Saturday, November 29, 2008

The REAL Matt Pott!!

I decided to google my name up (I think theres a word for that!) and found a few mentions. Amazingly enough their are people going around using my name. But for the REAL Matt Pott Alot were for the perhapanauts cover I created for number 6 (due out in January 2009) and posted earlier this month. Besides being mentioned in Comic Book Stores online sales. I also got a mention from my friend Gary Hams Blog back in July when I finally met him at comic-con.

Also saw a Preview of the new Bruce Campbell flick, 'My Name is Bruce' There were certainly some genuine funny moments from the Brucinator. And there was so much Ham you could almost have a sandwich at times. Its alot better than 'The Man with the Screaming Brain' which was just awful. But the ending reminded me of a Monty Python film ie no real ending and I hate Monty Python humour!! Uptil then it was a better film than most and I mean its THE Bruce Campbell Come On he can be in the worst crap and still look cool!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Long Road Ahead!!

My birthday was today I turned 34, the grey hairs have begun to show in the last year and I swear some wrinkles weren't there yesterday. A couple of months ago I began to grow a beard I was tired of the same old look mind you the Look is pretty tired. I would have kept it too but I was warned that if you have the flu it can get 'messy' and it did so I had to shave it off. Best thing about that is facial hair will GROW back!!

I began to lose my hair at Twenty years of age, so I've had all that time to adjust to looking like Uncle Fester for the rest of my life. I really hate that I do but that is Life isn't it.

Ups and Downs, Lefts and Rights turns unexpected. I wonder sometimes what could have been if I was just something else. But I'm an artist I can't even begin to imagine doing something else. I think its what I was supposed to be whether I'm successful or not it doesnt matter if you have a gift thats what your stuck with. My problem is I was born in the wrong area just like a Polar Bear in the Desert good at catching fish but what use is that?

Then theres the lonliness factor, I'm on my own. Never gonna get married and not going to live happily ever after with Jennifer Connelly. And well I'm not the father type I just hate kids even when I was a child myself I hated them. Gee the way I'm sounding I could be the makings of a Serial Killer.

Some people have asked how that job interview has gone and it hasnt. I was unsuitable it seems but I would prefer them to say 'Sorry Matt your just not right for us' instead I have to wait for the inevitable letter in the post. But I'll talk about that more once I recieve it.

And finally too my many great friends in America, Happy Thanksgiving!!

Now if you'll excuse me I have to prepare my Basement for some 'ahem' Guests!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Samurai Jack!

One of the worst things about living in Australia is that cartoons are looked at like a curiosity. So unless you have a passion for them no-one really gives a damn and everyone 'Normal' thinks your weird because cartoons are for babies.

What Fools They Are!!

Which makes me come to Samurai Jack, In 2002 I bought the 'Movie' DvD loved it!! and waited impatiently for the rest of the series. My friend had cartoon network back then and I bought a blank video tape so he could record it for me after I did a BIG favour for him and saved him a whole lot of money. Six years later I'm still waiting for the tape back!

But not all was lost a local tv station began screening the first and second series.... at 4am in the morning!! Like I said Cartoons are for babies and Needless to say I taped it. Anyway the Season DvD boxsets never came and unfortunately WarnerBros holds the rights to all the cartoon network stuff and doesn't see Australia as a big enough market to locally release their cartoon products here That includes ALL classic Hanna Barbera, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network. Unless of course they are some sort of compilation or to promote a movie like Batman Begins when they released Batman The Animated Series Season One and THATS IT so I had to buy the rest from ebay!!

So about 18 months ago a savior came in the form of Madman Entertainment. Madman was a local distributer of all things Anime you know that super deformed cutesy japanese animation stuff (Hey I admit to Liking some of it!). They saw a market for more mainstream cartoons, bought the rights to Cartoon Network shows and began releasing full seasons of Ben10, Cow & Chicken (my friend Martins favourite), The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Robot Chicken, Venture Bros and Harvey Birdman. Without them these shows would never see a release here EVER!.

So lets get back to Samurai Jack, Madman released the First Season as well as re-releasing the movie (which has now been discontinued) in 2007 And as always they do a spectacular job of securing all the extras that the US release sees. I was unable to pick up the boxset as I was on a self imposed Non Buying period until I did the trip to the US this year. But a couple of weeks ago I finally picked it up in Melbourne and began to watch and enjoyed it all over again. So I went to buy season two and.......... nothing no season two or three!! Oh No Not again I cried it had been a year since the first season had been released so it seemed that the others would not get released.

The Best thing about Madman is that you can talk to them they have forums and email contact address for various departments. So I emailed and asked if they were considering a release and YES they are MARCH 2009 sees the release of Season two I'm really happy about this.

