Monday, April 27, 2009

Dick Tracy Cartoon

Well I know people have thoughts that everything is just dandy for me. I got some messages on Facebook Last night after the announcement went public with Cries of Fowl and encouragement. But let me Tell ya there are some out there who are Bouncing with Glee I'd name names but I'm a Gentleman! Stick with this Blog we'll continue to see where I head to the Poverty line.

I have made a few Promises to People and the art will continue to Trickle. I hope to finish the Darth Vader Project and hopefully they will be understanding enough to give me some extra time to finish due the Chicken Pox delay.

The Mad Monster Party Project is DEAD, they weren't Interested and the sad thing is I would have damn thing for almost free. So I'm moving Along................maybe

I will Leave you tonight with one of My favourite Cartoons I watched in 5 minute chunks. It was Based on the Comic by Chester Gould and really if it hadn't been for 'Dick Tracy' there may never have been a Batman or Rogues Gallery because Kane ripped that off Tracy.
Anyway The Cartoon show was Okay, I think it would have been better if they had actually Had Dick Tracy in the Show doing the detecting instead of Comic Sidekicks. Maybe one Day someone will pick up on that idea eventually for the REAL cartoon. I remember looking for them in the Movie.... you remember the movie right?? Oi I still have no idea what it was about a few years Ago I picked up some cheap action toys off ebay for 99c of course with postage it balloon to $15 but hey it was Madonna and Dick.
And heres the Stylized Intro.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Dream is Over!

Thanks for all the mail about my recent health, I've got one more week of contagiousness and Healing to go and will get to see the Doctor later this week but getting better.

Okay so as it goes, I will be Retiring from all artistry at the end of this Week. It's never got me anywhere and I'm just sick of it really I'm tired of Hanging on to stuff that never comes. I want a house, a family and a quiet way of life. I'm getting Old. Its time to admit defeat and that I just don't have what it takes, atleast to get my foot in the door of a studio. I won't get anything either if I continue heading this the way of the DoDo Bird. I'm extremely poor almost destitute all things considered.

The majority of artists are not nice people, Jealous, Spiteful, and full of ego. I can never be one of them I've had enough and do not want to be associated with this Profession any longer!
Mentally I'm exhausted, and for the last couple of years I've tried to sort it out and to some of my closest friends you know there is more to me than meets the eye! As you know I have spent alot of Time and Money following 'The Dream' I will Miss it but I need to make a clean break and the recent health issues have shown that maybe now is the chance to move on. I'll keep this blog open and perhaps keep the website up as a showcase of what I was once capable of in another life and time.

Both my Facebook and Myspace Pages will be Closing at some point in May! Sorry I can no longer pretend that all things are Roses and Green Fields!

The Dream is Over!

Monday, April 20, 2009

How Delightful a Pox, No Its Not!,

Well if you've been on my facebook or my Twitter pages recently you will know I have Adult ChickenPox which is very Painful its in early to mid 'gestation' period (I've always wanted to say that) right now where things are getting kind of messy. It's Highly Contagious and I cannot do anything or see anyone for 2 weeks. Its not like I had much of a social life to begin with but this just really sucks and I don't need this right now.

So anyway I'm gonna have to jump ship on alot of the current stuff I was working on for april, Most likely the Darth Vader Fan Piece and a couple of others besides the nausea and migraines this thing creates I've just got so many spots its really sickening to even think about them Yuck!

If you've used Twitter then you should know what this amazing 5 minute Animated Short is all about its ROTFL Funny and if I had to be negative about one thing the Hands on the characters are AWFUL!! But Check it out!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Not A Bird it's a Who!!

A new T-Shirt is now Available to Buy for Fans of Doctor Who. William Hartnell was the first actor to portray the Role of the Eccentric Doctor! Click here if you would like to own a t-shirt! CLICK HERE
I'm also now Twitterised, Tweeting or whatever they call it and you can catch my art updates and social behaviour over on .

Monday, April 13, 2009

Final Countdown!!

