Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anti-Girl Cartoons Galore!!

I had some wonderful emails to the last cartoon I posted mostly from 'women' that were overwhelmingly positive about it but confused as to thinking it was the guy side that was the problem yeah keep telling yourself that girls!! Hah!! I want to make this a weekly thing and as I was unable to post last week I've decided to make it up by posting 2 new cartoons.

Now I don't know if this happens alot to anyone else but on occassion I've had complete strangers tell me how ugly they think I am. Now I'm not going to deny I'm Brad Pitt but gee do they have to be so nasty. This doesn't happen everyday of course just every couple of years or so. The most recent was last week on the bus into the city I'm minding my own business when this girl turns and yells.....
I've come up with the ultimate way to repel unwanted attention believe me this will work, I've tried it.

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