch with this week after a very long 12 months) and she really likes where I'm going with it and my future ideas. There will also be a character modelled on Angie in the book and she will give her blessings on the design. I really like Angela shes wonderful to talk too and comfortable to be around shes extremely busy right now and I thank her again for taking a little time to meet up with me. The Book I'm aiming for around June/July 2011 but it may be sooner you just never know.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dreams Of Mary

Theres nothing like being Upclose and Personal to Artwork from your favorite Legendary Artist. I know when I first layed eyes on the Beauty that was original Mary Blair Paintings I almost broke down with Tears of Joy. Its a Feeling I will never EVER forget that was back in 2008.
So I attended the 'Dreams Come True' or Disney Princess Exhibit in Melbourne, Australia this week and if you were following me on either twitter or facebook You could tell of my excitement, Unfortunately despite the fact they do not allow you to take photos I took some before I was threatened with removal I'll post what I can its a shame really that they wont let you take pictures even when not using a flash.
 Snow White Stuff here, apparently she digs the Dwarves.
A Picture of Mary at her Work Table I just love seeing photos like these.
 The Following is Art from Cinderella, all Mary Blair of course.

 This Kid asked me if that was the fairy godmother I pointed out what was written below the picture 'Fairy Godmother' I think that Mary may have wrote that atleast one hopes.

That was just one section of the Gallery, so many beautiful pictures!

In Other News Christopher Lloyd cancelled on Melbourne So I will be just going the Saturday the 9th April to Supanova to hopefully buy heaps of toys. As far as yet I havent really gone out here hope things will change soon another weekto go.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paying Off

Previously on my Blog I mentioned I had been speaking to a couple of well known people I dont think they would mind me saying who they are Comics Great J. Bone and friend Christopher Downes have both been getting a sneek peak on my first Graphic Novel project 'Lord Fancy'. The feedback has been to put it mildly, Overwhelmingly Positive.With even threats of "If you don't finish this I'm gonna be on your Back!!" haha These guys are really cool and I appreciate them mulling over my stuff when they have their true works of art to do. I'm extremely humbled by them donating their Generous time for someone like me.

So I'm still writing it, The Intro pages are sitting on the done pile while the rest well....... sometimes an idea comes out of the blue and I must draw it down which may not be used but it may later lead to other ideas 1000 times better in a week. This is the process I am currently working with and it is really getting the best possible results. While giving the reader an Original Adventure to enjoy. As I've learnt Stories Evolve and this has taken more than a year in the background of my life (along with Red Licorice) with last minute changes that have changed the entire dynamic of the book and I'm really enjoying it. I wish I could do this for a living I know I always love Brainstorming sessions. I really hope to get the chance to do so in a Professional Capacity at some stage.

I am currently taking notes as well as pictures of the creative process' and hope that once the book is done I will begin to share these experiences more fully and hope that you enjoy them too.

I got to meet Colin Baker and John Leeson over the past weekend both known for classic Doctor Who. They were a joy to listen too I even asked questions which are so geeky in nature I should be ashamed but I'm not. Next Weekend I hope to have another encounter with someone famous and that because of my art have been very fortunate to call a friend.

Until then I'll keep working hard and try and make the best experience possible for me and the reader.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's About Time

So a Little Update this month I'm almost done with the first two pages of my 'Lord Fancy' graphic novel with most of the plotting done and its Literally a Big Dastardly Plot. Its an odd storyline but will keep you intrigued throughout I hope. When I did some early tests the story seemed quite dull and not really getting anywhere I believe I've rectified that part. I have also enrolled the help of some seasoned comic pros to help with its fine tuning I want this to be a memorable book. So It Continues On.

Also received an unexpected message from Angela White today, nice of her to remember me. I guess if I had a muse she would be it since I've drawn her more times than I can count. Despite my outspoken points of view on the opposite sex I'll always have time for Angela we shouldnt get along and yet we do. It was her birthday at the beginning of March so I did a quick drawing and sent it to her.
Flying to Melbourne on the weekend for a Doctor Who Convention and will also attend Supanova but perhaps only for one day since I will be travelling alone.

Also Notice I've added a few new Gadgets on the Blog including 'Popular Posts', A 'Visitations' Counter and the best one is a Follow by Email so as soon as I post you'll recieve a notification in your inbox.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Lord Fancy in Animation?

Red Licorice may just have to be a pet project for now until I find a Publisher willing to give it the go ahead and have the know how too do publicity. Personally I know that if I make this and Publish it myself its not going to sell I already have a hard time selling my Teeshirts and those are where I get my most current income from which btw is not very much. Sadly the Dreamworks stuff  I've done has not sold either and I've made the heartbreaking decision to cease on any future artwork for that series. As I don't have the Backing from ANYONE because of my status of being an Unknown artist things are Bad.

My Current Personal Project is 'Lord Fancy' for now, remember Rupert Fancy? well yeah its been awhile on that Front. I did some test pages back in June of last year for a style I ultimately didnt care much for it and it was kind of ugly and while having a coffee with a friend I showed him what I had in mind and he seemed disappointed in what I was going to do and so maybe I should stick with what I can do best.

