Saturday, April 24, 2010

SupaNova 2010

Last Weekend Melbourne Supanova 2010, was choc full of twilighters sadly. People with plastic fangs and signs saying do not take photos of this Twilight Store Display. Over exorbitant prices on mostly everything and the special 'Supanova' prices were more expensive than those you can find in your local store. However I did manage to get a few little objects that I am now having to take home.

A Fertility Idol Money Box, A Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Piggy Bank, Fourth Doctor Action Figure and old style vinyl Wario.

My Friend Chris Downes Flew over and made it in time for the last few hours on sunday, as the women swooned for him.
Waiting in Line to meet LOTR & StarTrek star Karl Urban, I was so geeked out but just never mention Xena.
I have the worst geek face in the world, but thats artist Extraordinaire George Perez. You had to pay to be on a list to get a sketch dammit.

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