Friday, November 6, 2009

Devilish Taste

Continuing with a Daily Post heres a Possible Future T-Shirt design.
So having seen the new 'V' TV pilot I must say it was actually quite good. Growing up on the Original I think it was the first time I was ever introduced to a serious Sci-Fi show with serious consequences. The whole background was the Aliens Come and pretend to be friends only to reveal later they want our water and to eat us oh and they're LIZARDS incased in Human skin. They had to update it a little but it wasnt so drastic as to say Hey you know what SCREW the existing fanbase we want to do a really a more ultrarealistic take on this. No Lizards, No Fascist Undertones Heck we might even change sex of Original Characters just to Piss you off even more.....RONALD MOORE. Phew, So Glad he's not involved in it.

Moreena Bacharin is Lovely as evil leader 'ANNA' ok so its not 'DIANA' but her subtle blinking shows a devious demon inside. I wish they had strange voices it shows that yes they are indeed alien even if we cant see their inner selfs. Probably the only aspect I wasn't so hot on was I like Rayguns and giant knifed ninja lizards dont excite me as much Oh Well cant have everything.

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