Many have asked if my work has been inspired by Jack and the answer is yes and no. I am a huge Fan of Lynne Naylors who was a driving force of the design for the show and that as I see it is where my inspration comes from. I would have loved to have met Lynne Naylor this year at Comic Con but she was no where to be seen her work is so colourful and if there was a reicarncation of Mary Blair Lynne would be it. The book I am working on now is influenced by samurai jack as far as style is concerned.

So anyway the DvD is very nice, Madman did a great job of the transfer to the DVD. All the backgrounds and visuals are eyepopping candy and I really can't wait for the second and third seasons to finally see a release. If there was a show I would have like to have gone back in time and worked on as an artist this would have been it.

I got back from Melbourne over a week ago and was hard hit with a Flu again for the third time this year. So I've been eating soup (or is that sippin) for the last couple of days and trying to rest while still having to go and sort my daily awful life out. Arghh!! I do hope to be back to normal in a week or two until then I have put my book on hold as I really can't concentrate with the migraines I am having and I'm only about 4 pages into the book with a number of panels I have to redo because I decided to go in yet another direction with the story which seems to then totally change the arc but needs to be done or it will be a crap story. And believe me after reading the latest Hellboy I realised just how linear those things are and I want to be atleast thought provoking.

I finally saw the Clone Wars movie and well I have to admit to enjoying it. As far as being set in that Prequel Star Wars Universe it fit really well. Not to say its a great universe. But it was certainly entertaining for me. And I have been enjoying the new series too.

Most Haunted you know I love Paranormal Ghost shows and well I never understand these guys they are supposed to be investigators and they go to a haunted house and then run out the door as soon as they get scared and hear a noise I mean come on!! Whats the Point of investigating if you have the bladder of a 5 year old? Lock yourselves in the room and hopefully capture some proof on Film!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Obama Dog Toy!!

I'm sick of people saying I'm not doing any work, and wasting my talent. No I'm not making a dime from anything right now, times are tough!! But that doesnt mean I am not doing anything so to squash those rumors here is a panel from my book to have finished for christmas!

Sorry for the double post yesterday I had hoped to do another post just to avoid having to do one today so I can concentrate on going home but somehow the two posts became one I will try to avoid that in future.
This is the Obama Dog Toy, doing the rounds. I'm not sure what to think of it but atleast my dog will have an absolute blast ripping it to shreds!! (EDIT 2013 THIS WAS A GAG DONE 5 YEARS AGO YOU IDIOTS I AM NOT RACIST IN FACT SOME OF MY ART FRIENDS ARE AFRICAN AMERICANS)

I finally saw the pixar film Wall-E, and it was 'ok' I mean it certainly does not deserve an oscar for best picture maybe animated might be stretching. I'll never work for Pixar so I guess I can say what I like now. I really hate the mixture of real people and computer generated. Either one or the other please pixar!! The silent film motifs were good, but their was a simularity of the movie seeming like toy story and some of the character designs were very poor!! It reminded me a lot of HoodWinked!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Regret To Inform You!

You know what I hate most of all?? I really hate those letters they send out after you've had an interview, you know the ones!

Thankyou for your interest in our vacancy, we however regret to inform you that your application was unsuccessful at this time. We Hired someone better than you and we wont really keep your Resume on File unless we want something to laugh at! okay so I made that last bit up but you know that its true' C'est La Vie.

Why do I bother! I'm off now to eat a piece of cake, Join Me?

The Interview

The Interview I don't know where to start really, I have mixed feelings. Off the bat it was not as bad as some I have had. Theres only been one time I have just wanted out of an interview and told them to stick it! But this was different than that, it was for a Concept Artist in a Video Game Company. I setup a small website and sent off my details to which they wanted to see me while I was visiting Melbourne. I got there early gave them my Non-Disclosure and waited for the last interview to finish before mine. I was unprepared really, as I didn't expect to have one while away but brought my laptop to show off more art.

The first thing that was said to me was 'I've had a look at your website and your artwork seems very cartoony!!......................' This has happened before during an interview and is really the deathbell for any further conversation. If I wanted to do photorealistic I would do it but I have never had any call for it so I stay at what I make money (on occassion) from. I explained that not alot of games are photorealistic. They use forms of Cel Shading and 3d effects like the new Prince of Persia!!

So the whole gammut of stuff was spoken about but well I could see that they already have someone in mind. I just rambled on about living in a crappy enviroment to grow as an artist.

Well thats it really, theres no going back like I said it wasn't terrible. I think I would have fit in there given the chance but obviously it would seem that to them I do not. And some art student will get the job. So Goodbye Australia.

