Friday, October 29, 2010

Things Are Quiet

Things have been quiet on every front, Despite the Fake Veneer I am not making a crap load of money. In fact I'm borderline depressive, poor and really not happy with my life. There I said it. Feel Better Saying It.
You May have noticed I havent posted much this year, reason for that is theres been nothing worth posting. I decided that unless I had something worth saying I wouldn't post. A New Year Resolution I have actually kept.

Starting from Today we revisit that Little Land called Logopolis, did I mention 30 Days worth? From Today I will be posting all-new Strips. And furthermore over this Run they will be Handrawn and somewhat returning to the ol' style of yore as to churn them out regular so to speak. Back to Basics I guess is what I'm trying to say atleast for now. There was a certain charm in my drawings (that was me that said that by the way)

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