Sunday, July 29, 2012

Paging a Page

Finally had some time off from the Laundry to work on Lord Fancy and I've almost finished page 3. Page 3 you Say? Hard to believe why it took so long to write and draw like almost 18 months. I think my greatest Mistake was showing the original first 2 pages of artwork to my Art Friends. They Loved them so much how could I continue the story to such great feedback. Would it all be downhill from there? So I procrastinated over them, just sketching that same goddamn page number 3.
I spoke to a Big Named Editor interested in Lord Fancy about a year ago and I didn't hear anything back which I thought that he really didn't like it. ( I recently found out that he had some personal things to deal with at the time and comics weren't a top priority) So I guess this further cemented I suck.
Well now page 3 is almost done with no obvious redesign again. I can begin Pages 4,5,6 to 30 or whatever page count the story comes to. I cant believe I wanted to be a comic artist a long time ago.
I have a Greater respect for my pals who work in that industry and that may be the reason why Dave Stevens only ever did 2-3 Rocketeer Books. He wanted them to be Good not get washed out in Volumes.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Heres a Rejected tshirt design, that didnt get past the sketch stage.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Damage Control

A little over a week ago, in the Middle of Winter I put the heater on to warm up my Flat. When I returned an Hour later my Room was Full of Black Toxic Smoke and the Floor was well alight. If not for the fact the floor was concrete underneath the carpeting, it would have taken the whole house, my family's house. Sometimes I put the heater on and go to sleep for a few hours and I was lucky to decide to go and eat first. Damage was Bad we have had the Insurers in to Assess the damage. I will not be back in the flat again for the rest of the year. A lot of my Lord Fancy and other artwork, my Toys and professional artworks (stuff from actual pros) were damaged or destroyed. Not really by the fire but the Smoke & Ash that was created Humidity set in and it was like a it had been raining inside the room. Further stuff was damaged. No doubt there are some of you whom say I deserved it and perhaps yes that is true.

I'm starting again from scratch with everything my life everything. Since starting my new Job at the Laundry I am changing I dont hate it anymore, my artwork is taking a backseat and its nice to have a steady job and nice income. I no longer really care what 'Professional Artists' think of me. When I needed them they weren't there for me Instead they chose to turn their backs & Pretend I did not Exist. I've been on the Outer for awhile now. With a new Job I'm looking forward to seeing my US friends again soon and thats all that matters Friendship, the people you can rely on.

I hope to get back into art stuff soon, it is in my blood.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No You Did Not?

Yes, I Did. I'm sick of being on Social Welfare, I'm now working at a Commercial Laundry here in Hobart. I need the Cash the miniscule amount of money I'm making right now off my art is not even enough to buy me lunch. I'm taking extra shifts, I'm being looked down by fellow artists who are, you know, actually somewhere in the Professions I want. My Dog still needs his Operation to be paid for I want to stay in LA for a bit. I can't do that on a Dime unless I live with the Homeless and I dont want too do that. So Please don't judge me on this, I am an Epitome of what an artist is STRUGGLING, CREATIVE, DEPRESSIVE & Wanting to Make a Difference.