I'm taking time off for awhile, I wont give up on art but its time to move on. I go home tomorrow. I'm not upset really, I just hate Interviews!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

E-Games Expo

I woke up this morning with a bad headache, I had it throughout the day so if I sound a little cranky you would be reading correctly. This morning my nephews gave me an early Birthday Present a t-shirt that reads 'I'M DRESSED AND OUT OF BED WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT' because they feel I've been very lazy lately Sleeping in Alot and they would be right!! I told my sister that I will wear it on Monday to the interview which she replied 'NO YOU WON'T' hahaha Maybe I wish I will and if it turns out to be not one of my best then perhaps I had!

I've decided that if its the latter than, that will be that. The End. I can't continue down this road any longer. I gotta lot of bills to pay and if no one wants to use my artwork then its their loss. I'll finish my comic and see what happens but perhaps its time to find other interests.

News from Todd officially that my Perhapanauts cover will be out in January now..... I swear I jinx people!!

Okay enough with the down, I went to the E-Games expo today. You know straight away that the lines were going to be bad and they were. I waited ages and then was told I couldn't get concession unless I was 65!! I ain't that old, so I paid the full $18 entry fee. This is the first time I have gone to such an event and even I can tell you that is wayyyyy too much to pay for an event like this. There where a few areas of interest one was the showing of Little Big Planet on the PS3, the Nintendo Area and Ubisoft. Now Ubisoft had something the others didn't cute tall blonde girls in shorts that were so small that they needn't have bothered. I will NEVER understand what half naked women remotely have to do with video games!! Do they think that video gamers don't have girlfriends, so they have to fanatsize about being around a beautiful girl? They were nicew though and they smiled when you smiled and didn't seem at all shallow. I guess the money they were getting was dulling the pain of being ogled all the time!

Beware of Cosplayers!!
Some weird Urban jumper guys who were leaving footprints on the walls
A fellow gets his photo taken with the GADGETGUY??? Oh thats a Keeper!!
Anyway I have a small couple of videos of the event and I will post them up soon as they are processed!! But tomorrows sunday and I'm resting up a bit cause I know how stressed out I will be for Monday, Wish me Luck!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interview in the Big City!

It was never my intention on going to a job interview while I was staying here in Melbourne. After Armageddon, I just wanted to look around for a couple of weeks and MAYBE just MAYBE look for some sort of course I would be interested in doing then head back to SleepCity ala Tasmania.

But I applied for a job vacancy I happen to find surfing on the Net and now I have an interview on Monday! Its a big deal, Non-Disclosure Agreement the works. So this is the most I can talk about it until I see them.
My Sister lives here and I stay with her family while I 'visit', I've contemplated living here its an okay place, bigger than I'm used too. But I could never resident at my sisters for too long But I don't want to overstay my welcome. This will be my first interview here in this city if I got it I would have to move here lots of stuff is swirling in my head right now as to what I can do! This could be my big break or just another step on the long road I have taken.

Friends, family and my dog would all have to be left behind, to carve a career.....a life for myself. I just never thought of these consequences until now. This doesn't mean I wouldn't want it. Its a massive step I never thought of until now. I was ready to live in Los Angeles for goodness sake but even then never thought of the consequences just as long as its what I LOVE to do! (Thats Drawing by the way!!). I can't work in Tasmania its just not that sort of area for me I'm so unmotivated . I'll hopefully have a story to tell on monday!

Anyway I will be attending a Computer and Video Game expo this weekend, so I hope to have pictures of the event.

ARRRGHHH, and I need to work on my comic book!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Perhapanauts Cover!

Well here it is, Perhapanauts cover #6 in all its Horror Glory, theres a backstory to this but I will talk about that when its finally out in December. But heres your sneak peek if you check this blog out without being prompted because you like my work. Thanks!!
On the subject of Comics, I'm just working on page 3 of my comic story I came up with about 5 years ago originally entitled 'Last Rites' a Blood 'N Guts trilogy! involving a cowboys fight against an evil Vampyre Empire set in a Post Modern Apocolyptic Old West, and best described as a Sergio Leone Western meets Lord of the Rings with a touch of Mad Max thrown in for good measure. The style at the moment is apparently very Samurai Jack which I guess is not a bad thing when you think about it. I want to add some Mary Blair in there too. Just dont compare the two, they are very different in substance and graphic violence.

As for Beginnings, when this story first popped in my noggin', I thought of it as a very basic vampire story where everything was set back in the 1800's and it all went terribly wrong but the further I thought of it the more complex it got. I've had a couple of writers tackle the story but well they never quite understood what I had envisioned instead including things I felt had no feeling to a western. So it was put on the back burner until I felt the time was right and I can do it myself.

