Saturday, May 31, 2008

Paid By The Government

I've been doing 'work for the dole' at Edge Radio on The Hobart University Campus these Past few months. I really hate work for the dole its just an absolute shit scheme where you work long hours with half the pay of what you should be getting if you really were working.

Most of these 'employers' rely on it because its the only way they can get people to do jobs that they dont want to pay for and dont want to do. And the government justifys it by saying that I am being trained, Trained for what?? Yes when I staple and fold letters for three hours I am being trained for a great new job. NOT. There is no solution to this problem, quite frankly the system sucks and needs an MASSIVE overhaul But they wont remove this abomination of a work scheme.

When I was at The Online Access Centre I was used and abused by the current system, my Health deteriated to the point I could no longer continue as I was being run into the Ground so I QUIT, I walked out and didnt look back!! After 4 years I had to get some sanity back and a feeling of worth, and concentrate on my failing Health.

After Six months Hiatus I decided to go back to work for the dole it was my decision against doctors orders. My thinking was that I was for the most part, ok But I would not return to the Access Centre Ever again. And feel so much like Used Trash and like a Trapped Hamster.

So for the remainder of my tenure I have been at Edge Radio, It was a lot nicer there. I felt Old though I'd talk about a music group and no one knew who it was I was talking about as they hadnt even been born.
But I got some free CD's and how bad is it when for 75% of the time you just have to listen to Music??
It wasnt always good sometimes there was GASP Hip-Hop I really hate that Crap!! The Hours were less than the access centre too which eased a lot of pressure.

Anyway it ended on Thursday, I will hopefully have substantial training credits to use as I want to get a paying job that works for me and not against. It Probably wont be art related, as they really dont exist.

But for Now I am back on Medical Leave until august, a visit to the doctors before I leave, and then I can decide what to do after I return from America. I know this isnt anything to do with art but is my life right now. See how boring it is??

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