Saturday, October 30, 2010

In Flight

If your Flying around Via Alaska Airlines Next Month, My Dreamworks Puss-In-Boots artwork is featured in the Novembers issue of their Alaska Airlines In-Flight Magazine on Page 65 as a Possible Christmas Gift for your Youngin's this Holiday Season. You can also see the full copy available HERE. But Here's the ScreenGrab of my short notorioty I'm really happy they got my name right, sometimes it annoys me that people spell it wrong without using an Apostrophe it stops after the ' Double T', Oh the quarks we have huh?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Things Are Quiet

Things have been quiet on every front, Despite the Fake Veneer I am not making a crap load of money. In fact I'm borderline depressive, poor and really not happy with my life. There I said it. Feel Better Saying It.
You May have noticed I havent posted much this year, reason for that is theres been nothing worth posting. I decided that unless I had something worth saying I wouldn't post. A New Year Resolution I have actually kept.

Starting from Today we revisit that Little Land called Logopolis, did I mention 30 Days worth? From Today I will be posting all-new Strips. And furthermore over this Run they will be Handrawn and somewhat returning to the ol' style of yore as to churn them out regular so to speak. Back to Basics I guess is what I'm trying to say atleast for now. There was a certain charm in my drawings (that was me that said that by the way)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How To Be A Red Licorice Girl

To Be a Red Licorice Model, You Must be 18+, you have to have a Natural Beauty beyond the Makeup.You also need something called 'Charisma & Manners' Leave the Attiude at Home. Thats why I like to meet people first because the Internet is so fake. Many a Time have I met a Model only to reject them for the Book because of their Negativity and lack of Substance! This Book is not going to be Full of Diva's but Women who I Hope You Will Fall In Love With.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween T-Shirt Chucky

With Halloween Right Around the Corner, You Can't go Past this New T-Shirt of CHUCKY in his GOOD GUYS FORM with a design by Matt Pott.
You Can Buy it At RedBubble and if you buy within the next few days, You Will definitely have it in time to wear for Hallow's Eve. CHECK IT OUT HERE!!
 In the 1980’s these Toys were all the Rage, The ‘Good Guys’ Doll was a must have Christmas Item until some extremely Bad Publicity involving a child named Andy believed that his ‘Good Guys’ Doll named CHUCKY was Possessed by the Spirit of a dead Serial Killer who had returned to try and take over his body and in doing so left a wake of new Murder Victims. Today these are a largely forgotten rare item since the Factory these were made in Burnt Down but if you can find one they are extremely pricey and Please Remember “He Will Be Your Friend Til The End” and GREAT FOR HALLOWEEN!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reed Richards

I guess Marvel Comics decided that adapting the Movie Version of the Fantastic Four into an Animated Series was a BAD idea and have begun a Complete Reboot. I'd personally like to see a Return to the Classic Kirby designs. HannaBarbera produced a series in the Late Sixties. Despite the Strange Colours used (Galactus was Green) it was a fun show!!
And Don't Get me Started on Super Hero Squad that show is an Abomination.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

World Without Wisdom

The World Lost a Comedy Legend Today, Sir Norman Wisdom. I discovered his Movies on late night TV about 10 years ago. Since then I have enjoyed his style of comedic timing in everything hes done. His Black and White Films remain some of his and Britains best! If you can I Beg you to go Seek them out. They'll be more Art coming Shortly, but for now Bye Norman!