Monday, May 4, 2009

Still No Site in Sight!

This is how important a website is, I've been Getting messages in Facebook the last week wanting to know where my Site is and Unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be an easy fix as first thought. I'm trying to track down the Administrator but as yet they haven't read my mail.

Speaking about email I don't have Any because it's all hooked up with the website, so if you've been trying to get me through my personal address or the work one. Forget about it. If you need to Contact me please use the Information on Blogger to get my Hotmail or alternatively you can contact me on Facebook.

We Now Return You To Your Regulary Scheduled Programming!

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  1. Hey Matt,
    why don't you just use your blog and add some links to your work? I had a website that i used to keep independently of my blog/LJ and it just ended up getting neglected. I was updating my blog but couldn't be bothered with the website...i'd have to go into the html edit it upload it etc. Too time consuming and easily forgotten about.

    So i just organised to have my domain name point to my blogspot. I've got links off of the blog which goes directly to a flickr gallery of work. Direct links to published work, redbubble etc. It's updated a LOT more regularly than my old site, looks neat and is easy to customise.

    You've got the blog already here...why not utilise it?
    Something to think about anyway even in the interim till you get your actual site up if you still want too.



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