Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mouse Trap

I've always tried to stay honest, My outspoken ways have lost me alot of So-Called friends because I've dared to be honest and opinionated. But the fact is I've become a bitter man not getting any younger for the way fates Hand has dealt me with an Amazing gift thats been much more a Curse. Its like being given a really powerful Spell Book with all those around you not allowing you to perform and use it despite knowing you could do alot of good with it (sorry for the Harry Potter-ish Analogy)

For some time now I have wanted to close everything down and disappear, I still do. I am not understood, I am neither admired nor thought about in positive light.

There will be no Future Exploits in America I am putting an end to that thought I am NOT Required nor wanted. I have been treated like a Novelty which some so called artists have thought of me as. And I cannot stay on this path to nowhere knowing that there are such evil SOBs out there. I grew up on Walt Disney and the promises of his future for animation and that anyone can make a difference to this art form. I'm kinda like that Rat in that Movie I can't remember the name of where its all just a lie and I'm a Lepper. I got compared to an out of work Actor the other day too, where its just a hard industry I think its a terrible example but perhaps that person is right. Its just not meant to be, one little fish in a Big Ocean!

I need to End This Sooner rather than Later. And that time is Nigh. I would like to thank all those who have bought my Art over the years from my T-Shirt designs to getting that Comic Book Cover a couple of years ago just because I drew it. Thanks So Much its people like you that have made this decision so Hard to make.

Rather than leave on a Low note heres a T-shirt design I just made for myself of my favorite cartoon as a kid Danger Mouse.

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