As you know I went to supanova a couple of weeks ago in Melbourne just for the Saturday. And to be honest even though it had heaps more stuff than the Armageddon Convention last year, I was Bored!! And since when is Wrestling such a Big Sci Fi thing?? I don't want to see fake stuff to appease all the rednecks not wanting to be there except for their kids and Cosplay Girlfriends. Hayden Pantierre was the main drawcard but who wants to pay $50 for a photo and $40 per autograph. As usual the actors were being surrounded by bodygaurds as to make sure there were no 'Unauthorised' Photos taken but I did finally manage to get a couple of Hayden as I had tried previously to get one at Comic-Con last year which was nigh impossible but back then those were free. The Local Paper even had a write up as to How Rubbish the cost was but the con managers Hamfisted defended it!

Marina Baccarin was supposed to be there also at a much lower price overall and I means shes a a much more gorgeous girl than Hayden. But she pulled out because shes starring in a 'V' Remake. Apparently she will play the Diana part renamed 'Anna' which seems to fit her perfectly I would believe she eats Hamsters. But seriously a V Remake???? It looks like my childhood gets Raped again............ as long as its not Battlestar Galacticrap Reboot I will watch it!

Been Gathering information today on whats out their for employment in Snooze Town but Heres a Final List of What to Look forward too in the next couple of weeks in no particular order,

2 x Female Model Pics
1 x Homemade DvD Cover
1 x Darth Vader Fan Love

Criminal Macabre

Here's some art from a comic I used to get called Criminal Macabre from Steve Niles. I really stopped buying comics when at Seven Dollars per book I realised I was buying Land Fill of no real value (despite the art and writing) and the boxes of all those other books from years of collecting that I do have will have to head out to the garbage soon.
I have given up all hope hearing from Lionsgate on my proposal for doing the Mad Monster Party dvd cover it has nothing to do with the money (apparently the budget was Zero anyway) its just something that would have gone full circle if I had managed to get it. But its one of those things where you just think what the hell are they doing???

Friday, April 10, 2009

Working On It

I Need to Start getting in a Healthy Cashflow so I can move to the States, I would very much love to make it in 2010 but it seems more and more less likely that I will be able to do it since there is no work on the Horizon!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mad Monster Party Cover Drive

Great Feedback from people concerning the Push to Get me to do the Cover for the New Mad Monster Party DvD Deluxe Release. And I Guess You can't get Any bigger or better Endorsement than from the Official Rankin Bass Historian Rick Goldschmidt Click Here to Check it Out to help the Cause!

Ultimately It's really up to the Studio 'Lionsgate' who is distributing the film as to if they go for myself or another photoshop nightmare I would Love to do it and they Know it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Creating The Madness of Mad Monster Parties!

Ever Wondered how my mind ever got so warped into becoming one of the most Under-Rated Art Talents of our age? I bet you think about it three or more times a day! Well heres a small glimpse into what Molded me into wishing to become something Greater!!
Around 1984 I rented a Video (you know the thing with Magnetic Tape) of the Fraggle Rock singalong. The Most interesting thing on it however was a Trailer to a Movie entitled 'Mad Monster Party' which had puppet versions of all the famous movie monsters in one of my favorite types of Animation, Stop-Motion.

This was just the beginning of my search for this movie!

A little time later I was in the video store and found a Copy I was so overjoyed........wait..... Crap it's in BETA format!! I got my mum to ask for a VHS copy to no avail they just had BETA So I left in a Saddened State.

Christmas 1985, my parents, a couple of siblings and I went on a trip around Australia by car. It was alot of fun and we stopped in a few states. One such stop was in Adelaide at a very Lovely Hotel where there was a great pool and it was brilliant compared to the caravan parks we had been stopping to sleep. So for some reason we were stuck indoors and I turned the TV on to see if there was anything interesting....... It was Midway through Mad Monster Party!! So from the scene Yetch is in the Kitchen I was Hooked....... My siblings tried to change the channel but I held fast. When it was Over I wondered about the first half I had missed but as there was no repeats in them days I had to wait just awhile longer.

In June of 1986 on a Friday Night to a Visit to KMart. I noticed a Huge new stock of Tapes, Phantom Tollbooth, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.........and mmmmmMad Monster Party!!!
I ran to my mother with Video in Hand 'Mum I need this, you buy it and I shall never ask for another single thing in my entire childhood please'...... She Bought it! But I did Lie sadly. That Saturday Morning though my mum went and out and left me at 11 years of age to watch the movie I had always wanted to see in its ENTIRETY!! I can say unashamedly I watched it over and over and over and over again that day. When my friends came over we watched it, when we were being babysat we watched it. That Tape got well and truly WORN OUT!! I Still have it to this day in its original cardboard cover slip. And My love never ran out for this Film. I later bought a second VHS copy I found some years later and own the CD soundtrack!

