Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From California With Love!!

I'm staying in Los Angeles for the next two weeks, for the most part the people are friendly with a few weirdos in the Mix. Last week I was taking photos of Downtown LA when a guy in a suit asked me where I was from and told me that I shouldn't be taking photos since people may think I'm an undercover terrorist.

Sigh We have a word for such a person 'Wanker' 'Tosser' errr 'Get A Life' but you know I'm in a foreign country a LONG way from home. I mean there are some places where you can't show affection in public. I might move there ya know.

A Map of Australia MINUS Tasmania!!
At Comic-Con last week I had my portfolio reviewed and was very nervous. I left with a very Positive Review infact it was better than I expected and I hope to discuss this once I get more pictures posted up with more stories to tell!!.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Week One in America!!

Heres a Video First!!
Matt at Hooters!!

Okay I'm Here......
I've been in California for a week and have done so much my head still spins! My flight to the US was a long one 20+ hours and the recovery of Jetlag was astronimical it took all three days to finally get over it.

On Wednesday I left early for Comic-Con, and the Airlines was a Mess finally reaching the Hotel in SanDiego. I headed straight to the Convention Centre and got my registration badge then waited in Line for three hours while lots of smelly little geek boys talked about what they were going to do!! Finally I was allowed in and was Blown Away by the shear size of the place. Massive is not the word for it!!

So I met some cool People and celebrities of the Artworld they included;

Comic Con Guest Dean Yeagle and his wife!!
Scott Tolleson
My Friend Rodolphe GuenodenDangerGirls J.Scott Campbell

Photographer and Cool Artist Josh Hughes
Uber-talent Bill Presing!!Sue Katowich
Gary HamCaseyBug 'sigh'

Hellboy and Amazing Screw-On Head Creator Mike MignolaDarwyn CookeThe Weird, The Strange and the Beautiful!!
Lets Start with the Beautiful........... The Black Cat!!
Now to the Strange......
Believe It Or NOT!!!
ITS A ME.........MICKARIOForget that crap New Galactica this was the Best Cylon Warrior EVER!! BY YOUR COMMAND!!
Dowright Weird

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Farewell to Friends!

So this week I said goodbye to all my friends, all three of them. I try to keep the friendship levels down due to my affliction. But anyway I said bye to Sam today (who has recently become single again Ladies) over lunch then a Choc-Chip Muffin and an Iced Coffee at the local bakery.
So now thats done I have lots still to do in the next 48 hours yep thats all I have left before my (as I worked out) I have my 2o+ hour flight!! Yikes!!

I've been getting feedback that I should combine my blogs and you know I might just do that!! The next artwork you will see here will be the perhapanauts cover!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Three Days

Just three days left before I head off to the US. I have finally completed the Perhapanauts cover and it is in the final stages of being sent to the printer. I will be unveiling it while at Comic Con so if you want to see it then just stop and ask me! Its still scheduled for mid-september release so keep and eye out for it!

Still too much to do, I have to reprint alot of my artwork in time for the portfolio review. I dug out my old business cards but unfortunately I cant use them due to age they dont have my website on them either but I guess it still is a way to contact me!!

Well meeting a friend tomorrow to get some software to help with the video for the trip I cant wait to begin filming and editing!

Also do people find the fact that I am bringing over Tassie Devils is a Tacky Idea??? now that its been pointed out to me I cant help but think it might be. So What are your thoughts yes or no to me giving out Stuffed Tassie Devils??

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I'm trying to finish the cover for Perhapanauts, But its increasingly getting close to having to leave and with just 13 days to go I gotta get my butt into gear! My Website needs to be fixed up too this week so look out for an update very soon. Friends want to meet me and it is increasingly impossible to see them when there is much work to be done before going. I will endevour to see one old pal tomorrow and then have the rest of the week to concentrate on the stuff that really matters!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mister, Can You Spare Some Change?

In 1996 I visted Los Angeles on my own for about 8 days. As you should all know by now I am at last returning in 2008 this time for a longer stay and with a few new friends to meet and chat too.

I can't wait!!
So with that all said I have begun the Task of collecting stuff to take with me. Some of this was what I had last time. I pulled out a dusty old box and I discovered.........

Now I know what your thinking yes I did cash most of the US currency back into australian. But what alot of people don't know when they come back from foreign shores and travelling international is that the currency market will not accept Coins returned!!

So I had a heap of money left over from last time and I guess now I have a use for it on my return so I counted it up and found a note written from my past self to my future self stating I had $6.04 when I recounted it it came to $8.04. Whoah it actually increased. No idea how it happened but its good to have a few extra coins to spare. As you can see I have also a crisp Dollar Bill and I kept it last time as a reminder...or Proof of my last trip and I wont be spending it!! Thanks to Squirt for modeling it in this photo he is not at all Camera shy and looks to be popular with the Ladies!!
And heres a video of me buying another useful item for the trip!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Meet 'Squirt The Tasmanian Devil'

Hey everybody I'd like you all to meet 'Squirt the Tasmanian Devil'. Squirt and his brothers and sisters will be travelling with me to the United States in 2 weeks time where we will be finding new homes for all of them. This should also bring awareness that The Tasmanian Devil is currently facing extinction from a deadly facial disease that currently threatens its very existence.

So for those gracious enough in devoting some time to show me and 'Squirt' around LA for the 'Tasmanian in America' Project will be Given one of his Brothers or Sisters to look after.
Squirt wants to come along just to make sure they all go to very Good Homes!!

Finally Happy Anniversary to this blog its exactly a year old today!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Secrets Out!!

I tried to keep this a secret for as long as possible but can't really anymore since theres evidence out there now!! Today I went to my Local Comic Book Shop and Picked up the Latest Copy of Previews July 2008 edition. I don't normally buy this magazine at $10 its a bit steep for a Catalogue of Comics and Toys that you just use to order stuff 3 months in advance. After that its totally useless and is only good to line a Birdcage!! Not this Edition However, Mainly because I'm In IT!! On page 152 to be exact you'll see my name!!!

I will be contributing a Cover (NOT PICTURED or RELEASED YET) to The Perhapanauts #6 Halloween Special Scheduled for release Tentavely for September 17th. I can't say enough how much of a thrill it has been to work with Todd Dezago on coming up with a Concept for it. I'm really throwing my all into this Project and I hope that everyone will like it when its complete and I hope that this is just the Beginning!!