Sunday, July 29, 2012

Paging a Page

Finally had some time off from the Laundry to work on Lord Fancy and I've almost finished page 3. Page 3 you Say? Hard to believe why it took so long to write and draw like almost 18 months. I think my greatest Mistake was showing the original first 2 pages of artwork to my Art Friends. They Loved them so much how could I continue the story to such great feedback. Would it all be downhill from there? So I procrastinated over them, just sketching that same goddamn page number 3.
I spoke to a Big Named Editor interested in Lord Fancy about a year ago and I didn't hear anything back which I thought that he really didn't like it. ( I recently found out that he had some personal things to deal with at the time and comics weren't a top priority) So I guess this further cemented I suck.
Well now page 3 is almost done with no obvious redesign again. I can begin Pages 4,5,6 to 30 or whatever page count the story comes to. I cant believe I wanted to be a comic artist a long time ago.
I have a Greater respect for my pals who work in that industry and that may be the reason why Dave Stevens only ever did 2-3 Rocketeer Books. He wanted them to be Good not get washed out in Volumes.

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