Thursday, August 19, 2010


 Before I start one thing I had to reinstate the moderating comments, its unfortunate but the spam doesnt get detected unless it is on. Yes its stupid, so sorry.

Today I visited the Tim Burton Exhibit, it was simply......... Amazing. My Favorite parts have to be the MarsAttacks maquettes, armatures with stop motion animation tests (before they went CGI) and unseen artwork from the film. As well the puppets from his first Stop Motion Short 'Vincent' was like touching God. And the corpse bride stuff was just flawless. The following is the photos I was allowed to take.,
The Giant Snake that hangs from an Old Entrance. Terrifying for children much?
Heres the Real Entrance just follow the Skeleton Hand
Inside Hangs this BlueBoy
Yes Little Timmy there really is a Batmobile.
And Finally AbbaWorld wait what? How did this get in here?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deadly Angel

I'm in Melbourne Briefly, here for an Exhibit, Which Exhibit? Go follow me on TWITTER to find out. I am doing LIVE updates while staying here.

Heres a new Red Licorice image, and yes its another Angela White. Shes a great Muse, my favorite AND she supplied me with an image to use for RED.This is very WWII era inspired pin up art which I know she is a fan of.

Also remember the ImagineDaily interview I did back in May? Well I was delighted to be asked to supply their new banner this month. Go check it out. The Superheroines name is the 'SCARLET STARLET'

Lastly and Finally Blogger have got a Better Anti-Spammer programme in place, to seek out all those all horrible chinese vitamin scammers. So after two weeks I am lifting the Moderating Comments to an Open Forum again. Ain't that Great?