Saturday, May 9, 2009

STAR TREK & the $20 Hat!!

I got to see STAR TREK on saturday, been avoiding alot of the reviews for it. Its strange to watch a film that has the great backstory with an all new cast. It had certainly the most explosive Beginning that would make Michael Bay Happy or even Jealous he never thought of it first.

For the Majority of the Film I had no major problems, it was a fun ride for the most part only stopping to try and fill in some hole that was very deep. I felt some action scenes looked tacked on and a few 'Coincidences' too many.

The Special Effects were Spectacular and the Actors for the most part were convincing enough for me to believe I were watching the original characters Stand Outs for me were Leaonard Nimoy called Spock Prime in the Credits? Chris Hemsworth as Father of Kirk (for what little screen time he had and happens to be a good Australian Actor for once!) Chris Pine as Kirk was Great hes No Hayden Christenson and THAT is a Good thing!! Karl Urban as McCoy Channelled Deforest Kelley to a Tee and Quinto at times seemed to become the NEW Spock.

The characters of Sulu, Uhura and Scotty were somewhat let downs. I Can tell you I am a HUGE Simon Pegg Fan and to see this terrible performance from him was disappointing. I expected more Yes there were comedy moments with the character especially with his little sidekick (Get Down!!) but not for a minute did I think of the Scotty of Old...... was this a good thing well time will tell in future I hope! Sulu and Uhura were never my favorites anyway but checkov ended up suprising me even if they did try to make him as Brainy as Mr Spock. Oh and Eric Bana's turn as the villain was........ Uneventful but not as bad as the one in Nemesis whatever happened to that Guy?

My friend Martin who accompanied me also a Star Trek fan, did not like the Alternate Universe Spin that the movie seemed to want us to believe in. I'm Not sure myself It NEEDED the reboot but I liked the Old Spock in this Universe trying to prevent disaster but then....... you have to remember in Trek Law they also have a Time Police System setup to stop such a major change in the timeline from happening. This happened in ST: Voyager....... Do I sound a bit too Geeky?? yeah I guess so.

The Movie Star Trek is a Fantastical Enjoyable Popcorn Romp and One that I would watch again with a 4/5 from me. Also as the Subject Title suggests I could have indeed bought a Star Trek Hat for $20 with a Popcorn Combo but since I don't eat Popcorn it really sucked so I wasn't able to do so Wish they had more variety in those Combos thank eveything having Popcorn.

Onto other Matters and I have revoked the ability to Post Anonymously in the blog comments. I don't mind debate but seriously theres no need to be rude about things YES this is my blog I'll say what I like when I like. If you have a Problem then talk to me about but Don't be a Dickhead. I'm willing to back my beliefs as we all should and thats all I'll say on the matter.

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  1. Awesome!
    I was wondering how Simon PE would fare as the new Scotty. I knew that Zach Quinto would be a great Spock, as Sylar is essentially and angry version of him on Heroes.
    Also, I think I'd read a few days ago that Chris Pine was tapped to be Hal Jordan in an upcoming live action GL movie.


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