Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Star Trek Enterprise

On my DvD Turntable I have 4 Seasons of Star Trek Enterprise to watch. It suprised me by how many seasons I had seen It must be around season 3 I didnt lose interest. Thats Right I 'Didnt lose interest' it was the fact that at the time it was on one of the worst channels in Australia that liked to move it around their schedule SciFi is not appreciated as much as sport here and I couldnt give a damn about Sport.

Its so Great to Catchup finally. So much so I just had to draw the lovely T'Pol played by the more lovely 'Jolene Blalock' I think shes much Hotter than Seven of Nine ever was.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Back in Time yet again with an Early Batgirl it seems most of these past drawings are Seven Years Old. I will have a couple new things up at the beginning of next month. Theres alot wrong with this picture but If anything it shows an evolution around this time I started drawing big eyes and heads on most of my girls. And really havent stopped doing that. I can do Anatomical but wheres the fun in that?

Its seems I am not the only one to get off from the PIXAR bandwagon after TS3, still if they offered me a job tomorrow I would probably, maybe possibly still, consider it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Years

I'm trying not to dwell on the past, but with Comic Con happening this weekend. I can't help but feel sorrow at how hard I tried a couple of years ago to make it Big there. For all Intent and Purposes it did, Everything seemed to be happening for me back then but as I write this my world has crumbled All the contacts I have known have either moved on or just dont care and refuse to answer my calls.

So I'm trying to forget about it, its just not worth it. You meet people they promise stuff and then they let you down its the way of the world. I will not mention names I'm not that petty, I still want to see my real american friends soon, but as for a career I believe that ship has truly sailed. Time to move on with the time I have left into other avenues. If I were to ever worked in animation full time it would have already happened by now.

It hasn't I need to move on........
 I'm wrapping things up with art throughout the years, this piece was done for the Late Great Mike Wieringo back in 2003 of a character he designed for comicbook Tellos. I remember designing it very Disneyesque because he loved that style when I read an interview with him. He actually saw it and loved it whether he really meant it or not, it was very nice of him to say so. We all still very much miss his Artwork and Wisdom.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Madi

Another One from the Red Licorice arty stuff. This time the Very Beautifully Cutey Madi.
At the Moment I have some interested parties in the book. I want to aim this for Mass Market Appeal, not to feed the non-existant ego. As someone pointed out 'Dont expect a Borders Distribution'. Well I'm not.
However I want this Far Reaching and able to be Purchased anywhere not just over the Internet is that too much to ask? But if this sees Print I want to be in control of my work. If a 15 year old can get published a 'How to Draw Manga' book then why the hell can't I? You just know they are out there!

In Blog News I've opened up the Sharing a bit more in case people want to publish this on there Facebook, Blog, Twitter or Anything Social Really. As well I've added a 'dislike' to the blogs reactions. If you do Dislike something however I would like an explanation as to why if its not too much trouble.

Toy Story 3 I saw it, and I have to say forget about being part of a trilogy. The Story is Predictable and some of the Direction very Shoddy. My main concern was that while watching was the complete disappearance of BoPeep with only a Passing mention. I doubt very much that Woody would let her go so easily and it seemed a bit hard to swallow. I love Pixar but I am growing ever concerned about their movies. I still cant to this day get passed the first 15 minutes of CARS. ugh awful.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Posterity

I recently bought a little gadget that connects via USB to old IDE and SATA hard drives that are still operational. I've been going through  some really old stuff from a measley 400 mb others are a whopping 10GB ahhh back then we were spoiled for SPACE. The Following Pictures were done just after I had left College circa 2002. So for Posterity I felt that I need to get these out there Alot have Never Been Seen Before or they are drawings I have rarely shown. Its been good to revisit and look back at some of my Original Artwork from back in the day when I was much Younger, Brainier and was still learning Adobe. I'll try not to edit them too much and keep them as Original as possible since these are from the Original files some of the Fonts dont exist anymore and I've had to replace those but these were drawn on something like Illustrator 8 so its awhile ago..... Some I have Totally forgot I did while others I remember like it was yesterday.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Doctor Who and the Break of Doom!

Being a huge Fan of Doctor Who and since the latest series Wrapped Up in Britain Last week, I thought it would be a nice break from what I'm now calling 'The Red' project to draw his latest Incarnation in the form of Matt Smith. With his Massive Forehead and No Eyebrows and ugly demenour He seemed a right fit to play the Doctor. Although sometimes he reminds me a little of the previous Doctor David Tennant he is good. I do like his odd look and having the Fez at the end was a stroke of genius.
The Show itself was a bit of a letdown better than series 4 by a mile but its not his fault he makes a great addition if Only they would get rid of the whole companion schtick with their having another life instead of just getting on having fun with a TimeLord stopping Mad Scientists and Nutty Aliens and I really Dislike the character of Rory which we now seem to be stuck with permanently. Yuck!

While Drawing this week I've watched the entire Series of 'Adam Adamant Lives' and the First and Second Seasons of SLIDERS. Both good shows. Check them out if you haven't already seen them.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red Lauren

Well Shes more Blue than Red, but theres a reason this its my first Goth for the book. And we need more variety than just Pink skin now dont we?
Well I've got up to more than 20 Models now willing and able to participate in this book. So far the signs of getting it published are weak as I await discussions with publishers.

However some of these maybe available as prints when they are completed. So all may not be lost. TallyHooooooooo!!!