Currently my plan is for three 22 pages at this time with the first to be finished by Christmas as a tester of the waters so to speak. As to whether it will ever see publication is something I'm not even thinking about right now until the first part is completed and recieved. Overall I've got a Beginning a Middle and an End which I guess is very important! This is a Project I need to do, or I'll go insane. I know many people would prefer an S.O.S comic but I feel it is best to do something else while I still have some motivation in getting something done. If you know me personally you'll know its been a tough few months and even if this fails I'll maybe feel I may have accomplished something atleast.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spaced Out!

Picked up today one of the greatest series I have NEVER seen on DVD, 'SPACED'. I saw the press announcement at comic con back in July with a panel with Simon Pegg and that Wright guy for this. Yes I'm still pissed about being kicked out of the autograph line I even wrote to Wright and said it was RIDICULOUS!! As if I expected an answer back hes to busy writing cornetto films. Yes I know its not his fault Comic-Con you run a crap ship and failed that time!! But yeah I've been waiting for this release in Australia and a store here in melbourne was selling it for just $40 so I grabbed it. And Can't wait to watch it.

Also grabbed Mignolas new Hellboy book and yes he is an A-Hole from all accounts but a good artist. They say that when you make it big you treat people like crap. I will never do SO!! and if I do please kick me in the head!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The American Way

Congrats to President Obama, Although I know who I would prefer to be President of the USA. I know they would let me in the country!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Armageddon Multimedia Expo 2008

On the 1st and 2nd of November 2008 I attended Aramageddon Expo. This is the second time I have attended this event. And what you will read is a non-biased Review of it. I'm having technical difficulties with this crappy internet situation while in Melbourne so please bare with me until I find an alternative!

People who looked Bored!!
Ernie Hudson The Lost GhostBuster!!
Crispen Freeman and Others.
Abe Sapion Himself Doug Jones
Some guy from an Alternate Dimension where everyone is evil!
Outside Somewhere!
I arrived at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre a little after 10:30am. And saw there was a huge line of people. Luckily this was the line for the OTHER event also being held on the same weekend in the same venue that of a Motorcycling Convention. The signs were everywhere for this event and all I could find was one measly poster/flag out the front that said armageddon. The rest was this Motorcycling thing. Anyway after I realised that I was indeed in the right place I walked straight into the hall. And was instantly taken aback by how small things had gotten from the previous year in every respect.

I took my time looking around and getting a feeling around the place. The ghosts of last year
were no where to be seen which was a bad thing. In fact everything had been moved around from the last year prior. Except the wrestling ring or whatever they call it that was in the same place.

The Lack of Aussie Artists was Most Evident this year. I really wished I could have had a table and given it some class but alas I was just a patron.

Figures Everything was expensive, unlike last year Figures were not heavily discounted and in some case overbloated from the retail price. One place I picked up a Captain America for $5 and across the way the samething was for sale for $25 This was not looking good!!

I went to the Animation Panel which featured Crispin Freeman who played Alucard from Hellsing. The other 3 guests I couldnt say who they were. Anyway I watched and listened and Cringed at the questions being asked. And realised how much crispen hates being associated with Hellsing. When he pointed to the girl in red to ask the next question he literally groaned 'OH GOD' as she stood up and put her hat on and revealed it was a Alucard costume! This guy HATES it!!

Anyway, So I went and had lunch by this time the only thing I had bought was a small Captain america and hawkeye figurine. I had my chicken and decided that I must buy some more stuff.
I got a Hong Kong Phooey figure set, a super mario Toad mushroon figure and New Frontier Batman. I then headed off to watch the Jim Lee Panel and arrived half way through it. It was not crowded at all. I'm not a massive Jim Lee fan but he was very popular signing books and sketches. Again just like last year this was poorly organised and unless your willing to stay 2 hours prior to the line starting he was no Bruce Timm. After the Jim Lee Panel William Katt from Greatest American Hero made an appearance when he walked into the room he was genuinely suprised by the turnout. The theatre was quarter full. He talked about the new comic and the plans
that the series will take. And got a lot of question by Middle-Aged men, I guess I should also make note that the organisers were out doing something else so besides a security member out the door there was no moderators or microphone passing.

The Star Wars actors was just plain sad, these were the jedi and other characters from the prequels in the Background they had no bodyguards or anything since they just really werent worth the $30 cover fee.

I had two days at the convention and run out of stuff to do. So on the sunday I just decided to go and see the Ernie Hudson Panel. I dont why they decided to just leave the poor guy standing there trying to think of things to say eventually he just got into a groove and started telling stories of how he was being ripped off from the Ghostbusters Franchise. And recieved very little money. Certainly a great actor who deserved more than what he got.

Thats it really I give it about 5 out of 10 for trying but compared to Last year this was mouse compared to an elephant!!