Monday, July 11, 2011

Low Turning Point

This past month or so I have been thinking about my future, apart from scraps here and there I'm not really making much headway into the world of animation. It seems the Laws of physics have just continually brought my work down to a Halt and I dont see it getting any better. 
Recently I recieved a reply back from an agent who told me I had great work but was unsellable to any clientel or to mainstream audience this Sign did nothing for my fortunes. Its not from a lack of trying its from a lack of people taking a chance on my work.

Without a studio or job my work is Suffering. Or maybe, just maybe I am deluding myself and the people at Dreamworks Animation meant what they said "You will never work within this industry"

Anyway Enjoy the S.O.S piece folks. If I have any followers left that is.

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