Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As I mentioned Last Post, I'm hoping to get some of my art in Rick Goldshmidts Making of Mad Monster Party book here's a Sneak Preview I've submitted.

Many Have asked what's happened Lately with the Dreamworks Art and well Nothing, Nothing At All. The Property License expires in 2012 and I've been a member for a Couple of years now and I've not sold anything. I make more money on my Tees & Stickers. This is a really bad time for all of us, and no-one is buying art PERIOD. Those days of buying Lovely Inspiring art are gone, And I know because if you have seen my Art Collection you would be surprised how much it has meant to me while also stagnated.

I've been asked if people can join the DW fold, and its not up to me but I'd actually steer clear from going with any kind of Licenses in the future I'm not mentioning any company in particular but I think I'm doing you a favor by saying don't do it or reconsider, Truly.
Back to DW and I did this Unfinished Megamind Piece way back when the movie came out and the powers that be never gave any Yay or Nay so I didnt bother finishing it! So here it is for your viewing Pleasurables.

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