Saturday, May 28, 2011


 First up the good Stuff heres some new Character Designs of both Agents Day and Sparrow for creator owned Spy Series S.O.S
Sadly recieved some Bad News this week my Artwork for the Book 'SkullFace' was unceremoniously dumped before publication and am not in it. Despite the two special Pieces I did for it (Mammoth Destruction and Remember Me) I believe there were alot of factors involved the biggest one being that my names not big enough. This is a Sad state of affairs despite being asked to participate I have no control if it goes in the book or not. I needed to even ask if I was in it (after its release) I had been waiting for a year for its release and am Disappointed. Still I now have my two pieces one is up for sale on Redbubble the other isn't but now I'll probably do a limited print run on it (which will involve Pre-Orders)
I'm sure its still a Good Book with alot of better artists, Go check it out and buy where you can get it cheaply because papers expensive these days.

I really Appreciate People buying my art lately from Redbubble, I'm very grateful to those buying Tees especially recently as I have had to pay some Medical Bills of Late not for myself but Vet Bills for my sick Golden Retriever. I love my Billie Dog more than life itself he keeps me Sane and to have him in pain causes me to be very upset indeed. The Bank account has been low for awhile and the bills have been piling up So if your all out there I just wanted to say thankyou and that I hope you enjoy the goods you have.

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