Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Little Something!!

Yeah I know this isn't supposed to be an art blog I have my drawingboard one for that but I thought I'd post this anyway. Unfortunately my 'Nuts and Bolts' blog doesn't automatically resize the pictures so you have to get stuck with a little image and in some cases it loses something in that translation. So rather than have to resize it heres a Bigger version of the Superman picture I posted on the Board.Now I guess your asking yourself will I get back to freelance stories again, I Will. Starting very early in the new year. I've been gathering alot of subjects lately for new posts so hang in there more is coming!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas HUMBUG!!

So its Christmas, Yet Again. But instead of Santa I always get 3 visiting ghosts trying to convince me to give up art and do something boring and useful with my life like accounting. They try to show me nothing good will come of it and that I just won't listen. Maybe I will in 2008.

But anyway you guys and girls all have a safe and Merry Christmas for me, Okay.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Matt The Actor!!

Yeah I know gotta catchup on my Logopolis cartoons. But I have been busy, This week I decided to try my hand at an acting career. And went to an audition for a new movie being made here in Tasmania. I had to learn Irish and did so only to discover that I didn't need it so I was a bit mad.
Infact the whole day was somewhat wasted even with an appointment I waited 3 hours more only to just have my time come and they change the rules on me. Instead of 5 minute Audition I got 5 seconds. To stare down the barrel of a camera and say my name THAT WAS IT!! Theres more to this tale but I won't bore you with the details needless to say even for a professional outfit they can still be unprofessional.

When becoming and Actor, Filling out forms is the first thing to do when going to an Audition.
And then waiting in a queue for 3 hours is no fun!! BORING!!
Thanks to my friend Martin who kept me company and sane for most of the time I was there and also took these photos.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Girl Sketches

So as you know I often visit the park in Salamanca Place to doodle some drawings and get ideas. On wednesday however my usual sketch session turned into a Mugging and I was the mugged. I'm fine still a bit stressed out from the situation, I just realised how much Hobarts gotten unsafe. Anyway on to some art and some sketches of girls for you, hey its better than nothing.Any Likeness of persons living or dead is purely coincidental !! Honest!!

And as for the Latest Poll 'Scarlett Johansson' Tops the Poll WTF are you guys thinking ??? Jennifer Connelly is so muchy more Dishy!!! I suppose I'm lucky I didn't put Paris Hilton on there. Thanks too all those that voted, a New one will be up soon!!