Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Night Viewing

I sat and watched 'Road to EL Dorado' for the first time EVER which had been sitting on my dvr for 11 months, A very forgettable film that was crudely animated despite it being made in 2D (Remember that?) I think I did see Rotoscoping in it as well. I found the character animation of Tulio and also on the female character Chel to be mostly very good but thats because Rodolphe Guenoden did that particular animation which I am not bias since I found out much later after watching he had worked on her.
I got through it quicker without the annoying Elton John songs they were Awful. The Story is BLAH, there is no defining END. For an 11 year old movie I can see why this has not been sent to Blu Ray or had any further releases or for that fact even mentioned again.

To be honest I can't really watch animated movies anymore too many lies and deceits behind the scenes its quite painful. Its like you have found the Man Behind the Curtain and he's one nasty SOB! I can't really say anymore unless I want to be sued thats the problem with having an opinion nobody wants you to express it!

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