I am making some design decisions on the current look for a possible animation or book with this character. The title of which is secret as is the Plot. I would like to have something ready to announce in time for Supanova even but we will see on that. I'm going to commit on this for the Month of March to see if I can do something nice with it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tim Ferguson

With not much work in the pipeline I'm doing my own Projects to have finished in time I hope for Supanova. I've also been avoiding people for most of the month it seems everyone is more concerned with themself and their problems and I'm tired of being Mister 'I am Here to Listen'.

Anyway I finished the main game in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, I have to admit it was getting easy and the horse was the slowest thing ever. Should have ridden a donkey would get there alot faster. I really missed Killing Targets in this. Don't get me wrong its a great game but after playing Red Dead Redemption theres alot of things they tried to use and failed miserably. I didnt care much for organising your Assassins either.

I know, Just look how bad this blog has become!! I'm doing Game Reviews now.........

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Broken Man

Not good for the Faint of heart I know but, I broke my Toe a couple of weeks ago and I can't do much until it heals. I've never broken anything before, but I'm sure lots of people out there would have preferred it had been my neck!

Talking about breaking limbs, I'm playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood right now while recuperating!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Cup of Tee

This was intended just for myself to wear at Supanova if I go in a couple of months time. But other people wanted it available so I decided this is a gift to them. The truth is I don't really feel like drawing anymore I feel this talent is getting wasted and I'd rather not use it if I can't do anything contructive with it.

Suggestions with this Shirt I would really go for the Brown Color if you Order One. You can find it HERE.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mouse Trap

I've always tried to stay honest, My outspoken ways have lost me alot of So-Called friends because I've dared to be honest and opinionated. But the fact is I've become a bitter man not getting any younger for the way fates Hand has dealt me with an Amazing gift thats been much more a Curse. Its like being given a really powerful Spell Book with all those around you not allowing you to perform and use it despite knowing you could do alot of good with it (sorry for the Harry Potter-ish Analogy)

For some time now I have wanted to close everything down and disappear, I still do. I am not understood, I am neither admired nor thought about in positive light.

There will be no Future Exploits in America I am putting an end to that thought I am NOT Required nor wanted. I have been treated like a Novelty which some so called artists have thought of me as. And I cannot stay on this path to nowhere knowing that there are such evil SOBs out there. I grew up on Walt Disney and the promises of his future for animation and that anyone can make a difference to this art form. I'm kinda like that Rat in that Movie I can't remember the name of where its all just a lie and I'm a Lepper. I got compared to an out of work Actor the other day too, where its just a hard industry I think its a terrible example but perhaps that person is right. Its just not meant to be, one little fish in a Big Ocean!

I need to End This Sooner rather than Later. And that time is Nigh. I would like to thank all those who have bought my Art over the years from my T-Shirt designs to getting that Comic Book Cover a couple of years ago just because I drew it. Thanks So Much its people like you that have made this decision so Hard to make.

Rather than leave on a Low note heres a T-shirt design I just made for myself of my favorite cartoon as a kid Danger Mouse.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 After one night watching a couple of movies, The Odyssey starring Armand Assante which is one of my favorite Henson Productions and also the new film MONSTERS which I don't want to talk about because it was so BORING. Anyway after watching a friend and I started to talk about women (which he is obsessed with) and the problems that they incur and I'm sure we vice versa them. I came up with this poem which kinda envelopes all aspects of our conversation. And to be sure I no longer offend I will be posting these up on Facebook to get opinions. I do not wishhave the repeat of hate I got a couple of years ago.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Night Viewing

I sat and watched 'Road to EL Dorado' for the first time EVER which had been sitting on my dvr for 11 months, A very forgettable film that was crudely animated despite it being made in 2D (Remember that?) I think I did see Rotoscoping in it as well. I found the character animation of Tulio and also on the female character Chel to be mostly very good but thats because Rodolphe Guenoden did that particular animation which I am not bias since I found out much later after watching he had worked on her.
I got through it quicker without the annoying Elton John songs they were Awful. The Story is BLAH, there is no defining END. For an 11 year old movie I can see why this has not been sent to Blu Ray or had any further releases or for that fact even mentioned again.

To be honest I can't really watch animated movies anymore too many lies and deceits behind the scenes its quite painful. Its like you have found the Man Behind the Curtain and he's one nasty SOB! I can't really say anymore unless I want to be sued thats the problem with having an opinion nobody wants you to express it!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Website Revisited

Its Taken almost 3 years but the website is back after numerous false starts and finally deciding its time for a Web Presence again. Unfortunately my Domain Name seems to be in the wilderness with a company that bought out my old provider however I still have two years left on the Lease hopefully by then things will get sorted with the stupid Buffoons! You Can Go Check it Out HERE

Friday, January 7, 2011


This was posted on the Perhapanauts, and the Rankin Bass Blogs Respectively and since its out there online heres the christmas card I did for 2010. But Don't Look Back, Look Forward!!

I recently saw MEGAMIND it was Cool!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


This is Currently for Sale $25 Sharpies on A4. My First Monster for the Year!!