Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Me and 33

I reached yet another milestone my 33rd Birthday today. With so many talented artists out there I'm finding it increasingly that they are getting younger while I get older and have still gotten nowhere as close to where I want to be professionally or mentally. Sometimes I wonder if its even worth it, the pain and rejection I mean. But I fight on.

I look back at the way things were when I was Six, when kids used a writing impliment called a 'pencil' and every school holidays my sister would take me to the movies to see Snow White, Cinderella, C.H.O.M.P.S or a Gary Coleman film yes I admit it, I loved those. sigh

I also think I'm getting too old to start a family, and I don't think I'll ever find the right kind of girl. But I understand that the Uncle Fester look isn't the best way to gain attention.

So I'm gonna die a sad and lonely old man, I know this. But I'm going to try and pass on as much information on what I'm doing wrong so that everyone who reads this has the chance to do everything the right way!!.

Hmmm or maybe this is dementia setting in already......

Sunday, November 25, 2007


When I decided to discontinue my older strip, I had to fill the gap with something new. I had always liked the occassional 'Peanuts' stuff and so I wanted to go in that direction but rather than have to try and kick a football every week, I wanted to move into subjects and situations that appeal to me and others.
So today I begin my new series of strips entitled 'Logopolis'. I am a real geek boy at heart from Cartoons, TV, Games, Comics and Movies and this latest series will cover it all. So why the name 'Logopolis' ?? if you can tell me without googling it then you are a 'Supreme Geek'.

Although I prefer the Black and White strips you may find the occassional Colour one thrown in. And some of my real friends as well as web friends will be making an appearance from time to time so watchout you may just pop in for a Cameo. I'm really gonna try and have some real fun with this, so I hope you like them.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Whatcha' Lookin At??

So it was a really nice day here in Tasmania, and I decided to head into the city for some R&R. I sat in the Park at 'Salamanca Place' for almost 5 hours Brainstorming some new cartoons for this here blog.

So the Park benches are laid out horribly there. Normally I like a table but for most of the day they were busy. So these benches face each other and you have to sit directly opposite someone else. For awhile there I was mostly on my own then out of the blue this weird guy comes and sits down and starts mumbling to himself. Not only that but tries to see what the hell I' m drawing. I'm an artist who can't stand snoops and I can't draw in front of a crowd so I tried to edge the sketchbook away from prying eyes. I think the old dude was a Dutchy too!!

And heres a tip when its a really hot day wear some sunscreen my heads still a tinglin'.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Anti-Girl #6 The End!

Brilliant and yet sometimes controversial, these cartoons have been a labour of love for me since I started them a few months ago. But now like all good things they must end, I must stress that no 'one' event has caused me to stop making these.
I had always intended that these were to have an 'ENDING'. But I have decided to finish them much earlier than I had planned, and so thus I have begun on new ideas to replace it. And you will be seeing that very soon.

This year I've been very lucky in that I've met a number of lovely girls whom appreciated these cartoons for what they were. And they have been just awesome and also a recent meeting with a hot chick has made me rethink alot of things and this end is dedicated to her. So this is it........ Goodbye Anti-Girl it was........FUN!!!

The Votes are in Thanks to all '3' people that voted, it was a unanimous vote for more 'Matt's Life in Freelance Cartoons' so more coming up!! And a new Poll Begins.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Vote Now!!

Later this month in Australia we will be going to the Polling booths to elect a New government now I'm not going to get into politics and this has nothing to do with the forthcoming election. But to your right of screen you should see a new feature that of a Poll. Now I may run one everyweek with different subjects.

But for the very first poll I want to know what you want to see more of on this blog. You can Vote for multiple topics if you want too as well just please make it count. You will have Six days for voting to remain open but don't wait until the last minute I would hope that everyone reading this will take the time to participate in it right now so that I can find out why you come here and what you expect too see. If theres something I missed out on then please make a comment and that will be added at a much later time. Its an open poll so everyone can see where its heading. In a weeks time I'll review it and make the necessary changes. So get VOTING!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Bride!!

The Bride, Not only have I tried to draw her numerous times and failed horribly but thats the point of being an artist try, try again!!! I like this, But I want your opinion What Say You!!