Monday, August 24, 2009

Carry On Drawing

I Love the 'Carry On' films so much, they were the only 'Adult' Entertainment we were allowed to watch when I was a child. It was better to watch Slap&Tickle Humour rather than the Gratutious Sex and violence of the Eighties. So for the Last Couple of Weeks I've been watching my small collection of Videos of the British Icon like Carry On Screaming, Cowboy, Cleo, Regardless, Cabby, Cruising, Constable and Spying.
There are LOTS more 30 films to be exact. These are all available on Disc Boxset called the Ultimate Collection in Britain. So to all my British friends if you can hear me I give you a challenge if you would like an original Commission from me I am willing to swap Art for this Boxset. So Don't dawdle, Find it cheap, Contact me and we'll work out a deal.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is a reminder that you can now Order Image Comics 'The Perhapanauts Halloween Spooktacular' in this months PREVIEWS due out in the Second Week of October 2009, I am one of four Artists contributing a cover I'm also mentioned in a recent interview by Writer and Co-Creator Todd Dezago HERE. It seems so Long Ago since this was done when in fact April last year. I even had a few limited Prints to swap at comic con last year. I think I still have one of those left no idea where most of the others ended up. Looking back at this now I see some major flaws and things I'd like to go back and redo. BUT thats benefit of Hindsight for you.

Okay I feel really bad I wasn't as active a member on the Autumn Society so I think I've been dumped from there. I have had alot of people wanting me to join their groups in the past year and I've declined many it just got a bit much with my current workload for me to be active.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Death Of Freedom

Money Talks, its a universally translated device. I wish I had money I would just do a Michael Palin and Travel the World and meet new and exciting people and locations.

Back in 2001 I decided to sign up for Geocities way back when it wasn't bossed by Yahoo. It was a free website storage and it suited me fine. A couple of years later it began to annoy me. The Banners became more aggressive and for a so called Professional it was not the best way to go about showing it. So I moved to a paid site for a better deal.
So recently Yahoo announced the closure of Geocities in favor of PREMIUM website ie PAY MONEY, it sad to see it come to an end. A freedom such as that.

The Owner of FOX I wont say who he is because hes a Rich Prick and he reminds me of VolderMort with a Mail-Order Bride but Lets Call him Voldy, he who shan't be named. Voldy Owns alot of Newspapers and he's decided that you will have to PAY for the Online Content to read it. You know thats Fine. He's obviously needs that extra gold briefcase.
But I'll go elsewhere for my online news, His Newspapers are Propaganda Rubbish and only good for lighting fires. The Internet should be FREE always with easy access. But it seems that Money always wins out.

The Art in this Post was found on an old CD and I decided to Illustrate this Rant with some of my first Uploaded Images on Geocities. Seemed Only Fitting!

Also I Recieved my T-Shirt today from RedBubble of 'Medusa The Gorgon' I have to say being very impressed with the Packaging and Presentation. The T-Shirt is a Great Quality too. And I really think you should go and buy one HERE.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh Canada

My friend Holly in Canada wants me to be in her next Illustration book. Her first will be released Next Month entitled 'Breaking into Freelance Illustration' you can order it over on Amazon by clicking HERE and Now heres a recent caricature of Holly I drew, her website can be found HERE

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Perhapanauts Six

While in the city today I went to checkout the Latest Previews magazine and Yep my Name is in it again for the Second time in 13 months. I wasn't sure if my Cover was going to be Used and it wasnt opting for another but they need to sell it with a Bigger Name than I. Big thanks to Uber Artist Craig Rousseau for a page copy of what appeared in Perhapanauts Six! Oh I'm Happy with this. Place your Order for the Halloween Spooktacular and tell them what you want Matt Pott Cover!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Anniversary

Today Marks the First Anniversary of my Visit to Dreamworks, and with that I also announce a special partnership.
I have never wanted to work at a place as much as Dreamworks Animation, I got to do what a lot of other people only 'dream' about and actually visit the Studio where the Magic of Cartoons is Made. I really wanted to hide and not come out of there but security found me and threw back to reality to the 'gulp' Harsh World.

So it is with much fanfare that I announce I have been approached to supply a number of Limited Prints of Dreamwork Characters, at the moment plans are for , Shrek, Monsters Vs Aliens and Kung Fu Panda. These are in the Gestational Concept Stages.

Its gonna be a little bit of a wait but until then heres a brand new smashing drawing for you great people to look at.