Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Anniversary

Today Marks the First Anniversary of my Visit to Dreamworks, and with that I also announce a special partnership.
I have never wanted to work at a place as much as Dreamworks Animation, I got to do what a lot of other people only 'dream' about and actually visit the Studio where the Magic of Cartoons is Made. I really wanted to hide and not come out of there but security found me and threw back to reality to the 'gulp' Harsh World.

So it is with much fanfare that I announce I have been approached to supply a number of Limited Prints of Dreamwork Characters, at the moment plans are for , Shrek, Monsters Vs Aliens and Kung Fu Panda. These are in the Gestational Concept Stages.

Its gonna be a little bit of a wait but until then heres a brand new smashing drawing for you great people to look at.

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  1. Matt- That's great news! I was just looking at the monster & Lost in Space pieces that you gave me last year @ Comic-Con. Hope to see you back at Con soon. Keep us posted on your dreamworks prints.



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