I was never a Fan of the Original VHS Coverart it just never seemed right, The characters look nothing like their Puppet Counterparts and it seemed more than just kid friendly and simple. Unfortunately they never got much better when released to DvD and the second VHS copy I owned only had a photo of the frankenstein monster taken from the film.
The Early DVD cover Design looks Badly Photoshopped, probably because it is!! The eyes of Baron Frankenstein have actually been Traced with the Black PaintBrush tool to 'Exentuate' them. But is Terribly done and you can see the wobble in the line work. This is the version that I own.

The Second DvD release was an Improvement over the Previous however I'm not the biggest fan of the Floating heads Motif and it looks a little boring for a kid to go and say I WANNA SEE THIS!!

So I guess your wondering why I have brought this all up? I Discovered Last week that a New Deluxe DvD will be coming out in North America. It should be also said that the previous two releases of this DvD have NEVER seen release in Australia. And most likely they won't ever be and I very much doubt this newer one will be either.

However because of my LOVE for this film I have been contacting those who are intimately involved in its creation of the Deluxe and I have put my Idea Forward that I believe I can do one of the Best cover's that this release has ever seen and what everybody will be happy with!!

They like my artwork but something tells me this will need an extra push especially for a Large Company such as 'Lionsgate' who are releasing this current Issue. I think we may need a Petition and backing from all you my friends as we need to make this happen.....or we will get another Lacklustre Cover that will end in more Tears for Years to come!!

Damn if they can get Darwyn Cooke to do a Cover for a Karloff Collection then You can have ME do Mad Monster Party DvD! I WAS BORN TO DO IT, LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Monsters VS Aliens VS Matt

I saw Monsters VS Aliens today. While in Melbourne I took the time to go and see it at an IMAX Theatre which I dont have access too in Dullsville, Tasmania. I remember seeing alot of the Pre-Production artwork back on my lone visit to DreamWorks and I really Liked it.

So watching the Movie I chuckled a few times more so than the Audience around me which was mostly Brats dragging their parents to see it. I had a kid in the seat behind me repeating the imagery as he saw it and I felt like smacking him a few times.

It reminded me as to how long it had been since I'd seen an Animated Movie in a Cinema and I think its like the Late 80's but don't ask me what it was. Which is Sad that I've never seen a Pixar film as they have come out as I always waited for them on DvD. Well this was different not only was it something I could relate to as I had seen some of its Production Work but it was in 3D. So I was more excited to see the future of Animated Movies. Of Course if your blind in One Eye then its not really going to help you and I'm sorry if it hurt your feelings.

The Movie was Good, it fell into the trap sometimes where the animator over animates to show how great he or she really is and the story well to be frank doesn't exist with a Linear. There a few Plot holes too but I can't mention them for if I do will ruin the scenerey. If I was in charge I would have added more Heart and More Mindless Action.

But What I can Talk about without giving this show away was The Greatest MISTEP I have ever heard in an Animated Film. To Be Blunt whos ever Idea it was to place the most boring Man In Australian Television that of the evil die if you speaketh its name 'David Koch' as a VOICE-OVER on a Major AMERICAN film needs to march themselves off to the Great MinceMeat Factory and dive into the Grinders Head First!!

To watch an american Film with american voices that I was enjoying and then to get the shock of the OUT OF PLACE Australian Accent and not only any Australian Accent but that of a Boring Oafish Dick of a Dick. Let me tell you NOBODY appreciated it and if my screening was anything to go by the Collective Groans from the audience should tell you SOMETHING !! So who is to Blame? Marketing, Producers?? I don't know but SERIOUSLY DON'T DO IT AGAIN!! It Ruined the movie for me! I would have given it a 4 out of 5 but because of this Bad Experience I'll have to shrink it down to a 3.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


WoW in Only 24 hours of Having The Medusa Tee on RedBubble its been added as a 'Feature' on the Website. Its Just US$28.93 and I swear anyone will look great in this TeeShirt if you Love Ray Harryhausen and Clash of the Titans then You will Love this Shirt!! Not only that but just purchasing one will help me out Immensely!! CLICK HERE TO GO SHOP!! Heck even I might Buy One!!