Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Tasmanian In America

Probably the worst kept secret is FINALLY out, I will be attending San-Diego Comic Con and also staying in Los Angeles over 24 days. This is not my first trip to America but the second, however it was really short like a week last time and I spent most of it at DisneyLand with a daytour in LA and another at Universal Studios one day was even spent in a Hotel Room........ er.....Nuff Said.

This time however, things are going to be different. I am actually meeting people....Americans wouldja believe??. People have opened up their homes and spare time to show me around the place. And in some cases where the savvyist of tourists wouldnt be able to go.
I have a feeling this will truly be an amazing experience for me. More Details to Come Soon.


  1. Are you going to have a booth at Comic-Con?

  2. Hi Sarah, No I will just be floating around Artist Alley and the rest of the con and breathing it all in. I'll have to see if theres some way people can recognise me. Maybe a T-Shirt or something. If people tell me they want to meet I will try and find a place to catch-up and chat :)


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