Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Death Of Freedom

Money Talks, its a universally translated device. I wish I had money I would just do a Michael Palin and Travel the World and meet new and exciting people and locations.

Back in 2001 I decided to sign up for Geocities way back when it wasn't bossed by Yahoo. It was a free website storage and it suited me fine. A couple of years later it began to annoy me. The Banners became more aggressive and for a so called Professional it was not the best way to go about showing it. So I moved to a paid site for a better deal.
So recently Yahoo announced the closure of Geocities in favor of PREMIUM website ie PAY MONEY, it sad to see it come to an end. A freedom such as that.

The Owner of FOX I wont say who he is because hes a Rich Prick and he reminds me of VolderMort with a Mail-Order Bride but Lets Call him Voldy, he who shan't be named. Voldy Owns alot of Newspapers and he's decided that you will have to PAY for the Online Content to read it. You know thats Fine. He's obviously needs that extra gold briefcase.
But I'll go elsewhere for my online news, His Newspapers are Propaganda Rubbish and only good for lighting fires. The Internet should be FREE always with easy access. But it seems that Money always wins out.

The Art in this Post was found on an old CD and I decided to Illustrate this Rant with some of my first Uploaded Images on Geocities. Seemed Only Fitting!

Also I Recieved my T-Shirt today from RedBubble of 'Medusa The Gorgon' I have to say being very impressed with the Packaging and Presentation. The T-Shirt is a Great Quality too. And I really think you should go and buy one HERE.

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